How Do I Cut a Clip from a YouTube Video?

How Do I Cut a Clip from a YouTube Video?

Maybe you’re getting ready to upload the next viral video sensation, or maybe you just want to remove that embarrassing clip of yourself in which you trip and fall on stage during your school’s talent show. Either way, if you try this tool, cutting out parts of a YouTube video can be done easily and quickly using tools online if you are the know-how. 

Follow these steps to learn how to cut out clips from your YouTube videos. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the YouTube website or one of its various mobile apps. Or even if you’re using the Google Chrome browser on your computer at home.

Use’s Video Maker Online

This resource offers you access to Promo’s custom clip editing software that gives you exactly what you need. Everything from clip quality correction, precision trimming, and perfect audio syncing. For example, when using the Quality Only option of Promo’s video maker online, your only task is to make an accurate selection around what you want your clip to be. 

Quality Trim allows you to trim from either side or from both sides at once. If you’re looking for something different, click Expert Mode and tweak each setting yourself by clicking on any part of the source video. When it comes time to add another video, simply drag and drop any MP4 file into our media library or input its URL and let us do all the hard work for you! 

Keep your clips private with Promo’s custom encryption. The end result is perfectly trimmed videos that upload seamlessly directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. No more asking friends for help! Now you can take your internet fame one step further by doing whatever it is that’s currently being shared on social media even better with Promo’s quick-and-easy clip-making software. We know you’ll only be bigger than Bieber soon enough.

Download the Clip

Before you start editing, download your clip. Go back to your My Videos page and click on More actions next to Edit video. You can either choose Download as MP4 or Download the original (MP4). The first option will change some settings like resolution and frame rate, so it may not be best for sharing on different platforms.

Set Playback Position

To cut a clip from a video, click edit and choose a set playback position. Then type in where you want to start playing back in your clip—0:10 is 10 seconds into your video. Once you’ve done that, hit apply. This will show you an orange line at 0:10 on your timeline; drag that line backward until it reaches where you want your clip to begin, then hit apply again. 

You should now see a black cut mark over your video—at exactly 0:10—and no sign of what was previously in between those two points. Hit OK, and voila! You’ve cut out a section of your video!

Adjust Start Point and Length

When it comes to editing videos online, you have several choices, but you’ll want to start by adjusting your clip’s starting point and length. By manipulating these parameters, you’ll determine what portion of your original video will make it into your new clip. Or if any portion at all will be used. I tend to use Start Point as my primary tool for selecting what content makes it into my cut-down clips.

Save as WAV File

If you want to save a clip from your favorite song, you can do so by saving it as an audio file. It’s one of those times when you definitely don’t want video—just pure audio will do. The easiest way to do that is with a program called Freemake Audio Converter: Just copy and paste or drag and drop your video into it, click convert, and save in MP3 format.

Tons of Tools

Camtasia, CamStudio, Photoshop, and’s video maker online are all wonderful options. There are plenty of tools online that allow you to edit and manipulate video. Adobe Flash is now even available on tablets and phones, making it easier than ever for anyone to create top-quality content wherever they go. 

Sites like YouTube make it easy to get your videos out there once you’re done cutting them up and youtube video editing them down into bite-sized pieces. Just upload your finished clips online, put up some ads and watch as your video goes viral!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to clipping edits from YouTube videos, there’s no easier way than to use a video maker online. That is unless you are willing to download software like ScreenToGif and spend some time using it. Or even further if you are willing to download software and spend some time using that. 

Either of those options required more work than I would have liked, so I went with an option that was easy enough for anyone with a PC or Mac: The Promo video maker online lets me trim away all of the unwanted parts of my clips quickly and effectively.

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