Email Marketing Tools That Will Save Your Time and Money

Email Marketing Tools

Marketers have embraced email marketing as one of their top tools in promoting their products and business. It’s an effective channel for client engagement, lead generation, and after-sale support. However, it can be difficult to engage your customers manually as you need to think like an innovator and incorporate tools into your email marketing strategy.

If you have been trying to make email marketing work, you should think about automation. There are many tools on the market to help you automate different processes in the email marketing funnel. Picking the right tool will help you reach your goals faster. Find a tool that’s user-friendly, easy to integrate into your marketing strategy, and suits your budget. Here are the top email marketing tools you could use to simplify email marketing campaigns for greater success.

Hubspot Marketing

Hubspot marketing offers the features you need to execute your marketing campaign. This is a free email marketing tool you can use to target your customers if you’re just getting started. The tool offers more than just emailing as it includes a fantastic package. It will help you build your business up. Hubspot Marketing is ideal for your business and will deliver satisfaction. It’s integrated with other Hubspot tools, such as free-forever CRM. When you launch your account, you gain access to both tools, so you can centralize contacts, organize lists, and track email performance.


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This is probably the most popular email marketing software for businesses. The company recently expanded its offerings to become an all-in-one software provider. MailChimp is renowned for its free service. The service is user-friendly and designed to help even non-technical people. They offer email marketing templates, so it’s mostly a matter of drag and drop without coding. You get the fundamentals of organizations that allow you to set up your campaign quickly.

With the free plan, you get fewer marketing capabilities, but it adds a straightforward service to various marketing channels, including email, landing pages, Instagram and Facebook advertising, pop-up modes, and social posting. When you buy the premium version, you can utilize retargeting on Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter. MailChimp gives you features to automate emails at different steps of the buyer journey, allowing you to send order confirmations, abandoned cart reminders, welcome emails, and more.


The sender is probably one of the best email marketing services among free email marketing software. The tool comes with features that enhance deliverability. It helps you create excellent newsletters even if you don’t have HTML knowledge. There are email marketing examples you can customize to fit your needs. Pick a template from the many options and edit a few things to make it suitable for your campaign. You can add elements like video, images, and text.

Besides, Sender allows you to personalize emails, so each recipient gets a unique message for a bigger impact.

Through Sender’s robust analytics feature, you can track people who opened your emails and clicked links. It tells you when they took action and more. The tool even helps you build buyer profiles based on the actions of your subscribers. You’ll easily customize your existing strategy and include compelling offers.


Sendinblue is a marketing and communication tool that offers email marketing and functions like landing page creation and customer relationship management. It’s among email marketing platforms that give you over 70 design templates you can customize to use on your campaign. The design function on the platform makes creating impressive emails easy. Its templates are responsive, and you can easily preview results to ensure your changes give you what you want.

After designing your emails, there are A/B testing features that guide you in optimizing the product accurately. You can use the email to target different audiences and hit your goals.


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This is a sophisticated marketing platform that combines all your communication platforms in a single location. The program offers a free plan, which includes email, but this is enough to support your email marketing efforts, especially if you run a small or medium-sized business. You can use the program to automate your email delivery. It helps you time your communications considering your customers’ convenience.

If you need more information, there are audience insights that you can use to send out relevant messages. With a time-saving feature like Product Picker, you can easily design attractive newsletters. Pick the products you want to highlight in the email and include scratch cards, gift boxes, and discount codes to optimize your campaigns.


SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing platform. It offers email marketing tools with a ton of professionally designed templates you can easily customize. You don’t need programming knowledge as you can drag and drop most of the features. The software allows you to schedule emails based on event triggers, user behavior, or other variables.

To find valuable subscribers, SendPulse helps you analyze click and open rates and shows you how many people read the message. With this data, you can create replaceable text fields with personalized email, name, date of birth, job role, age, and more.


In addition to offering features like a page builder, MailerLite comes with outstanding email marketing tools. There are basic drag and drop tools to customize templates. Also, you have a photo editor that you can use to create stunning emails. To ensure the success of your campaigns, MailerLite offers you features to design responsive landing pages to match the emails you send. This improves the chances of getting conversions.

Also, MailerLite gives you a campaign report that comes with stats like unsubscribe rate, click rate, open rate, etc.


Setting up successful campaigns requires knowing steps to motivating and how to do email marketing. Besides, these email marketing tips help you find the most powerful tools you can incorporate into your marketing to save time and money. Most of them offer free versions with everything you need to launch your campaigns.

What other marketing tools do you have in mind? Share with us in the comments section.

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