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150+Cute and Cool Nicknames For Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Cute and Cool Nicknames For Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend – websplashers

Are you looking forward to a good nickname for a boyfriend or girlfriend? Hope this article Doesn’t hesitate to use be, we clearly apparently say it. Nicknames come in all shapes and forms, but the names of the pets you call the love of your life are always unique and crazy. These nicknames take effect as soon as you start dating and your real name will soon be forgotten. In fact, it is clear no doubt about it, an indication that you are in trouble when your important name is called by your first name.

Here is the list of some endearing Nicknames For Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

Cute Nicknames for Your Girlfriend

What are the most common nicknames for girlfriends?

  • Dear
  • Babe
  • Love
  • Big Head
  • Mami
  • Honey
  • Baby
  • Baby Girl
  • Cutie
  • Princess

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriends

  • Good-looking
  • Handsome
  • Stud
  • Prince Charming
  • Boo
  • Casanova
  • Knight In Shining Armor
  • Bugs
  • Beau
  • Loverboy
  • Honeybun

 Affectionate Nicknames For Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

  • Sweetie honey pie
  • My dear
  • Apple of my eye
  • My one and only
  • Nutter butter
  • Darling
  • Sweetheart
  • Pumpkin
  • Angel
  • Sugar
  • Honey bunches
  • Sweet pea
  • Shug
  • Beloved
  • Cutie patootie
  • Doll
  • Hon’
  • Peach
  • Snookums
  • Sweets
  • Toots
  • Queen

Funny Nicknames for Your Girlfriend

Here are some funny nicknames you could call your girlfriend:

  • Sugar Lips – Do her lips taste so good they could give diabetes?
  • Puppet – If she’s super calm and very easygoing, this could just be a great nickname for her.
  • Chipmunk – Does she have an adorable voice and personality?
  • Cheese balls – Are her cheeks the cutest thing ever?
  • Bubbles – For a girlfriend with a bubbly attitude, any day, anytime.
  • Miley Smiley – Is your girl always grinning?
  • Pancakes – Is she a simple, girl-next-door kind of person?
  • Fluffy – A cute nickname for a chubby girlfriend
  • Fun size – Is she so tiny and so adorable?
  • Salty – For a girlfriend who’s tough and aggressive, with a bit of hood.

Trending Nicknames To call Your Girlfriend

• Angel — A cute name for a girlfriend who has a good heart.

• Ace — This is one of the sweet nicknames for a girlfriend who is a genius.

• Babe — This is the best classic nickname for a girlfriend.

• Bub — This name is for a cute and stylish girlfriend.

• Bacha — When you love them a lot to her then you can call her with this loving name.

• Babu/Baby — A nickname for the love of your life.

• Bae — This one is best who is your lover when she is your first priority.

• Barbie Doll — If she looks very cute like barbie then you can call her by this name.

• Bondhu — You can call her by this name when he acts very cutely in front of you.

• Beloved — It is a very classic, sweet, and charming name for her when you loved it the most.

• Babbly — This one is also a very cute and lovely name to call your boyfriend.

• Bandriya — When you are in the mood to tease then call her with this name.

• Butterfly — The name with a lot of love and affection. This is the best for the girl who knows all the right things.

• Candy — You can give this cute nickname to that girl who is as sweet as candy.

• Cutie Pie — This one is self-explanatory, for the one who is so cute and sweet. This is a perfect pet name for a girlfriend. Girls love to listen to this name for Nicknames For Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

• Cool Cat — This name is itself defining its coolness, this one is for sweetness.

• Cherry — This is a very sweet and cute name for an innocent and loving girl.

• Chiku — It is a very cute and sweet name beyond imagination.

• Champ — Who is the winner of your heart, this one is perfect.

• Chunky — If she is chubby then this one is perfect for her.

• Cupcake — This one is sweet as as the sweetness of the cake.

• Cookie — It is a very lovely name to call your girlfriend if she is sweet as a cookie.

• Chocopie — It is a very sweet, charming, and very classic name.

• Dream Girl– If she is your dream girl, then this one is perfect.

• Darling — A girl whom you love so deeply and you really appreciate it.

• Dobby — A girlfriend who is always ready to help you.

• Dreamy — This one is perfect for those who have a pleasant and unreal quality.

• Daisy — It is a very cute and sweet name for your girlfriend.

• Duggu — This one is perfect for all girls with love, care, and affection.

• Doll — A cute but sweet and strong name.

• Dimples — The best name for a girl who has dimples on the face.

• Eye Candy — This one is best for a girl who is attractive and entertaining.

• Gorgeous:- This one is evergreen and most of the girls liked it.

• Golgappa — If your girlfriend is fat then you can use this name.

• Gunu — This is very helpful to show your love and affection.

• Gannu — It is a very loving name when you tease her.

• Guddu — A nickname for a good-natured friend.

• Guggu — This name is very cute and unique for all cute girls.

• Golu — This name is very classic to call your girlfriend.

• Hunky — Best nickname for a hot girlfriend.

• Honey — This sweet name for who brings sweetness in your life. You can say hun in short form.

• Hugster — It is for who is Miss. Huggies.

• Icy — This one is perfect for cool girls.

• Joy — Best nicknames for a girlfriend that are beautiful.

• Jelly — If your girlfriend feels jealous this one is the perfect pet name to call your sweet jealous girlfriend.

• Jaan — It defines what she means to you.

• Kittu — It is a very sweet and cute name for a boyfriend.

• Kannu — This is also a lovely name to call your girlfriend.

• Kiddo — This is for an adorable person.

• Lucky — If she is so lucky for you.

• Lamb — If your girlfriend is sweet as a lamb, then this one is perfect.

Lucky charm– If you always believe that she brings you good luck.

• My Love — If she is your true love then you can call her by this name.

