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8 Cooking Apps That Will Make You the King/Queen of Your Kitchen

8 Cooking Apps That Will Make You the King/Queen of Your Kitchen

Who says you have to hire a chef’s assistant to cook amazing food in the kitchen and stay organized. Technology has gifted us with a variety of apps to make cooking fun and easy. Most of these apps are free. Surely, you can tune into food channels if you have a Call Spectrum plan and discover a new recipe but what if you want more? Cooking apps can help!  

From meal planning guides, thoroughly tested recipes, built-in timers, video tutorials, kitchen organization tips and so much more, these apps have got everything. And they are not meant for chefs only. Even an average person (who goes in the kitchen once in a while) can use them well.

Without further ado, let’s see what these apps are:

1: Epicurious

Epicurious has been the gold standard for internet recipes for a long time; its app version is no exception. The Epicurious app now has a new function dubbed the “Smart Timer,” which offers you the fundamental materials to prepare over 40 easy foods without a recipe.

2: Side Chef 

This app was created with novices in mind. The creator behind the app didn’t have any knowledge about cooking. Side chef is filled with recipes with step-by-step instructions, images, and built-in timings. Other tools include a meal planner and grocery list, as well as how-to videos for learning new skills.

3: Tasty

I am sure you know about Tasty. Owned by Buzzfeed, Tasty is known for its quick and engaging videos that lay down each dish step by step. In the Tasty app, it’s simple to look for dishes by cuisine, ingredient, or other criteria. 

There’s even a “What’s in Your Kitchen” function that generates recipes based on what you have in your kitchen. So let’s say you don’t want to head out to the grocery store to grab ingredients. On days like this, use the “What’s in Your Kitchen” feature to make something interesting. 

4: Kitchen Stories 

Have you been dreaming of becoming a food blogger or influencer but don’t know how to get started? If your answer is yes, then this app is for you!

Kitchen Stories includes instructions on how to shoot your own recipes and share them with the app’s millions of users. It also includes recipes, cooking lessons, and shopping lists.

5: Yummly

Yummly is one of the most useful recipe recommendation apps out there. It not only assists you in coming up with fantastic recipe ideas, but it also allows you to learn from the experts. There are countless recipes with video tutorials and step-by-step instructions to help you have a successful cooking day. All of the instructions are simple to follow.

You can search filters to find the best recipe and other information like cooking time, cooking techniques, and so on. The app also helps you manage your pantry while cooking and receive recommendations based on the recipe you’re preparing. 

6: Tastemade

It’s not a typical recipe app. It is more of an entertainment channel that produces food and travel-related material. The app features a variety of shows with themes ranging from cooking on a budget to documenting social change via food. You will find lots of inspiration through it.

7: BigOven

BigOven is a great place to find basic recipes with easy-to-follow directions. It has a large collection of excellent seasonal dishes. You can also look for new recipes or try something from BigOven’s collection. The app lets you find out what your favorite bloggers and close pals are up to.

Apart from that, you can also create a grocery list with different things and mark them off as you shop. When you publish a recipe, you will be notified whenever someone leaves a comment or asks a question about it. 

8: My CookBook

If you are the person who likes to create their own version of recipes, you will love this app!

The My CookBook app is a simple to use tool that allows you to write your own digital cookbook. you can effortlessly store all of your cooking creations and favorite recipes here. You may also use its text-to-speech tool to read recipes, which is useful when you’re in the kitchen preparing them. Other than that, you can also create a grocery shopping list. 

All these apps are free to download. Some of them do have a premium version with advanced features. It’s totally up to you to go premium. Download what works for you and make cooking interesting.

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