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50+German Nicknames For Guys and Girls and More

50+German Nicknames For Guys and Girls and More

German nicknames are different languages from other languages, we use the terms to show our male and female partners how much we appreciate them. But we also have nicknames that used to make fun of people.

amazing nicknames below.

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German Nicknames for Ladies

German Nicknames for Ladies

Need a German nickname for a lady? perhaps your girlfriend or wife, here are some cute German pet names for a lady:

  • Mausi (mauzi) –  Mausi comes from the word mouse and says you are sweet and tiny.
  • Augenweide (augenwi:de) –  Augenweide means you are a very beautiful
  • Angebetete (angebetete) –  Angebetete means you are the most adorable woman in the world.
  • Dornröschen (dornroeschen) –  The German equivalent of “Sleeping Beauty.”
  • Beauty – Beauty means you are good-looking.
  • Allerliebste (alerli:bste) –  Allerliebste means you are the best of all.
  • Pocahontas –  Pocahontas means you are as beautiful as an Indian female.
  • Amazone –  Amazone means you are a huge woman a man cannot forget.
  • Sahneschnitte (sa:neʃnitte) –  Sahneschnitte means you are beautiful and as good as cream cake.
  • Perle (Perle) –  Perle means you are as beautiful as a pearl.
  • Cheri (ʃeri) –  Cheri means you are worthy and expensive.
  • Blume (Blume) –  Blume means you are a pretty person that looks like a flower.
  • Venus (Venus) –  Venus means you are full of love and a gorgeous person.
  • Aphrodite 

    –  Aphrodite means you are the goddess of love.

  • Babe –  Babe means you are as sweet as a baby, and you are not too tall for me.
  • Barbie –  Barbie means you are as beautiful and slim as a Barbie doll.
  • Cinderella – Cinderella means you are more beautiful than a princess.
  • Bienchen (bi:nchen) – Bienchen means you are as sweet as a little bee.
  • Bunny – Bunny means you are an attractive lady.
  • Holde Maid (holde mi:d) – Holde Maid means you are lively and attractive.
  • Diva (de: VA) – Diva means you are an elegant woman, and you know who you are.
  • Göttlich Schöne (götlich ʃöne) – Göttlich Schöne means you are as beautiful as if God made you.
  • Herzensschöne (herzensschöne) – Herzensschöne means you are beautiful by heart.
  • Kaktusblüte (kaktusblüte) – Kaktusblüte is the translation for cactus blossom, which means sharp stings and beauty at the same time.
  • Meine Königin (mi:ne königin) – Meine Königin means there is nobody as high and as mighty as you.
  • Rose – It means “Rose.”
  • Sonnenblume (sonenblu:me) – Is she your pretty Sunflower?

German Nicknames for Guys

German Nicknames for Guys

Need a German nickname for your boyfriend? or any other guy at all, here are some good German nicknames for guys:

  • Bärchen (berchen) – Bärchen means you are lovable like a tiny bear.
  • Adonis – Adonis is from Ancient Greek, it is used for an attractive man.
  • Captain – Captain means you are the authority in my life and you know where to go.
  • Göttergatte (göttergatte) – Göttergatte means you are my husband, but you like yourself best.
  • Märchenprinz (märchenprinz) – Märchenprinz means you are the man I had always dreamed of.
  • Chefkoch (ʃefkoch) – Chefkoch means you are an excellent
  • Casanova – Casanova means you love too many women.
  • Brummbär (brummbaer) – Brummbär means you are generally nice but sometimes in a bad mood.
  • Held (held) – Held means you are like a hero to me and you have done something special in my life.
  • Zorro – Zorro means you are a fast lover and you are very powerful.
  • Yuppie – Yuppie means you have a lot of money and you show it.
  • Adrenaline – Adrenaline means you give me the power to be stronger than before.
  • Amor – Amor means you can make me fall in love with you.
  • Champ – Champ means you are a very successful person
  • Froschkönig (froʃkönik) – Froschkönig means you are my prince, but I could not see it at first sight
  • Herzkasperl (herzkasperl) – Herzkasperl means you make my heart beating.
  • Beau (bo) – Beau means you are a beautiful
  • Indianer (indianer) – Indianer means you are a male with terrific
  • König (könik) – König means you are my one and everything.
  • Schmusekater (ʃmusekater) – Schmusekater means you are as cuddly as a male cat.

 Cute and Funny German Nicknames

Funny German Nicknames

A list of nicknames wouldn’t be complete without funny nicknames, here are funny German nicknames to call anyone:

  • Alibaba – Alibaba means you bring magic into my life, but please do not bring your 40 robbers.
  • Hörnchen (hörnchen) – Hörnchen means you are as sweet as a croissant.
  • Honigschnitte (honikʃnitte) – Honigschnitte means you are as sweet as a slice of bread with butter and honey.
  • Zottel (zotel) – Zottel means you have scruffy hair.
  • Brummel (Brummel) – Brummel means you are in a bad mood but still sweet.
  • Heinzelmännchen (hi:nzelmenchen) – Heinzelmännchen means you are hard-working but a little bit too small.
  • Flusspferd (flusferd) – Flusspferd means you are fat as a hippo.
  • Honigkuchenpferd (honikkuchenferd) – Honigkuchenpferd means honey cake horse which is somebody full of luck.
  • Grinsebär (grinseber) – Grinsebär means you are smiling like a honey bear.
  • Frechdachs (frechdaks) – Frechdachs is best translated to mean “Riff Raff.”
  • Faulpelz (faulpels) – Faulpelz means Lazyass.