• Mithu — This name shows sweetness. If she is so sweet then call her by this name.

• Miss. Right — If you have a girl who is right for you then you can call her by this name.

• Miss. Beautiful — If your girlfriend is so beautiful and cute then call her by this name.

• Motu — Everybody loves this name to call someone special whether they are fat or not.

• Melody– If your girlfriend’s voice is as melodious as a melody.

• Nonu — This is one of the simple names but some girls like this type of name.

• Ninja — This is a very cute nickname for an amazing girlfriend. Everybody likes this name. It helps to make her smile in every situation.

• Pumpkin — This is a lovely name for who is bright and sweet as a pumpkin.

• Paglu — This name makes your girlfriend smile in every situation.

• Princess — It is a very cute and lovely name.

• Panda — A cute nickname for a cubby and friendly boyfriend.

• Pikachu — This one is a very unique nickname for a girlfriend.

• Queen — If you feel that she is the queen of your heart then you should call her by this name and don’t let her forget it.

• Rabbit — You can tease your girlfriend through this name. This name is for a pretty and innocent girl.

• Rasgulla — This type of funny name for a girlfriend helps you to make her smile.

• Sweetie-Pie — This is perfect for all who are cute and sweet as a pie.

• Shona — It means you are calling her cute and pretty.

• Shining Star — If her looks are so attractive and this one is perfect.

• Sweetheart — This is one for the sweetest heart girlfriend.

• Sunshine– If your girlfriend lights up your day.

• Sweetu — It is for, who is so sweet and talks very sweetly.

• Shizuka — This name is famous in the cartoon. You can use this cute and sweet name to call your girlfriend or Nicknames For Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

• Tiger — Some use animal names to call their girlfriend, this is one from them. If she is wild and fierce.

• Twinkle — Whom you loved the most, this one is a cute and awesome name.

• Teddy/ Teddy Bear — Who looks cute and fluffy, this one is a perfect name.

• Teeny — A cute name for a short girlfriend.

• Tinu — This is such a cute and sweet name.

 Wifey — When you want to make her feel more important and special than you own her.

 Trending Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

The following are cute nicknames used for boyfriends in India:

  • Albela – Is your boyfriend as charming as they come?
  • Ankhon ka Tara –If he’s the apple of your eye, this is what you should be calling him.
  • Babu – The perfect no-frills cute nickname for your love.
  • Balam – This is a cute way to call your partner your sweetheart.
  • Bacha – The Hindi version of “Baby.”
  • Baliye – Is he your beloved?
  • Chail Chabela – Is your boyfriend the most handsome lad you know?
  • Chikoo – A darling nickname that will always bring a smile to his face.
  • Dilbar/Dildaar –Heart ravisher, for the one who has bewitched your body, mind, and soul.
  • Gol Gappa – A famous North Indian street food that is also an adorable nickname for your better half.
  • Hamsafar – Do you believe that your partner is your soul mate?
  • Heera – For a boyfriend who is as precious as a rare diamond.
  • Hamdam – This is a beautiful way to say, companion.
  • Hamnafas – The sweetest nickname for the one who has a piece of your heart.
  • Hamsafar – For the one who makes this journey of life worthwhile.
  • Huzur – Is he the master of your heart?
  • Jaanam – This word means darling. Enough said.
  • Jaaneman/Jaan-e-jigar – Lovely Urdu words that are perfect for the love of your heart.
  • Jaan-e-Tamanna – For the one that your heart desires.
  • Janab – This literally means “Your Excellency,” but it’s also a fun nickname to tease him with.
  • Jivan Saathi

    – For your partner in crime.

  • Kadu – For someone who is as adorable as a pumpkin.
  • Ladoo – A delicious Indian sweet for your delicious partner.
  • Maashuuq – An intense Urdu nickname for your lover.
  • Mahiya – A romantic nickname for your beloved.
  • Makhan – For the boyfriend who is smooth like butter.
  • Mastana – For the one who intoxicates you with his love.
  • Mehboob – A poetic Urdu word that means lover.
  • Pappu – A cute nickname for your cute boyfriend.
  • Piya – For someone who is more important than life itself Nicknames For Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend.
  • Priye – Show him that he’s your precious by using this nickname.
  • Pyar – The Hindi word for love. You just can’t go wrong with this one.
  • Rasiya – For a boyfriend who constantly seeks and gives pleasure and happiness.
  • Saajan – Is he your one true love?
  • Saiyyan – An adorable Bollywood-inspired nickname for your boyfriend.
  • Zaalim – Has your boyfriend cruelly stolen your heart?

Funny Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

If you are looking for something funny nicknames

Teddy – you find him a lovely, perfect companion for all the times.

Bambi – You can’t think of anything else except his big brown eyes.

Monkey – He is for sure a little hairy and knows how to get into any kind of trouble.

Chief – You see him as a leader in your relationships.

Chiquito – You want him to be tall, dark, and handsome in your dreams, but he is small, dark, and handsome in real life.

Cosmo – Sometimes you think he came from outer space, but do not know how to prove it from Nicknames For Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

Bon Bon – He is unexpectedly sweet and can satisfy all of your forbidden cravings.

Babyface – It seems like he has an elixir of youth, for sure.

Panda – It is because you like pandas very much.

Roo – Because he reminds you of a small and adorable baby kangaroo from Winnie the Pooh.

Chipmunk – It is just because he is an extremely cute and hyper guy.

Muggle – You have always wanted to be with Harry Potter.

Yang – It is because you are a well-balanced perfect couple, for sure.

Wolfie – He is devoted to you like a real wolf!


we hope you enjoy it, During reading for Nicknames For Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend? we have provided some endearing nicknames for lovers, my dears are we missed any nicknames mention in the comment box. Then more articles do follow websplashers

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