Benefit from the Creator Economy Boom in 2022 with Kohbee

Creator Economy Boom in 2022 with Kohbee

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of the creators’ economy, which has been steadily increasing for decades. In recent years, the creator economy has exploded, and more individuals are creating content than ever before. In this game-changing online ecosystem and communities, creators of the original material can now efficiently monetize their skills.

To further support such creators, Kohbee has been launched by Indian entrepreneurs – Rohan Sinha, Shashwat Aditya, and Siddharth Chauhan.  They decided to design a user-friendly program that would allow anybody to create and teach course lessons at the press of a button, removing all obstacles for individuals seeking an education outside of a traditional classroom setting. As they strive to reinvent content development and delivery in India, their concept is genuinely innovative.

“60 percent of these creator-educators do not have access to a laptop. We wanted to solve this problem for the education industry which is why Kohbee is the first mobile-based SAAS platform for this market providing everything in one place. Other platforms are providing the same services for 3 times the amount and the user requires a laptop/PC. The way we have built Kohbee can be considered as a ‘Done for You’ solution as opposed to other  ‘Do It Yourself’ solutions out there which allow aspiring creator-educators to dream big.”- Rohan Sinha, Co-founder

The world is about to acquire a new generation of artists, and now is the right time to seize the opportunity. In the next years, there will be an even larger demand for this type of creative energy than in previous years.

Economic Creator 

The creator economic market is flourishing, and individuals who participate reap several perks. It is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. There has never been a better time to begin creating content and earning money online.

Thanks to platforms such as Kohbee, creators in India’s contemporary economy may now get their work noticed by a larger audience while the business aspects of their ventures can be easily and efficiently managed. 

Teachers’ life is made easier by Kohbee’s solutions. This instructional tool makes it simple for anyone interested in teaching to get started. You have tools and technology at your disposal no matter where you are. All due to a devoted team of fantastic developers that meticulously created features with the utmost care to make instructors’ lives easier. They are well aware of the challenges that professors confront on a daily basis as more and more courses go entirely online. Kohbee’s team is eager to assist its educators in any way it can, whether you’re an experienced teacher or just getting started, since even if you’ve never taught online before, Kohbee is here to help!

“The number of creators on YouTube has grown from 20 million to 47 million globally during the pandemic and this will only go up, 40% of these creators are in the domain of education which puts the number of creator-educators at roughly 20 million globally, with an estimated 6 million creator-educators in India. The most common source of revenue for such educators is 1:1 coaching and pre-recorded courses and hence the need for a platform like Kohbee arises to help these creator-educators monetize their content efficiently.”Siddharth Chauhan, Co-founder

This year will witness an increase in the number of localized short video apps. Many artists will experience a paradigm shift in their content consumption as a result of the proliferation of numerous content-intensive apps. In 2022, more people will use NFT to help the worldwide creative ecosystem. A large number of clients from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will congregate to watch short video material.

Final Words

Content makers can assist local companies to reach as many people as possible by properly branding them via online educational apps. To promote content consumption, larger social media companies will improve user interfaces. Teachers and influencers can expand and vary their portfolios by using online apps. As explained above, Kohbee is the harbinger of positivity and support in a growing creator economy. Thus, download Kohbee today to give wings to your dreams. 

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