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Details About Time Tracking and Why It Is Important

Details About Time Tracking and Why It Is Important

Time is something that people can never get back. They can always choose what they would do with their time. Once people spend their time on something, they cannot change it anymore. Some people make the most out of their time by earning money by spending hours on work. 

Employees can track their time for their employers to know how much they have earned for the time they spent working. A time and attendance tracking system can track the needed details easily.

What is Time Tracking?

Time tracking pertains to how organizations will record the hours spent by the employees. This will ensure that they are properly compensated for the time they spent working. There are different components that are considered in time tracking. These components are the following:

  • Time Entry
  • Approvals
  • Reporting

There was a time when all of these categories would need to be done by the HR department. The employees will just provide details and everything will be done by hand. It has changed considerably over the past years. Companies now use their chosen time tracking software. It has also made all of the details more accurate.

Some employees have admitted that they were sometimes tempted to change the time that they have spent working. They did it because they knew that they can get away with it. This has changed over the past years especially since the software that companies are using is far more advanced as compared to before.

Benefits of Using Time Tracking Software

Companies may already be aware of the benefits. If you are starting out and you are not sure if this is a worthwhile investment, you can continue reading. You should know that time tracking software can provide you with these benefits:

  • Increase your productivity – The software will help you track and optimize the whole team. You can get an idea about their capacity and their different capabilities. It will help you delegate tasks easier especially when time constraints are involved.
  • Time Capture is Easy – There are other things that you have to work on aside from focusing on billable hours.  The time tracking software will be in charge of time capture and wage calculation. Using the software can reduce the chances of making mistakes. 
  • Workplace Transparency is Improved – One reason why employees overcharge their billable hours is they can do it easily. With time tracking software, all of the details will be transparent and will be hard to tamper with.
  • Create Deadlines as You See Fit – Deadlines are important especially if you want to get clients and make sure that they will stay. Some of the unfulfilled daily tasks can cause problems especially in targeting the completion of projects.
  • Make Employees Feel that They Are in Control – Employees sometimes become demotivated when they feel like they do not have their own free will. Through time tracking software, they will realize that they can control their time and make the most out of the time that they have.

Time Tracking Software Types to Familiarize Yourself With

A time tracking software will have one goal – to track time. There are different types that are available that can make this software useful for different establishments.

  1. Time Tracker – This is the main function of the time tracking software and some of the time tracking software types will offer just this. Employees can time in and time out with the use of their phones. There are also some reports that will be given that employees can consolidate.
  2. Project Management – A lot of companies like this especially if they have to manage a lot of projects at the same time. They can track the time needed to finish different projects. By tracking the time spent on each project, they can complete the projects on time.
  3. Time Sheet – This is another software type that you can choose. It can work with a payroll system to make invoices and billing easier. This is effective in tracking the time spent by employees working even if they are working remotely or when they are doing fieldwork.

Some Important Features of Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software types will come with different features. In fact, these features will help you decide if one software type is better than the others. Here are some of the best features to look for:

  • Time Tracking
  • Online Timesheet
  • Management of Ongoing Projects
  • Online Invoicing
  • Alerts
  • User Management
  • Analytics

Some software types will have more. You can choose depending on what your business needs and what your budget is.


Time tracking software is going to be vital for your business. It is best to check all the different ones that are available now. Consider their features and how they can help your business. You will be able to choose the right software in no time.

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