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Easy Steps to Delete Your Telegram Channel On PC, Android & iOS

Easy Steps to Delete Your Telegram Channel

Decluttering is a very important life skill. Too much clutter and useless objects lying around are never good. The same is even truer in the digital world. In a world where everyone is looking for information on you, why leave anything you don’t need lying around. In the early days, user privacy did not matter too much to the small internet userbase. However, as providers like Charter Spectrum Cable expanded to new markets, the userbase grew massively. Over the years since then, privacy has gained far more importance. This has led to the emergence of apps like Telegram.  

Telegram is a privacy-first messaging platform. Unfortunately, it hasn’t reached the level of intuitive design so many of us are used to. Therefore, interacting with the application can sometimes be confusing. In particular, people often encounter trouble when trying to delete their abandoned Telegram channels or groups. Do you have the same problem? Lucky for you, we have just the solution! Read on for a few helpful tips that could help you delete your unused channels and groups on Telegram!  

Deleting Abandoned Telegram Channels and Groups  

There can be several reasons why a person may want to feel like deleting a group or channel on Telegram. In most cases, the biggest reason to delete them is a lack of activity. A Telegram channel is just like any other channel. It requires constant activity and updates. The same goes for moderating a Telegram group. Generating a following and engaging with them is not always easy. So, it is entirely normal if you want to pack in your inactive Telegram channels or groups.  

Problems With Deleting Telegram Channels and Solving Them 

The problem arises when people try to actually move to the deleting part. Google, Microsoft, and Apple have leveraged their experience to generate user interfaces that almost anybody can use. Telegram, however, has neither the decades of experience nor the funding to generate similar UI at this time. Therefore, our tech intuitiveness clashes with Telegram’s user interface. But don’t panic! You can easily delete your channels and groups on the following platforms: 

For Telegram Users on Android  

The Android version of the Telegram app is fairly easy to use. It is also the easiest platform in terms of deleting Telegram groups or channels. The first thing you need to do is to open the app and head to your Telegram channel. Tap on the display photo you assigned to your channel (should be located near the top of the screen). Next, wait for the edit icon to appear, and tap on it. Scan the dropdown menu list for the “Delete Channel” option. Tap “Delete Channel” and select the “Delete for All Subscribers” option. Tap “Delete Channel” one more time, and you’re done! 

Deleting a Telegram group follows a similar path. You need to head to the group in question, and tap on the group’s display picture. After tapping “Edit” select the “Delete and Leave Group” option. If you want to completely remove the group, select “Delete Group for All Members”. That’s it! You’re all set.  

For Telegram Users on iOS 

Apple’s iOS operating system is very different from Google’s Android OS. So, the way you interact with apps is also different. That also includes Telegram and how you delete groups and channels on it. When you want to delete a channel, open it and head for the channel’s display picture. Look for the iOS menu button (three dots) next to your channel’s assigned name. From the menu that pops up, select the “Delete Channel” option. Tap the same option once more to confirm. Congratulations, you just successfully deleted your Telegram channel.  

A Telegram group is much harder to delete on iOS than on Android. To protect users, iOS will not let you delete a private Telegram group. So the very first step is to change the group from private to public. Otherwise, you will not see the “Delete Group” option on the menu pop-up. To make your group public, hit the “Edit” button and tap “Group Type”. From the list of options, select “Public” as the group type and add a custom link for the group. Select the “Done” button twice, and you now have a public group.  

To delete the public Telegram group, go to its display photo. From there, hit “Edit” and look for the option that says “Delete Group”. In the pop-up window that follows, confirm that you want to delete your group. Once done, you should have successfully deleted the group.  

For Windows PC Users 

Telegram also comes with a useful desktop app. If you have a PC, you could use this application to delete your defunct groups or channels. Using the application, open your group or channel. Use the pointer to click on the name at the top of the screen. This will open up the Group/Channel Info window. Look for the menu button (three dots) and choose Manage Group/Channel from the list of options that appears.  

After that, all you have to do is look for the Delete Group/Channel option. Click on it, and then click Delete to confirm your selection. In some cases, Telegram will offer you a small interval to undo this action. After that, you should have permanently deleted your group/channel.   


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