15 Minecraft automatic Farms You Do not Believe in the Existence

Minecraft automatic Farms

Minecraft automatic farms, probably the most impressive game of the 2010s, focuses heavily on player creativity as it builds and explores both underground and deep underground. Unfortunately, the inevitable grinding of resource gathering and cultivation is tied to every world of survival.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to harvest the crop by hand or hunt down enemies in their drops, but instead wake up every morning to eat and coffins? Well, you can, and it’s a lot easier than you think! This list includes fully Minecraft automatic farms and screenshots that you can copy into your own world to take some of the burdens off your shoulders.

15 Minecraft Automatic Farms You Do not Believe in the Existence

1. Villager Farm

Minecraft villager breeder

Now that AFK fishing no longer offers players enchanted books, it is even more important to establish a good village space in the world of survival to get the desired Mending books. However, raising villagers for shops is one of the most difficult tasks in the game and is quite difficult to automate, which is why many models require some interaction from the player.

In this mode, the Minecraft automatic farms part is the processing, which is, in any case, the main concern of the player. After that, it is up to you to decide how to treat your villagers. A separate farm will be established on the farm, from which only the villagers will escape through the water gap. As they grow into adults, they can be transported away with deminers.

2. Egg Farm

Minecraft egg farm screenshot

If you want to make multiple quantities of cake, you will benefit from the preparation above. The chickens sit in a 2×1 glass cage where water pushes them towards the funnel. As they lay eggs, it falls into the funnel, which leads to the upward-facing side of the dispenser. Beneath this funnel is another funnel that leads to the coffin. The Redstone machinery on the right puts half the eggs in a coffin for you to keep, while the other half is shot in a cage to add chickens.

The Redstone contraction has one dispenser directed downwards into a 1×1 underground hole. This dispenser has a water tank that empties or fills after each power is turned on. If the bucket is empty, the eggs will go to the chest. If it is full, it will shoot into the cage.

3. Gold Farm

Minecraft automatic gold farm in the Nether

One of the biggest basics since the 1.16 update is the gold farm. Now, these are usually massive spaces that are retained a little more in recent games but can be made into smaller and less intense versions. The ideal way to do that is to get to the roof of the Netherlands, an area you might run into with Ender Pearl.

The gold farms have a trapped turtle egg in the middle that aggressively pulls towards the Zombie Pigmen but kills them. When Zombie Pigmen drop gold, this is a great way to cultivate relatively rare ore quickly. The process is automated thanks to funnels and chests.

4. Cow Farm

Minecraft automatic cow farm

Speaking of cows, they are indeed the best set in the game because of their usefulness. Not only do cows offer steak, which is one of the best for the starving game, but they also drop the leather used in books, armor, and object frames. In addition, milk is an effective tool for the rapid elimination of adverse spatial effects.

The automated cow farm is really simple and requires an observer as well as dispensers, lava, and a funnel. It also takes up very little space and allows the cows to be lifted quickly and easily and then wait about ten minutes before cooking them in the lava.

5. Cooked Chicken Farm

Minecraft cooked chicken farm screenshot

This incredibly inexpensive structure is absolutely essential as it automatically creates, kills, and cooks chickens for you. The chickens at the top of the glass lay eggs in the funnel below and lead to the dispenser on the right. The dispenser automatically shoots the egg over half a plate and a piece of lava.

The chicken has a 12.5% ​​chance of spawning a fried egg, and if this happens, it will spawn on a plate and grow into an adult after 20 minutes. As an adult, it is high enough to reach the lava and mature immediately. The cooked chicken is conveniently collected in the funnel box below. The more chickens in the glass, the better, so grow them regularly.

6. Wheat Farm

Minecraft mini crop farming machine

All kinds of food are a must for novice players, and this vending machine also works with carrots and potatoes. It can also be used for beets, but it requires more bone meal to grow completely. This micro space basically uses observer blocks and bone meal-filled dispensers to quickly add food to a player.

Wheat in particular is an ideal choice as it feeds cows and sheep, both of which are better domestic animals than pigs thanks to the added drops of leather and wool. Leather is something that every player needs anyway, in the beginning, to build an enchanting entire 15 bookshelf around an enchanting table. As a handy tutorial.

7. Honey Farm

Minecraft honey farm screenshot

This honey farm is the easiest of all the farms here. This cell is technically semi-automatic because the dispenser always has to be filled with glass bottles, but they are reusable and many can be delivered with a funnel system. add bottles to the dispenser. The dispenser faces the beehive and is filled with glass bottles. The funnel under it is sideways oriented and has one bottle of honey and a total of 18 other products (can be anything, 18 cobblestones, 18 dirt, etc.) to fill the last four places.

