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50+ Amazing Nicknames For Catherine

nickname for Catherine

Are you looking for a nickname for a person named Catherine? Finding the perfect nickname should not be a time-consuming process, so in this article, we have put together a list of some of the best nicknames for Catherine’s name, as well as explanations that will help you to choose easily. Here are very appropriate nicknames do-follow.

With endless variations and nicknames, Catherine is one of the most ancient and well-used girls’ names. The Catherine form feels older and more feminine than the more popular K versions. Catherine has a very stylish nickname right now: Cate … or Cate, a la Blanchett.

Some of Catherine’s nicknames are very engaging words, So we have explained good nicknames. The names Catherine do not know a nickname so their nicknames were created for you by Catherine’s nicknames.

Catherine Origin and Meaning:-

  • The name Catherine is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “pure”.

Here is the list of Catherine’s nicknames as will choose your loved ones.

Popular Nicknames for Katherine

Have you been wondering what the most popular nicknames for the name Katherine are? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at some of the most popular nicknames for Katherine or Catherine:

  • Cat ‒ For a bold and sensual lady named Katherine.
  • Cathy ‒ A popular nickname for Catherine.
  • Kae ‒ Inspired by the first letter in the name Katherine.
  • Kiki ‒ A sweet nickname for a girl named Katherine.
  • Kat/Kait ‒ A widely used nickname for someone who bears Katherine.
  • Katy ‒ A popular diminutive for the name Katherine which means “clear” or “pure.”
  • Erin ‒ For a tomboy named Katherine.
  • Kara/Karrie ‒ A nickname for the name Katherine with Latin origin.
  • Kaylyn/Katlyn/Kaitlyn ‒ A modern English nickname for someone named Katherine.
  • Kats ‒ A chic nickname for the name Katherine.
  • Katie ‒ A Greek-rooted nickname for someone named Katherine.
  • Kathryn/Katherine/Kathrene ‒ Popular diminutives suitable for use as online usernames.
  • Kari ‒ A Norwegian diminutive for someone named Katherine.
  • KayKay ‒ A girly nickname for a lady named Katherine.
  • Kate/Katee ‒ A simple and popular choice for someone named Katherine.
  • Kathy/Katty ‒ A sweet nickname for a lady named Katherine.
  • Rina ‒ Short for Caterina or Marina; equally great Katherine or Catherine.

Other Nicknames for Catherine

Would you rather pick out a nickname that isn’t the most common? Here’s a list of some other nicknames for someone named Catherine:

  • K-Cup ‒ Inspired by the coffee maker; Keurig K-Cup brewing systems.
  • KitKat/KittyKat ‒ For a really sweet girl named Katherine, inspired by the popular Chocolate bar, KitKat.
  • KaKa‒ A nickname suitable for a tomboy that finds Katherine too feminine.
  • Katie ‒ Perfectly suited for a sweet and charming lady named Katherine.
  • Katie Pearly ‒ A nickname for a charming and precious (like a pearl) lady named Katherine.
  • Renna ‒ A nickname culled from the original name for someone named Katherine.
  • Katka ‒ A Greek diminutive meaning “clean”, “clear” or “pure.”
  • Karine ‒ A shortened version of Katherine with Latin roots.
  • Killa-Kat ‒ For a confident and powerful lady named Katherine.
  • Catkin ‒ A tease nickname for a Katherine with an unusually hairy body (almost as if she belonged to the Cat lineage).
  • Kitty/Kitten ‒ For a very attractive and irresistible lady named Katherine.
  • Trina ‒ Culled from the original name and suitable for someone named Katherine.
  • Kandy ‒ For a Katherine, that’s as sweet as candy.
  • Saint ‒ Inspired by the meaning of the name Katherine (pure or clean), for a lady that lives up to her name.
  • Lady Purity ‒ An alternative to the nickname above.
  • The Duchess ‒ Inspired by the title of Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge), and perfect for a lady with magnificent mannerisms.
  • Rose ‒ Inspired by the leading lady character in the 1997 movie Titanic (played by actress Kate Winslet) and suitable for a hopeless romantic.
  • The Vampire ‒ Inspired by fictional character Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries series, and suitable for a pale or scary-looking lady.

Famous People Named Katherine

If you’re trying to find a suitable nickname for the name Katherine, you can start by considering some famous figures who bear this name today. Here’s a list of some famous women named Katherine:

  • Kate Middleton ‒ Duchess of Cambridge and a member of the British royal family.
  • K. Jane Parkinson ‒ English actress best known for her roles in TV comedy series.
  • Katherine Ann Moss ‒ English model and businesswoman.
  • Katherine Kelly Lang ‒ American actress & Tv soap opera actress.
  • Katie Olivia Hopkins ‒ English media personality, columnist, and former businesswoman.
  • Kate Noelle Holmes ‒ American actress, producer, and director.
  • Katherine Noel Valentine/Kate Spade ‒ American fashion designer and businesswoman.
  • Katherine Kelly ‒ English Tv actress and presenter.
  • Kate Lynne Bock ‒ Professional Canadian model.
  • Katherine Marie Heigl ‒ American actress and former fashion model.

Fictional Characters Named Katherine 

As a bonus, we’ve also included a list of popular fictional characters that bear the name Katherine. You never know – you just might get an inspiration for a fitting nickname!

  • K. Pierce ‒ A fictional vampire character/a villain portrayed by actress Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries series.
  • K. “Kitty” Ann Brydon ‒ The deuteragonist in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.
  • K. Davis Mayfair ‒ A fictional character on the ABC Tv series Desperate Housewives.
  • K. Kavanagh ‒ A fictional character and the best friend of Anastasia Steele in Christian Grey’s Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • K. Anne “Kitty” Pryde/Kitty Pryde ‒ Fictional superhero character in America’s Marvel Comics.


Hope, in this article, we have to describe nicknames for Catherin. So, there you have it – a list of resource nicknames for Catherine’s name! Does Catherine, who is not on this list, have a good nickname? Dear and share with us in the comment section below! If you like these articles then share them with your friends and family members, then keep watching websplashers

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