6 Tips on Getting the Right CBD Oil for Your Dogs

6 Tips on Getting the Right CBD Oil for Your Dogs

The CBD industry is seen as an industry with so many prospects. This is why there is an increase in the number of investors and major players. This is both within and outside the country.

Speaking of the financial prospects, it is envisaged that this industry will be worth about 20 billion dollars in the next 3 years at least. For more information about the industry’s financial prospects, you can read this.

Well, this means that you have to be very observant when getting CBD products. Although CBD can help your dogs in several ways, there are poor products out there. So, you need to know how to identify and get the right ones.

Considering that cannabidiol oil is the best-selling canine CBD product as things are, we will be particular about it here. So, you should keep reading for some tips on how to get the right CBD oil for your dogs.

How to Get the Right Canine CBD Oil

CBD For Dogs

We have below some tips on how to identify and get the right cannabidiol oil for your dogs:

Natural and Canine Friendly Ingredients

There are options available that are made using several artificial and inorganic ingredients. We do not suggest that you consider them. Rather, you should opt for something that is made of natural ingredients all the way.

By doing this, your canine companion will not be exposed to ingredients that will do it no good. You can make sure of this by paying attention to the lab report of a credible third-party lab displayed on the product. Speaking of that, let us move on to the next point.

Credible Third-Party Lab Report

As things are, the CBD industry is not anywhere close to having the right measure of regulation. As a result of this, users of these drugs need to watch out for themselves. This is especially because there are manufacturers that do the wrong things because of the lack of sufficient checks.

One of the ways to watch out for yourself and your dog is to take third-party lab reports about the CBD product seriously. You should also make sure the lab report corresponds with the information provided by the manufacturers. This is important as some manufacturers of CBD oil for dogs lie about the ingredients used and some other things.

Source of Raw Material

The manufacturing process is not the only thing that makes up a good cannabidiol product. This is because the cannabis plants used also matter a lot.

For this reason, you need to make sure the manufacturers get their CBD from the right CBD farmers. You should know that some parts of the country are known for producing high-quality and unadulterated CBD.

So, you need to know them and make sure your manufacturer is getting their CBD from the right source. But why is this important?

This is very important because a badly grown cannabis plant for this purpose will likely result in a bad product. So, you should take note of this.

Easy to Use

CBD oil for dogs is the best-selling canine cannabidiol product. However, you need to understand the process required in administering it. Although it can be administered in several ways, it is most effective when it is administered orally.

Because of the process required, you need a product that can be administered easily. The design should be such that the drops come off easily and in the right measure. For the sake of safety, a dropper made of plastic is one of the best options.

Made Specially for Canines

It is no news that humans also benefit from the use of cannabidiol. All mammals do as a matter of fact. This is because of the presence of the endocannabinoid system in all mammals.

However, users should only be offered drugs that are specially formulated for them. This is especially because other ingredients are involved beyond the primary ingredient (cannabidiol). It is on this note that human CBD oil or that of any other pet should not be offered to your dogs.

Options specially formulated for dogs will have other beneficial ingredients such as Omega 3 acid. All of this will improve the chances of your canine companion being in the right state of health.

Buy from the Right Source

The need to get canine CBD oil from a reputable manufacturer cannot be overemphasized. However, this is not all there is to get the right product. You also need to ensure that it is purchased from the right source.

This remains the case whether or not it is obtained from a brick-and-mortar store. If you must get it online, it also needs to be from the right platform. This is because conditions such as warehousing, shipping, and other things can affect the product.

Also, the right platform will know how to identify and manage the right drugs. So, this is why we advise that you stay away from eCommerce platforms for this purpose. You should rather get yours from the online store of a reputable manufacturer. This is a lot better and ensures you are getting the right product.


We have discussed 6 important tips that will help you get the right CBD oil for your dogs. However, getting the consent of your veterinarian should be the start of the whole process.

This is so that you are certain you will not have problems with drug compatibility and other things. If you are interested in knowing more about canine CBD oil drug compatibility, you can visit: https://www.petmd.com/dog/general-health/cannabis-oil-dogs-everything-you-need-know

If your veterinarian permits the use of this drug, then you should make sure you get the right one by taking note of the tips discussed above. This is so that you will see the desired results.

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