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English Quotes For Study- Power of Learning

English Quotes For Study

The process of learning a new language is a long process and is full of obstacles, reading a quote or two may provide the motivation needed to keep going. Let’s hope that these English Quotes For Study can do the same. They can inspire. They also give you the strength to persevere and achieve your objectives.

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Power of Learning English Quotes For Study-

✎ If you speak to an individual in a language that he can understand, it will go to his brain. If you converse with him in his native language, it goes to his heart of his.

Nelson Mandela

Which Means:

Have you taken the time to observe what other people experience when you attempt to communicate in your language… perhaps when it’s just the smallest of words? It’s fine to have a few mistakes. It’s the effort you put into it that is most important. What do you feel like when someone attempts to speak your language? I’m sure they are happy and proud that you have tried to converse with them in their own language.

✎ One language can set you up in an avenue for the rest of your life. Two languages are available at every turn in the process.

Frank Smith

Which Means:

Maybe this means that by having several languages your potential expands. There are many opportunities to learn and for pursuing a career in the future. You probably have someone who has been opened because of a foreign language. If you take a second to think about it, you’ll probably find that there are numerous jobs that require the use of a second language. When you accept one of them, individuals, they are making a fresh start in their future.

Languages can be a method of doing this. They can open your brain and make you aware and open to the world around you. You view things in a new way. You know the history and geography. You see music and art differently.

✎ Learn all you can at any time you want to learn from anyone There will always be an occasion when you’ll be thankful for what you learned.

Sarah Caldwell

Which Means:

Learning is truly incomparable. It has a profound impact on your life. Learning can alter your life. It’s not clear right now particularly when you are trying to master ESL and are running across some obstacles but in the final (just as with other things as you get older) you will recognize the importance of this education. You will then be grateful for the English capabilities you’ve gained.

✎ Learning is an amazing treasure that will accompany its owner wherever he goes.

Chinese Proverb

Which Means:

When you master something, you will carry this knowledge with you for the rest of your life. It’s a constant source of continuous learning. Nobody can take that off of you. You can never lose it. It is highly useful. There is nothing that can be attributed to your education. That is why it is so “treasured”. You could try to share it with other people but it’s you to own it.

✎ To speak another language means to possess another soul.


Which Means:

This is a simple way of saying that you will be able to comprehend so much more as you’ve been able to tap into the other cultural perspective. By doing so you are able to consider, comprehend and experience the other culture… that’s similar to having a second mind. Being able to have one soul, and to be able to feel and connect with the world is an amazing feeling. However, can you imagine having the ability to connect by speaking the help of two or three languages?

✎ People who have no knowledge of other languages have no idea about their native language.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Which Means:

This means that you will never be able to learn your own language until you have a second one. It is possible that you haven’t thought about the many aspects of a language. This includes vocabulary and etymology of terms such as slang, idioms, common phrases and parts of speech, appropriate language, etc. However, when you begin to learn a new language, this requires you to study the language you are learning. It is essential to consider the components that comprise the language. It is evident that languages are interwoven with a variety of skills like reading, listening, speaking writing, and creating.

✎ The language is the map of society. It reveals where people originate from and also where they’re headed.

Rita Mae Brown

Which Means:

Language is a part of the culture. When you learn a language, you start to comprehend the people who use the language. You learn about the past of the people who speak it and the direction they’re headed in the near future. You are a part of their lives.

✎ The language is the soul’s blood into the brain, where thoughts run, and from which they develop.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Which Means:

Language is the method by which you convey your feelings. It is how you think and exchanges thoughts using words. This is why language is vital. Without language, you will never be in a position to imagine the world around you and connect with others through these thoughts. You wouldn’t be able to hear others’ voices and be able to understand their thoughts.

✎ I admire those who are brave enough to learn their language English to understand and comprehend the melody

Maya Angelou

Which Means:

This famous quote by a writer is a testament to the person who truly comprehends language (e.g. poet, orator writer, and so on.) in any language up to the point where they are aware of how to appreciate the elegance (i.e. the melodies) of words. They are aware of the meaning behind words and the best way to apply them.

✎ Any speech, whether written or spoken is dead until it is able to find an open and willing listener.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Which Means:

You may have the most brilliant ideas (either presented in a written form or spoken) however, if you don’t have an audience who is willing to listen to what you say, the message is useless. The audience doesn’t have to be in agreement with you however they must be open and engaged in active listening. Otherwise, the speech will be “dead language” and has no value or meaning.

✎ The goal is to let your audience members see the things you observed, hear the things you heard and feel the way you experienced. Relevant information, expressed in clear, vivid language, is the most effective method of reliving the incident in the exact way it occurred and imagining it for your audience.

