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6 Deadly Sins Of Speaking You Must Stay Away From

6 Deadly Sins Of Speaking You Must Stay Away From

It isn’t possible to answer this without context and people shouldn’t try. To answer this properly it would need a proper discussion. However, here are a few thoughts of Deadly Sins Of Speaking.

6 Deadly Sins Of Speaking You Must Stay Away From

1. Gossiping

An ideal brain is a devil’s workshop

When you have nothing to do or anything worthwhile to say, you might start criticizing people. Talk about people and their character. Why do you want to criticize someone behind their back, and would you like the same for yourself? Keep away from gossiping; it destroys any relationship.

2. Judging

One of the worst traits of a person is judged. Judging someone shows the insecurities of the person whos doing it. People feel judgment is a threat to their freedom. Before judging someone, make sure you know both sides of the story. Why not make the world a better place by understanding instead of judging. Don’t judge people just because you don’t like it. Everything has a reason behind it.

3. Negativity

This is one of the reasons behind people’s anxiety, the development of depression, insecurities, and sadness. People sometimes overvalue themselves and most ofter undervalued themselves. Both serve as negativity. This is like a drop of poison, which slowly deteriorates the mental condition of a  person. Have the courage to face your fears instead of beating yourself about them.

4. Complaining

Complaining is a trait of irresponsibility.

Everything You want might not happen instantly, might not go the way you want, it doesn’t mean you will complain about it. Why do you think patience is called a great noble virtue? Certainly, it can bless you with ease if you can patiently endure your situation. Don’t complain, instead take responsibility.

5. Lying

Lying is the mother of sin. To save yourself from one problem, you lie. To cover up that lie, you lie again. And this continues. Lying takes away your integrity. Lying doesn’t suit the good people. It’s certainly a bad trait, as every one of us is aware of. Realization hits hard when an opportunity is lost. Don’t be among those people. And stop lying.

6. Excuses

It’s better to stay clear than put up excuses for no good reasons. An excuse is the most common type of issue that is seen in most persons. People think excuses can relieve them of their responsibility, but it’s wrong. You can skip your task for the time being by giving excuses, but you’re pilling up that task for later. Soon you will overwhelm yourself with this.

Final Thoughts

These are the sins of communication. If you encounter people with these sins, I would suggest please do keep away from them. It’s for your own good. If you have any inquiries and any suggestions feel free to let me know in the comment section.

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