6 Benefits Owning a Multiple Monitor Setup Can Bring You

6 Benefits Owning a Multiple Monitor Setup Can Bring You

Are you considering investing in more than two monitors? Perhaps you’ve seen your friends and colleagues with their awesome equipment? Then again, you’re worried about the cost and if it’s really worth it. Luckily for you, there are many advantages to having a 6 monitor setup. Here are more options for you to think about how to plan ahead for your new multi-monitor system. 

Benefits of Using a 6 Monitor Setup 

Of course, you’ll need your own computer and additional DisplayPort cables to connect your multiple monitors. Nevertheless, it’s relatively easy to get the right, fairly cheap, equipment and to connect it all up to your monitor screens. Most computers can detect more than two monitors automatically although you can select your own display settings, including resolution before you press enter and you’re ready to go. 

Let’s look at why you want to be ready to go with your 6 monitor setup: 

1- Work and play at the same time 

We all need a break sometimes even while we’re working. Studies show that frequent 10-minute pauses are revitalizing for the mind. If you only have 10 minutes though, you don’t want to waste any of it setting up your game. With a 6 monitor setup, you can start playing the minute you decide you want to. 

Clearly, the trick is to not get distracted too easily by your 6 monitor setup. A good way to do this is to stick to a schedule so that 10 minutes doesn’t become hours. This is especially true with a 6 monitor setup and the integrated graphics video card that comes with it.

Graphics cards are the piece of hardware that enables all the images and charts across your multi-monitor setup. This is also what drives resolution and realism in video games so much so that professional gamers often buy their own discrete graphics card with their preferred specification. Most motherboards provide perfectly adequate graphics cards for most of us. 

2- Improved communication 

With so many screens to look at across your 6 monitor setup, you have extra space to arrange your communication platforms. You now don’t need to squint at people in tiny squares on your conference calls. Instead, you can enlarge the screen and dedicate one whole monitor to your video calls. 

Let’s not forget the messenger platforms that you can also spread out across your 6 monitor setup. It becomes much easier to check if any messages are waiting for you at just a glance. 

3- More space for greater productivity 

All that extra space you get when compared to dual monitor setups means you can spread your work. Furthermore, you can arrange it across your 6 monitors set up in a flow process. 

So, for example, item one from your to-do list is on your first screen, item two on the second one, and so on. This also gives you a sense of progress as you work around your multi-monitor system. 

4- Easier comparisons 

Most of us enjoy online shopping although, with so much available, it’s good to do some research and compare products. Isn’t it so much easier to compare products side by side across your monitor screens?

You’ll save time with your 6 monitor setup by not having to keep tabbing back and forth and getting confused as to where you started. In other words, online shopping just become even more fun and efficient. 

5- Better photo and video editing 

Thanks to the integrated graphics card in your 6 monitor setup, you can also view your videos and images with much better resolution. You’ll no longer experience that performance drop when overloading a simple laptop. 

Furthermore, the extra space across your multiple monitors allows you to expand your video editing apps. This makes it easier to click on the exact parts you want to edit or cut. 

6- Easier ergonomics 

Last but not least is your comfort. When installing your 6 monitor setup, you can arrange your monitors at exactly the right height and angle with adjustable mounts. Of course, you’ll have to make sure you get the right cables to your power supply unit such that you can arrange them without tripping over them. 

It’s worth noting that you’ll most likely need an HDMI cable for your 6 monitor setup but you might also have input ports that need USB, DVI, or AVI cables. Simply cross-check the pictures with your local computer shop. They’ll then be able to get you the right cables, including conversion cables should you need them. 

6 Benefits Owning a Multiple Monitor Setup Can Bring You

Final Recommendations 

The number of multiple monitors you go for is a personal choice. Either way, you’ll get many benefits including improved productivity. It’s so much easier and more comfortable working with extra space and good equipment. So, don’t hesitate and just make sure you plan ahead and budget something that feels right for you. 

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