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5 Of Swords Reversed As Feelings

5 of swords reversed as feelings

The 5 of Swords is a card that often represents conflict, tension, and disagreement. In the upright position, this card suggests that you may be in the middle of a power struggle, feeling defeated or humiliated by a loss, or experiencing a sense of betrayal. However, when the 5 of Swords appears in a reversed position, its meaning changes. In this post, we will explore the reversed meaning of the Five of Swords in tarot readings and how it relates to feelings.

5 Of Swords Reversed As Feelings

1. Relief 

When the Five of Swords is reversed, it can indicate a sense of relief or release. You may have been in a situation where there was a lot of tension and conflict, and now that the situation has resolved itself, you feel a sense of relief. This relief can manifest in a number of ways, such as feeling less anxious or stressed, or feeling more relaxed and calm.

2. Forgiveness

Another possible interpretation of the reversed Five of Swords is forgiveness. This card can indicate that you are ready to forgive someone who has wronged you in the past. You may have been holding onto anger or resentment, but now you are willing to let it go and move on. This can be a powerful and transformative experience, as it can help you heal and grow as a person.

3. Moving On

The reversed Five of Swords can also suggest that you are ready to move on from a difficult situation or relationship. You may have been holding onto something that was no longer serving you, and now you are ready to let it go and move forward. This can be a challenging process, as it may involve letting go of something that has been a part of your life for a long time. However, it can also be liberating and empowering, as it allows you to focus on the future and what you want to create for yourself.

4. Self-Reflection

When the Five of Swords is reversed, it can also suggest a need for self-reflection. You may be experiencing feelings of guilt, shame, or regret, and you need to take some time to reflect on your actions and how they have affected others. This can be a difficult process, as it requires honesty and vulnerability. However, it can also be a valuable opportunity for growth and self-improvement.

5. Reconciliation

Finally, the reversed Five of Swords can indicate a possibility for reconciliation. If you have been in a conflict or disagreement with someone, this card can suggest that there is a possibility for resolution and healing. This may require both parties to be open and willing to communicate and work through their differences. However, if both parties are committed to finding a solution, it can lead to a stronger and more positive relationship in the long run.


The 5 of Swords reversed can be a complex and nuanced card in tarot readings. While it can indicate feelings of relief, forgiveness, moving on, self-reflection, or reconciliation, it ultimately suggests a shift away from conflict and tension. Whether you are experiencing these feelings in your personal life or in a reading for someone else, it is important to approach them with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to learn and grow. By doing so, you can use the reversed Five of Swords as a powerful tool for personal transformation and healing.

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