Top 50 Cheesy Pick Up Lines Ever

cheesy pick up lines

Try one of these Cheesy Pick Up Lines on the ice. It’s a good bet that you’ll have a laugh even if you don’t get you’ll fall in love.

Are you struggling to find the right words to express your feelings to that special person? These Cheesy Pick Up Lines may be a little corny but they’ll bring a smile to someone’s face should you decide to give them a go! With the many pick-up lines that are available and a variety of pick-up lines, it’s difficult to pick the perfect one. That is why we’ve put together the most hilarious of the pick-up lines that people will be able not to be awestruck by.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines Ever

Total Ko

“Is your dad a boxer? Because you’re the ultimate knockout!”

Straight on target

“Are you a loan? You certainly have my attention!”

Medical attention is required

“Any chance that you’ve got an extra heart? My heart has been taken!”

An enterprising line

“Are you a python from Star Trek? You’re about to be stunned!”

Sweet things to say

“They say that nothing lasts forever; so could you be my everything?”

Just wait for them to cough, after which…

“I’d like to say God be with you. But it seems like he already did!”

It’s time to update

“I suspect there’s something wrong with my phone. The number isn’t there.”

A good plug

“Are you a charger? Because I’m going to die with you!”

Spacing out

“Even even in zero gravity, I’d to fall in love with you!”

A sweeping gesture

“Are you a broom? Since you’ve taken me away!”

You plus me

“I’m not a mathematician, however, I’ve been told that I’m great with numbers. What if you could give me yours to show that?”

We hope that the answer isn’t Nitrogen Oxygen

“You are created out of Copper and Tellurium because you’re CuTe!”

Memory issues

“You’re so gorgeous that I forgot about my pick-up line.”

Medical care

“I was captivated by your beauty. I’m going to require your phone number and name to help me with insurance.”

Geek love

“Hey, My name is Microsoft. Do you want me to stay at your house this evening?” Make sure you use one of these hilarious Harry Potter pick up lines for your most beloved Muggle.

Dried fruits

“Do you enjoy raisins? What do you think about a potential date?”

Word nerd

“If I could change the order of an alphabet I’d place “‘U’ and “I and ‘I’ together.” Funny pickup lines aren’t all you need to impress a girl.


“Are you in the procedure of obtaining parking credentials? You’re fined across your body.” This funny line of conversation could grow into a romance that’s anything but boring!

Take two

“Do your heart believe that you are in love at first sight? Or should I try to walk past again?”

Action, action

“Are you related to Jean-Claude van Damme? Because Jean-Claude Van Damme you’re sexy!”

Smooth, dude

“Feel my shirt. Do you know what’s in it? Material for the boyfriend.”

Love the Wheel

“Did your license get suspended because you drove all these crazy people?”

Listen to my lips

“Baby If you were a word on one page and you were fine print, you’d be.”

Baker man

“Did you just emerge from the oven? Because you’re hot.”

Most of us

“You’re so beautiful, I forgot about my pick-up line.”

Lettuce goes out

“If you were a vegetable, then you’d be a “cute the cumber.'”

Let me know my rights

“If you were sexy and committed illegal then you’d be guilty as the law requires.”


“I wanted to know whether you’re an artist since you’re so adept at drawing me into.”

Sparks fly

“Are You an electrical engineer? Because you’re definitely fighting my evening.”

Subscribe and Like

“I believe in the pursuit of my goals. Would you mind sharing your Instagram?”

Under the sea

“Do you realize what Little Mermaid and I have in the same? We each desire to be a part world of your.”


“I’m not religious at all but when I saw you, I realized that you would be an answer to my prayer.”

Rapid reader

“It’s an incredible item that you hold a library card since I’m going to inspect your library.”

Switching the switch

“I felt a bit off today, but you’ve turned my back!”

History lesson

“I’m trying to become a historian. I’m particularly interested in finding an exact date.”

Get happy

“Anyone who acknowledges that Disneyland is the multiple optimistic position on Earth has presumably not stood in your existence!”

This is going to fly

“Did you come up with the idea for the airplane? Since you look like Wright!”


“Are you a magician? Since when I’m looking at you it makes everyone else go away!”

Cheesy smile

“Are you a camera? Because I stare at you, smile!”


“Life with you is as an unbroken pencil…pointless.”

“I” doctor

“Something’s wrong with my eyes since I’m unable to take off your eyes.”

Make sure you brush your teeth

“You’re awesome lovely, and you’re driving me to feel a pain in my tooth.”

A match made in heaven

“Somebody should contact God to tell him that he’s not getting one angel.”

Getting directions

“Do you have any maps? I’m always lost before the eyes of your.”

Pro athlete

“You must stand drained from considering in my head throughout the nighttime.”

Outside of this world

“Was the father of your child an alien? Because on Earth there’s nobody other than you.

The search engine for love

“Is your name Google? Because you’ve everything I’ve been looking for.”

One size is enough for all

“We’re certainly not socks. But I believe we’d be a great pair.”

First assistance

“Do you have a BandAid? I’ve just fallen and scraped my knee on you.”

Conversation starter

“I’m sorry, were you speaking to me? No? Would you would like to?”

Hot off the stove

“Is your last name Campbell? Because you’re mm mm good!”

Let the sunshine in

“Did the sunshine or did you look to me?”

Oui I’m with you.

“Are You French? Because Eiffel for you.”


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