Unisex German Nicknames

Unisex German Nicknames

The following are German terms of endearments that can be used for both guys and girls. The pronunciation of the nickname is added in brackets.

  • Schatz (chats) – Schatz means darling or my treasure in Germany. It is one of the most popular German nicknames, and it can be used for a guy or a lady.
  • Hasi (hazy) – Hasi means hare or rabbit and means that your partner is soft and cuddly.
  • Liebling (li: bling) – Liebling means darling in German, and it is most popular next to Schatz.
  • Herzblatt (hertzblat) – Herzblatt literally translates to “heart leaf,” but figuratively it means “sweetheart.”
  • Butterherzchen (butterhertzchen) – Butterherzchen means your heart is as satiable as butter.
  • Zuckerschnute (tsukkerschnute) – Zuckerschnute means your mouth is as sweet as sugar.
  • Schlafmütze (schola:fmitze) – Schlafmütze is used for someone who a bit too slow for your taste.
  • Naseweiß (nazewi:s) – Naseweiß means clever or know-it-all.
  • Seelenpartner (se:lenpartner) – Seelenpartner means we share the same soul.
  • Sonnenschein (sonenʃin) – Sonnenschein means you are my sunshine.
  • Engel (Engel) – Engel means you are like an angel to me.
  • Juwel (djuel) – Juwel means you are like a gem to me. You are extremely valuable.
  • Mein Stern (myn stern) – Mein Stern means you are my Star.
  • Ein und Alles (yn und ales) 

    – Ein und Alles means you are my one and everything.

  • Schokoladenherz (ʃokoladenherz) – Schokoladenherz means your heart is as sweet as chocolate.
  • Goldstück (goldstük) – Goldstück means you are as worthy as gold to me; you are of high value.
  • Glückskeks (glükskeks) – Glückskeks means fortune cookie. When you say it to somebody, it means the person had luck in an extraordinary
  • Honigmäulchen (honigmeulchen) – Honigmäulchen means you like sweet things very much.
  • Schnuckelhase (ʃnuklhaze) – Schnuckelhase means you are cuddly like a hare.
  • Zuckerschnecke (Zukkerʃneke) – Zuckerschnecke means sugar snail.
  • Gürkchen (gürkchen) – Gürkchen is the translation for little pickle and means you are delicious to me.
  • Kleeblatt (kleblat) – Kleeblatt is the translation for “cloverleaf,” and luck is on your side.
  • Honigbiene (honikbi:ne) – Honigbiene means “Honeybee.”
  • Stern (ʃtern) – Stern means “Star. “
  • Knuddelbär (knuddlbaer) – Knuddelbär means “Huggybear.”
  • Schnecke (ʃneke) – Schnecke means snail, and weirdly in Germany, the snail is a term of endearment.
  • Schnuckiputzi (ʃnukiputzi) – Sweetie Pie/Cutie Pie.
  • Schnuckelchen (ʃnukelchen) – Schnuckelchen means Sweetcheeks
  • Häschen – Häschen means “little hare.”
  • Rehlein – Rehlein means “little deer.”
  • Spätzchen – Spätzchen means “little sparrow.”

  Cool German Nicknames For Lovers

German nicknames for lovers

  • Maus: – A common German nickname for beloved. It means mouse.
  • Mein kon-dee:– It means my true love.
  • Liebster:- It is used to call someone dear.
  • Liebchen:-It means sweetheart.
  • Klara:- For your beloved who is spontaneously sweetheart
  • Zukermaus:- it means sugar mouse.
  • Herzl:– A cute nickname, which translates into a little of the heart of mine.
  • Hase: – It means bunny.
  • Barchan:- It means little bear.
  • Honigbeine:- For a sweet girl as it means Honeybee.
  • Surfing:- It means sweetie.
  • Honigbar:– A honey bear!
  • Hascha:– It means cute bunny!.
  • Mauser:- It is a combination of two nicknames and translates into mouse bear.
  • Perle:– It means pearl.
  • Liebling:– It is used for calling your beloved darling.
  • Knuddelbar:– It means cuddle mouse.
  • Sussex:- It means Sweetie!
  • Schmusebacke:– For a beloved with cute cheeks!
  • Schatz:- If your lover is a real treasure for you, and then it will suit him/ her.
  • Engel:– For a sweet and beloved angel>
  • Hasil:- It means a little hare>
  • Musli:– Ii means a sweet little mouse.
  • Chaferli:- My little beetle!
  • Schart:- It means a French cherry.
  • Liebling:- Love
  • Cariad:- It is for someone to call sweetheart.


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