Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Internet users are bombarded by huge content on a daily basis, which is why it becomes difficult for brands and companies to catch the attention of their audiences. Research shows about 55% of the people consume content in the form of videos, and almost 90% of the people make their buying decisions based on a product video. So, the video content on various social platforms enhances audience engagement, and brands are able to achieve a high conversion rate. 

Best Whiteboard Animation Software

The issue lies in creating video-based content that takes a lot of time, resources, and skill set. Individuals and small-size companies cannot produce many videos in a short time. But this problem is solved by the Whiteboard animation software, as such software and tools are easy to use and demand a low skill set. 

You can create Whiteboard animation videos to explain your stories and easily highlight your products and services. As these kinds of videos are easy to remember, that is why their conversion rate is very high. The other best feature is that these videos are optimized according to the desktop and a mobile view. 

If you want to create appealing Whiteboard animation videos, you should consider the following amazing and interesting Whiteboard animation software to fulfill your personal and business needs:


Animation Studios


TTS Sketch Maker





Mango Animate


DoodleMaker allows you to create good-quality videos in any language. It comes with more than three hundred templates that you can use to create colorful videos. This software is based on AI technologies, and you can pick interesting images and characters from its library. It gives you different background color options like whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board. 

                                    Best Whiteboard Animation Software

The interesting feature of this software is that you can easily convert the text into appealing voices. It further comes with more than a hundred options of male or female voices. You can further make videos more professional by using its transition features. It allows you to change the background continuously in a single video and comes with a wide range of elements. 

It is cloud-based software, and you can securely store the videos in its database. You can create 720p and 1080p videos with this software. Moreover, you can insert the personalized watermark in your videos and also access its commercial license option. DoodleMaker covers the needs of different fields such as content creators, bloggers, affiliate marketers, coaches, teachers, digital marketers, online businesses, and others. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and other amazing features are a music library, video editor, color doodle videos, and others. 

Animation Studio:

Creating the slideshows is easy, but the issue is that slideshows have a low engagement rate. Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly convert your slideshow presentations into video? Animation Studios is an easy-to-use software that helps you develop videos with low technical expertise. You can even create a video from scratch and effectively tell your story. 

Its drag and drop features enable you to create the videos in a minimum time, and you are required to have strong technical skills to create whiteboard videos. You can access its ready-made templates based on your niche, and it keeps updating new ones every month. The interesting feature of this whiteboard software is its built-in animated library from which you can access the animated characters, props, backgrounds, themes, and others. 

Animation Studio offers you the option of more than 25 languages with above fifty male and female voices and accents. You can easily convert the text to speech with this software. It helps you to create multiple versions of the same video based on language options just with a single click. Moreover, you can create videos with commercial licenses and easily sell them to other businesses to earn a profit. 


Videoscribe is an easy-to-use Whiteboard video creation software that fulfills both personal and business requirements. You can make the videos by simply using the drag and drop option; that is why you do not need to learn new skills. 

                                       Best Whiteboard Animation Software

It comes with a library that you can access to find the elements, templates, transitions, colors, background, characters, and many other items. You can create the desired videos within five minutes. The best feature of this video is that it can work in an offline mode, and you can even import music and other font files. It comes with an amazing library that covers almost all the fields such as medical equipment, pets, gif, animals, pets, school supplies, and others. You can even upload your own images and animations. 

You can give a personal touch to your content by using drawing tools like brushes, markers, pencils, crayons, erasers, paints, and many other drawing and hand tools. Moreover, you can create videos in any dimension that suits your website or social media needs. It permits you to easily include sounds in your content, and you can even access its built-in music library with more than 200 tracks and voice-over recordings. Its music library is totally royalty-free. 

TTS Sketch Maker: 

TTS Sketch Maker is a basic-level Whiteboard video creating software that allows you to select the characters from its library. It comes with the text to voice changer features and offers you various options to select the voices. 

                   Best Whiteboard Animation Software

You can use this software in your Windows as well as Mac operating systems. It provides you with the final results without any watermarks. No video is completed without a voice; that is why it offers you more than 25 voice options. It comes with various language and accent options that you can incorporate into your content. It allows you to create videos within a couple of minutes. First, you are required to add photos along with text and then hit on record. It has the ability to convert the text into voice, and you can also add music to your whiteboard videos. Lastly, your video processing is complete, and you can easily download the final results.

