Flirty & Fun, Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Flirty & Fun, Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Have you ever tried to Flirty & Fun with a loved one but found yourself negative? Or maybe you’re looking for ways to get to know your boyfriend a little better? Anyway, this list of Flirty & Fun, Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend will open doors for your relationship no matter what stage you are at.

Asking these questions will help you better understand him as a person and strengthen your relationship. Getting to know him will give you a new understanding of his values ​​and a better understanding of his perspective. The only downside is that you may be wondering why you haven’t read it before. Here is the list of Flirty & Fun, Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend. 

Flirty Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Just because she’s your boyfriend doesn’t mean you already know everything you need to know about her. And these cute flirting questions keep the light on while you learn useful information about each other.

➠ “Do you prefer kissing or hugging?”

➠ “What is your love language?”

➠ “Name three things that never fail to make you smile.”

➠ “What’s your favorite activity to do to unwind or relax?”

➠ “What song would you compare our relationship to?”

➠ “What’s the biggest deal-breaker in a relationship?”

➠ “What’s something you could talk about forever? What topic are you most passionate about?”

➠ “What’s the biggest deal-breaker in a relationship?”

➠ “What’s your favorite mindless activity?” Ex: Coloring, Watching TV, Reading, etc.

➠ “What’s your favorite grounding activity?” Ex: Yoga, Meditation, etc.

➠ “When did you know you liked me? Where were we/What were we doing at the time?”

➠ “What’s your idea of a perfect date? Where would we go? What would we do?”

➠ “What does love mean to you? How do you know someone loves you?”

➠ “What color do you think I look best in? What style of clothing?”

➠ “What song would you compare our relationship to?”

➠ “What was your favorite part of the day today?”

➠ “Where do you feel safest? Is there a person you feel most comfortable with?”

➠ “What was your first impression of me?”

➠”What’s your favorite memory that we shared?”

➠ “What couples activity would you like to try?” Ex: Couples yoga, crafting challenges, etc.

➠ “What three words would you use to describe me?”

➠ “What’s your funniest childhood memory?”

➠ “What’s one word that you’ve noticed me using excessively? Are there any words that you tend to overuse?”

➠ “If we had to spend the day together in one place, where would we go?”

➠ “Do you like using pet names? Are there any in particular that you prefer?”

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Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Imagine you are just having a fun conversation with a man and suddenly your mind goes empty. And now he shows you the dreaded asking gaze. That’s why it’s good to have some fun questions on hand.

➠ “Would you rather learn self-defense or gymnastics?”

➠ “If you could learn any language, what would it be?”

➠ “What was your favorite game to play as a child?”

➠ “On Thanksgiving, what food are you most likely to go for first?”

➠ “What’s the weirdest inside joke you’ve ever had?”

➠ “What’s your preferred clothing style? Do you like to get all dressed up?”

➠ “What’s your favorite candy bar?”

➠ “Do you like to dance? Would you say you’re good at it?”

➠ “What’s your favorite thing about the outdoors?”

➠ “If you had to move to a foreign country, which would you choose?”

➠ “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”

➠ “Who’s your favorite superhero?”

➠ “What, in your opinion, is the most underrated song?”

➠ “What story cliché do you actually like?”

➠ “What’s an old movie that you think everyone should see?”

➠ “Are you a roller coaster person or a Ferris wheel person?”

➠ “If you could live in any fictional world, which would you choose?”

➠ “What’s the craziest date you’ve ever been on?”

➠ “If the world was ending tomorrow, what would you want to do today?”

➠ “What do you consider to be your greatest skill?”

➠ “What would you try if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

➠ “What’s your dream vacation? How would you get there?”

➠ “What’s on your bucket list?”

➠ “Who would you want to be trapped in an escape room with?”

➠ “Describe your life up to this moment in five words.”

➠ “What’s the craziest dream you’ve ever had?”

➠ “Do you like baking or cooking better?”

Cute questions to ask your boyfriend

➠ “What is a quirky thing about me that you love?”

➠ “Do you get butterflies when you read my notes?”

➠ “If I looked completely different, would you still love me?”

➠ “Do you think I’m cute?”

➠ “Do I look cute while working out?”

➠ “If I was a dessert, what would I be and why?”

➠ “How would you describe the way I smell?”

➠ “What did you think of yourself after our first fight?”

➠ “What kind of future do you see between the two of us?”

➠ “Do you like to hold my hand?”

➠ “Do you feel warm when we hug?”

➠ “Do you like the way I walk?”

➠ “If you could describe me with three words, what would they be?”

➠ “Is there anything you dislike about me?”

➠ “Does it make you smile when I send you a text message?”

➠ “What do you think about me during the day?”

➠ “What reminds you of me?”

➠ “What kind of movie do you like us to watch together?”

➠ “Do you think someone can be too much in love?”

➠ “What was your first impression of me?”

➠ “If I was really sad, what would you do to cheer me up?”

➠ “Do I make you want a future with me?”


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