Dale Carnegie

Which Means:

Carnegie discusses the use of words that convey a message to an audience. It is essential to give an effective “speech” and to gain confidence when speaking. It is also about conquering the anxiety to speak. The audience will begin to experience, perceive and feel what you said. This is the power of speaking and the way to learn to speak so that the audience is able to feel what you would like them to experience.

✎ The limitations of my language refer to the boundaries of my world.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Which Means:

If your skills in the language and progression (with the use of a second language) aren’t adequate that you’re held behind from participating in the world and sharing who you are. You can’t be completely your own when you are using a second language if you don’t be able to speak it at a proficient level. What matters is the degree to which you are proficient in the language of another does affect your choices in how you live and live your life. It is left to comprehend the majority of your culture which is then your world, rather than an expanding world that is based on more than one language.

✎ The term poet refers to, above all more, someone who is deeply in love with the language

W. H. Auden

Which Means:

Poets can connect words and, in the process, communicate profound thoughts. They love words and are able to connect to them. According to Auden poets are awed by the language.

✎ Our language is a reflection of us. A language is a precise reflection of the personality and development of its users.

Cesar Chavez

Which Means:

With any culture, society can learn many things about its culture. They can look back at the past of the culture in order to better comprehend the people. The more they developed, we can discover about them too. We have a sense of their lives and their ideas.

✎ Learning a language other than English and the culture associated with it is among the most valuable actions we can take to expand the empathy, imagination, as well as an understanding of the worldview of our children.

Michael Gove

Which Means:

We all know the importance of learning an additional language. A lot of ESL students use the English language in the classroom as well as at work. It makes sense that they realize the value of having a foreign language for our kids. Not just our born children, but also the children from our nation and those of the world. If our children can explore other cultures across the world, they will become more tolerant people at any age. They can eliminate discrimination and appreciate the diversity of the globe.

✎ A different language means an alternative view of the world.

Federico Fellini

Which Means:

This quote illustrates that not only do all people have a different view of life but that people of different cultures have different opinions that are influenced by their own culture. If you are familiar with a different language, you are able to get an insight into the way that people consider and live. This is a completely different view of the world. Your world expands to embrace the world outside. You know “life beyond your own life, your own culture”.

✎ Language affects how we think and shapes what we think about.

Benjamin Whorf

Which Means:

Language allows us to think and learn as well as grow. Without it, wouldn’t we be capable of thinking? Learn? Grow?

✎ Language has an invisible power, similar to the moon’s rays on the waves.

Rita Brown

Which Means:

We might not be able to understand how the moon affects to change the water, however, the moon has a permanent impact. This is similar to language with its hidden power. Language allows us to accomplish many more things than we never stop to think about the power of language. Like tides that seem to be natural, language seems to be normal, too. If we don’t have an incentive to think about the tides, we can’t. If we don’t have an excuse to consider the language we do not.

✎ Language is life, and power and is the instrument of culture as well as the instrument of dominance and freedom.

Angela Carter

Which Means:

A society needs language to develop, grow and live up to its inhabitants. This is the reason why Carter speaks of language in the way she does. The language represents “power, life, and the instrument of domination and liberation.” Through it, we are able to accomplish many things. Without it, we’re severely restricted.

✎ Language is the essence of the mind Reading is the most fundamental method through which the intellect develops beyond normal daily life. It’s a language adaptable to ideas, emotions, and emotions.

Katherine West

Which Means:

Words are crucial. Reading them can help you acquire knowledge and understanding of numerous things that are not bound by the experiences you have had. The thoughts you think about then influence your ideas, emotions, and emotions. Language is the basis for all understanding. It helps us develop our brains and also our ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

✎ The quality of our thoughts is bound by our ability to communicate.

J. Michael Straczynski

Which Means:

Like the previous quotes mentioned here, language aids us to think. Language capacity affects our capacity to think.

✎ I put in as much effort as I could. While I’m not fluent, I was able to feel that I gained a lot of ground. The language is gorgeous.

Lisa Williams

Which Means:

This quote illustrates the need for effort to learn a language. It requires time. It’s difficult. But with perseverance, you will be able to learn and improve. Then you discover that your newly acquired language is beneficial. You realize the worth. You are impressed by what your newly acquired language can offer you. This motivates you to work harder toward the level of fluency.

✎ Words are among some of the strongest and most vital aspects I know…A language is a tool for love and a weapon used to combat hatred. It’s the bright red alarm flag of danger and that is the foundation of peace and diplomacy.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Which Means:

We require language to convey our feelings. Through language, we are able to communicate our thoughts as well as our wants and needs. This includes many of the deepest experiences of peace, love, and companionship despite negative feelings also.

Bottom Lines

Do you have any thoughts about these English Quotes For Study? Do you have any additional quotes about language that you want to add? Please write to me in the comment section and share your inspiration.

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