There are strong, more trustworthy, and bigger competitors in the market for almost every product or service that hinders sales. Even if an idea is unique & powerful, customers still don’t buy the product. Why? Well, there can be a lot of reasons.

  • They don’t know about your service in the first place
  • They don’t know to understand its need
  • They are not motivated enough to buy the product
  • They simply don’t trust your service.

So, what you need to boost your sales, gain exposure for your product/service or brand, and gain users’ trust is a helping hand. Someone who is connected to your potential customers and has gained their trust.

If your product or service can help teach consumers in solving their problems or making their lives safer, easier, and more comfortable then make us your helping hand and let us boost sales & exposure of your business in return.

Why Us?

We have the eyes of millions of readers every month. We can get your message across. Reach a large global audience.

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Websplashers is a popular technology blog that serves tech tips, tricks, and tutorials on customer technology provide in-depth reviews of software/apps and services, and lists of useful products, apps, software tools, services, gadgets, websites, etc.

We have curious readers who like sharing what they’ve learned. Your message will be well-received via websplashers

Website Stats & Demographics

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Current Stats

  • MOZ Stats: PA 21 DA 55
  • Alexa: 70,000
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Advertising & Sponsorship Options

  • Sponsored Posts/ Reviews
  • Banner Ads

Advertisement Banners

We value user experience. To provide a clutter-free interface, the banner advertising options are limited. We have the following ad slots available to get instant attention from consumers with imminent purchase intent.

  • 728 x 90 Header Ad – 1 Slot
  • 728 x 90 Below Feat Block Ad – 1 Slot (Below Featured Blocks in Home, Category, Tag & Archive Pages)
  • 300 x 250 Sidebar Ad – 2 Slots
  • 125 x 125 Sidebar Ad – 8 Slots
  • 468 x 60 / 300 x 250 / 336 x 280 Above Post Ad – 1 Slot
  • 728 x 90 Below Post Leaderboard Ad – 1 Slot
  • 300 x 250 Below Post Ad – 2 Slots

Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is the most popular advertising option among our advertisers. We work closely with the brand to create comprehensive reviews and engaging articles.

The readers get a unique perspective on your product. How your product can make their lives better, why it is important, why they need it, and how it is better than other similar products/services in the market. We also explain how to use your product properly by the means of step-by-step tutorials, screenshots, video guides, etc.

Sponsored posts leave a long-lasting impression of your product in the readers’ minds. We encourage readers to try and buy your product/service which will help you boost sales in your business.

It’s so effective, our clients keep coming back.

By booking, a sponsored post at websplashers you’ll gain the following benefits –

  • A detailed article about your product/service that will stay permanently on websplashers
  • Quality exposure in front of millions of potential customers with purchase intent.
  • Positive impression about your brand and product
  • Boost in sales, conversion rate, reputation & trust.
  • We share the article with our newsletter subscribers and social media fans. So, your brand will gain more popularity on social media. And, the targeted product will gain extra exposure among 100,000+ fans/subscribers.
  • We pin your sponsored post to our homepage for at least a week so that even if we keep publishing new articles, your post will not sink below and get extra exposure from people directly coming to our homepage.
  • As the article will stay live permanently, and our website, its traffic, ranking, fan base, and popularity is only growing so, your product will continue to get exposure from new visitors coming to our website and you’ll continue to get targeted customers and generate sales for your business.
  • Our site has very powerful SEO and SERP on Google. So, even if you are not able to rank your own website due to higher competition in the search engines, your sponsored post on our site will rank and send targeted customers to your own site.

Note: We love our readers and honor the trust they have bestowed upon us so we will only promote your product/service if it can actually provide some value to our readers and make their lives better.

Content Writing Opportunities

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Other Sponsorship Options

Have a more creative idea to work together? We are curious to hear it.

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