You can create videos for any purpose or even sell them to earn profits. The other amazing features of this software are twelve fonts, 150 animated images, 25 accents, and others. TTS Sketch Maker offers you a complete guideline for creating the videos.


Animaker is a web-based tool that offers you amazing features and tools to create layered videos. You can access the media from its library and even upload your own images and videos. It allows you to preview every single frame before exporting the final video. You can easily navigate and customize your work and use its various infographics to make your video more attractive and appealing. It helps you to tell stories in a creative way by using its built-in templates.

                     Best Whiteboard Animation Software

The amazing feature of this software is its built-in library that covers more than 100 million photos and videos. You can create whiteboard videos within a couple of minutes by accessing its templates. It comes with more than a thousand options for personalized templates. You can even create videos of 4k quality and use the videos based on your needs and requirements. 

Animaker permits you to create videos for various business purposes such as training of employees, sales presentations, corporate meetings, slideshow, digital campaigns, and others. You can even create videos for your resume, promos, celebrations, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and various other occasions. Its other remarkable features are facial expressions, character builder, auto lip-sync, smart move, subtitles, watermark, and others. 


If you want to create Whiteboard videos by using the drag and drop option, then you should consider Doodly software. It allows you to create videos that you can easily customize to a large extent and seamlessly synchronize your recorded voices. You can access its various elements such as transitions, elements, props, characters, colors, background, etc. 

                                       Best Whiteboard Animation Software

It allows you to create the videos without having any high technical or graphical skills and get the end results within a few minutes. You can create videos for your business, social media campaigns, marketing, and other special occasions. It permits you to create videos in blackboard, glass board, and green screen format. If you do not want to include images from its library, you are free to import any image and graphics that you can incorporate into your content. 

The other cool feature of this software is hands that you can select from a wide range of options. You can even record your own voice or use its male or female voice option. Moreover, you can install this software on multiple systems and automatically update its features. Its other features are customer support, video sharing, social sharing, animation, dashboard, file management, reporting, privacy options, offline mode, training, and others. 


Powtoon is the best software for beginners as it comes with simple and straightforward features to create the Whiteboard videos. It offers you a few characters which you can use in your videos. If you want to go beyond the presentation format and create impactful videos without any hustle, you should try Powtoon. 

                  Best Whiteboard Animation Software

It effectively covers the needs of all kinds of people, such as freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, teachers, business persons, and others. You can seamlessly integrate this software with Facebook, YouTube, Powerpoint, Adobe, Canva, Hubspot, and many others. It permits you to access its library that contains templates, animated characters, design elements, images, music, footage, videos, soundtracks, etc. The music and soundtracks are completely loyalty-free. 

You can even record the videos using its webcam or screen record, which permits you to record your announcements easily. The cool feature of this software is that you can create your own character based on your brand image. You can easily change your clothes, hair, facial expression, gestures, etc. Moreover, you can access all the features from a single place. 


If you are looking for advanced-level software to fulfill the goals of your business or marketing, then you should give it a try to Explaindio. This software is specifically designed for marketing and allows you to create several videos in a single day. You can easily import media, and it converts them into Whiteboard videos. It comes with features that you can tailor based on your requirements. 

It takes only three steps to create whiteboard videos, create, customize and export or share. You can install this software on your Mac or PC and create professional-level videos without any technical or coding requirements. Moreover, it permits you to create videos in 3D format and also access more than 180 text animations. Its other remarkable features are fonts, audio tracks, Pixabay integration, tutorials, export and import, animated scenes, music, timeline editing, and many others. 

Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Mango Animate:

This whiteboard software enables you to convey complex ideas or messages using its easy-to-use templates. You can seamlessly personalize its templates and create a wide range of good-quality videos. It allows you to create videos for various purposes such as business meetings, sale pitches, class presentations, and many others. You can create whiteboard videos within a couple of minutes. 

Mango Animate comes with various animation effects that enhance the impact of your content. You can easily include multiple effects such as transition, enter, and exit. The other best feature of this software is that you can access its media library and use different characters in your content. Its media library also includes icons, shapes, images, and others. 

You can give a personal touch to your content by using more than ten male or female hands which are available in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, it allows you to record audio directly that you can use in your videos. You can easily edit the audio and simply insert it into your videos. 


There is no doubt that video content attracts more audiences as it clears the ideas in an effective way. But creating the video is a little complicated and an overwhelming experience for many users. That is why in its article, we discussed the software that you can use to create the Whiteboard videos with fewer resources and expertise. 

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