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5 Comfortable and durable work gloves to keep your hands protected

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It doesn’t matter if you need work gloves because it is a regulatory requirement, or you are protecting your hands because you know it is the smart thing to do. Whatever your reason to buy them is, you want gloves that are comfortable and durable. There are 5 key factors you should consider when choosing your next pair of work gloves. Let’s take a closer look.


A good pair of work gloves will allow the easy movement of your fingers and not hinder you in holding, and picking things up. They should be firm on your hand, not tight or loose. Some work gloves come with only partial protection on a couple of fingers, this allows you to pick up small objects, like nails without a problem. They can also come with the ability to still use touchscreen technology.


Choosing washable gloves will keep the gloves in better condition for longer. Built-up debris, such as sawdust or metal grindings, can become an irritant to the skin or damage the gloves. You can get quick-drying work gloves too – helpful on rainy days or with wet projects.


Whatever you are buying work gloves for, if they are not strong, they just won’t last. You don’t want your new gloves ripping every time they snag on a piece of wood or barbed wire fencing. The material it is made from may affect the weight of the glove, but when you are subject to wearing your gloves for long periods of time, they need to be as weightless as possible. The lighter they are the less hand fatigue. Remember, heavier doesn’t always mean stronger. Depending on how much protection you need, glove materials range from Kevlar, fiberglass, latex, leather, polycotton, nylon, PVC, nitrile, neoprene, and more.


There’s nothing worse than having to wear hot, sweaty gloves on a scorching summer’s day, but if you have to, you need work gloves that will let your hands breathe. If you are working in the cold or a freezer then your gloves must protect you from the cold. Some durable work gloves are designed to do one or the other, and some help with both.


You can pick up cheap gloves from anywhere these days, but when your protection and safety are the things at risk, then quality must outdo price. Cheap gloves will fall apart much quicker and need replacing often, a quality pair of work gloves will last much longer and save you in the long run. Most importantly the gloves you choose must achieve the national quality standards. Don’t lose your money, fingers, or hands-on cheap, inferior products. The best option is to go through a reputable dealer like RS, where you can get quality advice, service, and products.

The arrival of new materials has improved the comfort, safety, durability, and range of today’s durable work gloves. No matter what job you need your work gloves for, be assured that there are gloves perfect for the job.

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