When the housing is full, the dispenser automatically fills the bottle with honey and filters it through the funnel system to the chest. It is important that the area is full of tall flowers so that the bees can produce honey. You can also mason the bees in the farm area so they don’t leave.

8. Sugar Cane Farm

Minecraft sugar cane farm screenshot

One of the simplest models, this tool repairs sugarcane whenever it rises to the height of three blocks. Underneath the sand on which the sugar cane grows sits a funnel cart placed on a rail on top of another funnel leading to the chest.

Hopper minecart is an interesting feature from which they can pick up fallen objects through the blocks below. This means that the sugar cane falls into the sand but is absorbed through it and into the lower breast.

9. Bamboo Farm

Minecraft bamboo farm screenshot

This pattern is very similar to rod room design, although it attaches three blocks at a time instead of two, and is tiled, unlike in stick design. Numerous bamboo stalks could be placed side by side and all had the same observer/piston system.

This works by observing when the bamboo reaches the desired height, which sends a signal to the flashlight and turns it upside down. Another observer detects the inversion in the burner and starts the piston and collects three pieces of bamboo. If this model is tiled, you can always use the same funnel cart.

10. Pumpkin/Melon Farm

Minecraft pumpkin/melon farm screenshot

You call this structure “tiling,” which means it can be built comfortably multiple times side by side without mechanical interference. Observers are placed to look at the melon/pumpkin stalks. As it grows, it grows randomly to either the left or right.

The observer notices that the shaft is now curved and gives power to two adjacent pistons. The pumpkin/melon is pushed out of its slice, which destroys it and drops the product into the hopper. You can also put water under the pistons and get a funnel cart back and forth in the “trench” if you want the droplets to go in one place.

11. Wool Farm

Minecraft wool farm screenshot

Ideally, the player would create 16 automatic wool modes, one for each wool color. This system works so that the observer sends the feed whenever the grass is eaten. The scissors sometimes need to be replaced again, but one dispenser filled with a cutter will get 2142-6426 wool before it runs out, which is enough.

Sheep re-grow their wool whenever they eat grass. Eating grass refreshes the block and turns it into the dirt, and the observer is in the dirt of his face to notice this. The grass waste on the dirt side allows the grass to grow again for the sheep to eat. The cut wool falls on the dirt and is absorbed into the funnel below.

12. Mushroom Farm

Minecraft mushroom farm screenshot

The mushroom spaces are typically as ugly as they are, so any mushroom space hidden in the ceiling is a good mushroom space. This model is just that, but note that the mushrooms only grow at a light level of 12 or less, so it needs to be built somewhere in the dark (like a ceiling).

The observer observes the centerpiece, so when the sponge is placed in it, it sends a Redstone signal and turns off the flashlight by pulling on the sticky piston and dropping the sponge on the chest. This plan is very cheap and very small and offers you plenty of mushrooms for your various stews.

13. Hostile Mob Farm

Minecraft mob farm screenshot

This is absolutely essential. In the channels, at a depth of eight blocks, two blocks, water flows through them into the central hole. This hole leads to a 24+ block tube that falls straight down and kills the enemies that fall down it. Zombies, skeletons, and vines emerge in this box and roam the streams.

Make sure you give it a roof or build several layers of spawning pads on top of each other so that the center holes are in a vertical line. Illuminating the areas around the mafia farm will increase its spawning production and provide you with all kinds of prey. If 23 blocks are made from the pipe, it leaves enemies with a single shot, making XP farming easy.

14. Cactus Farm


Minecraft cactus farm screenshot

This cactus space design does not require Redstone wiring, but heavy funnel work. Insert the funnel that leads to the coffin, and then start the hopper deminer. Cut the rail so that the mining cart rests freely. Place the block on the side of the mining cart and then push the sand into it from the side of the piston.

You can then destroy the block next to the mine cart and build a glass hat on top of it. As the cactus grows, it automatically breaks down under the influence of the adjacent glass and the hopper cart picks up a drop of cactus through the cactus piece itself before it is destroyed.

15. Iron Farm

Minecraft iron golem farm

Iron space is definitely considered more of a late-game builder, as the need for iron actually increases significantly once a player has successfully collected diamonds. Unlike diamonds, iron cannot be mined with Fortune III chips, which means getting iron from caves can feel like scratching. Fortunately for players who don’t care about construction, there is a solution.

The iron farm uses the mechanics of the villagers to spawn iron golems in a certain area. The golems are then dropped along the abyss into lava, and the iron is transferred to coffins through funnels. Iron controversy is a solid source of emergency iron and is often used by sprinters, which is why this is a great strategy.

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