Best GPS Tracking Watches for Kids-2022


Eventually, our children will reach an age where they will be more independent. Maybe they go to school on the bus alone, go to a friend, or just spend more time alone. This can be a concern for all parents – we are used to being by their side and ensuring their safety.

Since we can’t get them home forever, we need to look for other ways to keep an eye on them. The phone would probably be the first thing that comes to mind. However, depending on your child, they may not be mature enough to handle their own phones.

A good option is GPS Tracking Watches for Kids. You don’t have to worry about losing the watch as you did on your phone because it’s always stuck on your wrists when they’re gone. Don’t worry – we’re not talking about expensive smartwatches from giants like Apple. Instead, we’ve found the top five GPS Tracking Watches for Kids that don’t break the bank.

The Best GPS Watches for Kids of 2022

1. Kids’ GPS Smart Watch

Best GPS Watch For the Active Child

Product Image of the Kids Waterproof Smart Watch Phone, GPS/LBS Tracker Smart Watch for Kids for 3-12...

For active children, we recommend this GPS watch. It has excellent features that allow your child to monitor their fitness. They can use it when practicing almost any sport, even swimming.

It has a camera and a photo album that captures all your child’s important moments. By connecting to the app, you can monitor your child and help him or her set alarms and uninterrupted times.

The watch is available in both pink and blue. It is recommended for children aged 5-12.

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Why We Love It…

Fantastic for Various Activities

This watch is great for active kids who enjoy a variety of sports. The watch includes a fitness monitor that counts your steps and monitors your child’s activity level. It is also waterproof and can sink for up to three hours – plenty of time for swimming lessons.

Large, High-Quality Screen

The watch includes a 1.44-inch high-definition display. It is perfect e.g. you can view incoming calls and play games. The touch screen is easy to use, allowing the young person to easily browse the phonebook and other included applications.


Your child can record their lives with the front camera of the clock. They can click a lot of photos that you can later download to your computer with a USB cable. Or you can view photos in a clock album up to 32MB in size.

Classroom Mode

When a child arrives at school, several uninterrupted times can be set in the classroom. You can identify up to three different episodes per day and manage everything from the phone app.

Keep In Mind

Not Useful Without a SIM Card

You need to buy a compatible SIM card – otherwise, key functions will not work. In the United States, the manufacturer recommends T-Mobile.

Additional Specs

Recommended age 5 to 12 years
Color Pink or blue
Call options Yes
Camera Yes
SOS emergency call Yes

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2. Themoemoe Kids GPS Smartwatch

Best Kids’ GPS Smartwatch

Product Image of the Themoemoe Kids GPS Watch, Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracker Waterproof Phone...

It is very cute and offers a lot to offer for children aged 4-12.

The watch allows you to keep track of your child’s whereabouts, making sure he or she is safe and within range.

Your child can even use it thanks to the smooth running of the school. In addition to being waterproof, it has several useful features such as a flashlight, camera, two-way calling, SOS button, and gaming.

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Why We Love It

Accurate GPS Tracker

This smartwatch uses Assisted GPS (AGPS). This allows the watch to send accurate information about your child’s whereabouts in real-time. You connect the clock to your smartphone and you can track its location at any time.

SOS Button

A mandatory security feature is the SOS button. When your child is away and in an emergency, he or she can press a simple button. In this case, the watch dials the three guardian numbers you selected and sends a notification to everyone.

However, be sure to add your contact information when you receive the watch. Otherwise, the emergency button will not help. Parents praised how easy the installation and use were, even for a beginner in technology.

Two-Way Call

The Themoemoe Kids smartwatch is compatible with SIM cards, so your child can make two-way calls to selected contacts if used.

The clock continues as a speaker, so it’s not a private conversation, but it’s enough to get instant messaging. You can also choose three uninterrupted times while your child is at school or other places where silence is needed.

Camera, Flashlight, and Other Fun Gadgets

Young can also have fun. The watch has a front and rear camera to tap memories, and in the dark, they can activate a flashlight.

In addition to many other features, the watch has games and fun designs. There is even an alarm clock that is perfect for teaching independence.

Keep In Mind


While the watch has a lot to offer, it is best suited for younger children. It is recommended for 4-12-year-olds. However, the design and simplicity are likely to be better suited for those under 10 years of age.

Additional Specs

Recommended age 4 to 12 years
Color Pink or blue
Call options Yes
Camera Yes
SOS emergency call Yes

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3. NN Kids Smart Watch Waterproof

Best GPS Watch for Watersports

Product Image of the Kids Smart Watch with Alarm Clock 7 Game Camera Music Player Phone for Kids -...

