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The 5 Most Popular Sports in England

Sport is quite an important thing for England as a nation, and some sports were even born in England. England’s main competitors in international sport are usually Scotland (because the Scots and the English always have to fight each other, and sport is a good way to do so) and Australia.

While the sports on this page are the most popular sports in England, other sports are also very active and popular. If you are interested in a particular sport, you can probably attend it in England.

Many important games (e.g. football and rugby) are shown in pubs and are often quite social events.

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Most Popular Sports in England

1. Rugby

There’s rugby league and rugby league – but we won’t go into details here. Just know that much: there has been quite a lot of confrontation between these two types of rugby. Rugby’s origins are usually English – the game came from a school called Rugby school, where running with the ball became increasingly popular and then became a real game with a set of rules (this happened in the early 1800s). Over time, the game became more and more popular around the world – and of course, the English still keep their passion for the game.

2. Football

Don’t confuse this with American football. English football is what other countries usually call football. It has a long history in England, and England is generally considered the country of origin of this sport. The data for the game dates back to 1314. England hosted the world’s first football competitions and also the first football league. Today, there are thousands of clubs in England that play football, and the best leagues in England are the richest in the world (hint: David Beckham is an example).

3. Cricket

While people still claim the true origin of cricket, everyone is confident that England is the birthplace of the game, and cricket plays a fairly important role for England. The English teams are also pretty good at the game, often winning international competitions. Their main competitor in cricket is Australia.

The history of cricket dates back to 1550 AD or even earlier, and cricket was first mentioned in 1598. People are quite certain that the game was played before 1550 AD. As mentioned earlier, no one is 100% sure of the origin.

4. Ice Hockey

Although hockey is very popular in England (it is the indoor sport that attracts the most spectators in England), most of the news that comes from it can still only be found online. However, pay-TV channels are starting to broadcast the most important games.

5. Badminton

Badminton is very popular in England, even more so, popular than tennis. The reason for this may well be that badminton is more readily available than tennis, and even if you are a beginner, you have a chance to achieve one or the other success. It should come as no surprise that badminton is another English game, although it was not created in England in British India itself (as a variation of the more traditional English game with rackets).

6. Horse racing

Horse racing sports are quite popular among the rich and beautiful, as equestrian sports allow them to dress up and walk around with other rich people. But even the “more ordinary” people enjoy Horse racing sports, and often betting is a very important factor in this sport.

7. Motorsports

The English love their motorsports, and a large proportion of Formula 1 teams are based in England. Names like Lewis Hamilton and Richard Burns might ring the bell. While racing has always been popular, motorcycling has also become increasingly popular in recent years.

8. Tennis

Of course, tennis is quite popular and appreciated in England as well. After all, there’s Wimbledon. Plus: England is the country that invented tennis. There are a lot of amateur players, but not a lot of professional players.


Most Popular Sports in England? there are endless options to play games. All you have to do is do good research and you can enjoy winning a good pleasure with your tricks and strategies.

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