If your child loves swimming, kayaking, or diving, this is a good watch. It does not follow exercise, calories or steps, but is completely waterproof. So anywhere, the GPS feature still works.

It has GPS for double security. It can track children all day with very accurate positioning. Keep in mind that if they are inside or elsewhere where the signal is weak, the positioning error can be disabled.

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Why We Love It


When a child gets a new watch, it’s exciting! With this watch, they never have to take it off as it is waterproof and dustproof. So if they are in the rain, swimming, paddling, spraying, or just stepping in, they can stay on all the time.

SOS Call Function

The SOS call function of this watch is a convenient addition. Your child can notify you of an SOS call at the touch of a button. It rings the clock to preset numbers until someone answers their phone via an app alert notification. You can set three SOS numbers on the clock, which means triple security if your child is always anxious.

Calling Features

If you don’t want your child a cell phone yet, but want to stay in touch all day, this is the best choice. Your child can call you during the day. The watch has a built-in phonebook so they can add all the contacts they need.

Keep In Mind

GPS Indoors

As mentioned, GPS can be off for up to four miles if your child is indoors or in a poor signal range. This can be very tricky if you are not sure of your child’s location.

Additional Specs

Recommended age N/A
Color Blue
Call options Yes
Camera Yes
SOS emergency call Yes

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4. 4G GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone Tracker

Best GPS Watch for Boys

Product Image of the 4G GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone - Boys Girls Waterproof Watch with GPS Tracker 2...

This PTHTechUS watch is good for boys who enjoy the action. The watch provides GPS and LBS tracking to give you the most accurate location. It can make and receive calls and facilitate both video calls and voice chats.

Your child can use the watch in any situation, either by the pool or at school. It includes lots of fun features, even some educational games. Configuring all functions is easy by downloading and connecting to a compatible application on your smartphone.

While there is no age group on this watch, every child over the age of 8 thinks it feels cool because it doesn’t have the look of a child.

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Why We Love It

Fun Features

This watch is more than just GPS tracking – it includes fun educational games that teach your little friend math. There’s also a camera feature that allows your child to record their day and present it to you later.

Waterproof Materials

The watch is great for summer as the user can safely jump into the pool or run through the sprinklers. Your child can still use it in the bath or wash their hands. However, do not press the buttons or try to use them underwater.

Time Tracker

Thanks to the large clock display of your watch, a small one can easily keep track of time. They can even set their own alarms to wake up in the morning, or have you done it through the app.

In addition, you can set certain uninterrupted times for your child’s class. All this is controlled in the application.

Two-Way Calls

When you set the clock, your child can then call and receive from the dialed numbers. It also allows you to assign three emergency numbers that will receive calls and notifications in an emergency.

Keep In Mind

The Clock Uses a 24-hour Format

One complaint about the clock was that the time is displayed in 24-hour format. Not all children are used to this mode, so some parents would have wanted only a 12-hour display. However, this can be corrected by changing the setting to a 12-hour display. Getting used to it can take some time.

Additional Specs

Recommended age N/A
Color Blue
Call options Yes
Camera Yes
SOS emergency call Yes

5. Smart GPS Watch Phone for Kids

Best GPS Watch for Girls

Product Image of the Kids Smart Watch Phone, LBS/GPS Tracker Waterproof Smartwatch for Boys Girls...

We found this cute GPS watch for your girl. In addition to the beautiful look, this watch has a lot to offer.

It uses two ways to give you your exact location.

You can follow closely through the app.

Among other things, it allows you to add your number as the main contact.

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Why We Love It

GPS Tracker

This watch uses GPS and LBS to give you the most accurate location for your child.

Smart Emergency Button

Whenever your child is anxious, he or she can use the emergency button to contact you. It is simple to use and does not even require the user to look at the screen. When they press the button, the watch sends notification calls to all three dialed numbers.

Do Not Disturb Mode

One of the best aspects of this watch is that parents are responsible for almost everything. Parents have the ability to set uninterrupted times when your child is not allowed to use features like games, camera, except in SOS emergencies.

Keep In Mind

2G Supported

The only downside to this GPS watch is that it only supports 2G GSM micro-sim cards that had a rather awkward data and voice plan.

Additional Specs

Recommended age 3 to 12 years
Color Pink
Call options Yes
Camera Yes
SOS emergency call Yes


Final Words

We hope you will ensure to like this GPS Tracking Watches for Kids. Using our list of features above, we aim to find the best children’s GPS watches. We research leading sites on the topic and analyze parental reviews. Here are the top five.

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