How To Cancel Holiday Inn Club Vacations

holiday inn club vacation

The dream vacation property that once was an attractive deal within no time turns into a nightmare when people understand the reality. This full of hassles property venture doesn’t give the expected benefits. It is also a fact that most times, the timeshare property is unavailable to the owner who is paying for it when they want it. 

The main problem with the timeshare property is that the owner has to bear the payments even if they don’t use it. This is the common problem that every owner has because while getting into the contract, everyone finds it pretty enticing to have a vacation planned every year. The deal with the timeshare agreement is that the resorts get the owners to sign numerous documents that legally bind them with the venture and have trouble getting out of it. Most owners don’t understand the agreements while they sign, and while the payments start, they realize it has been an expensive deal.

How to cancel the timeshare?

  • Reaching out to the resort itself

The primary step that the owner could take is to personally visit the resort or chat over the phone or write a letter to inform the expectation. The resorts usually have a buyback policy that helps the frustrated owners terminate the contract. The buyback is subject to conditions such as no due on the venture. For example, suppose the owner has cleared all the maintenance dues. In that case, they are good to go, and also another important factor is ‘mortgage’ if the property is under any mortgage, then the buyback is not possible.

  • Grace period

There are many different policies and grace offers for timeshares owners in different regions. As the governments have seen timeshare owners facing difficulties in terminating the contract, a term called the grace period exit of a timeshare has been put into action. This grace period allows the owners who got into the deal without proper analysis to terminate it within a few days; the grace period can be anywhere from 5 days to 14 days based on the region. The owners can easily cancel the timeshare during the grace period. This is the safest and easiest option available to cancel the timeshares for people who realize that they are not comfortable in it.

Use the digital platforms to sell the timeshare

Today digital platforms offer immense opportunities to connect to people. The timeshare owners can make use of the digital platforms to sell the timeshares, which will be a lot easier and quicker. For example, there are many websites that help people sell properties, and these sites will eliminate the brokerage fee and let the owner meet the buyers directly.

The critical point in timeshare resale is the company. If the company is huge, there is a better possibility for sales; therefore, the owners must widen their search for buyers. Because sometimes the timeshares just don’t get sold even at a very marginal offer. The owners must set low expectations on the price point of the timeshare and firstly plan to come out of it rather than trying to get any profit. Signing up on listing websites will help in the resale of the timeshare.

  • Pick the best Timeshare exit company

 In order to make the timeshare cancellation possible, the owners need support. The support must be legally fit to complete the process and free the owner from the wired agreement of timeshares. One of the key reasons to seek professional help is to avoid mishaps because the resorts or the company generally include many clauses that the owners may not understand. The timeshare exit company offers a team and a professional lawyer who will address all the issues and ensure that the owners are not getting any losses. The owner must make sure that the timeshare company is legitimate and it is not a scam. 

The Process of Cancellation of Timeshare 

  • Firstly, make sure that you send a letter in writing to the company or the resort, clearly mentioning your interest in canceling the timeshare.
  • Secondly, mention your reasons as to why you wish to cancel the timeshare. This will ensure that you set the right expectations because if you fumble in making a point about cancellation, the company will counter offer you to look for gifting or renting out the property. But essentially, this will not help you because even gifting or renting the timeshare is as painful as keeping it.
  • Thirdly, Check if there is any refund that you might get from the resort.
  • Lastly, give all your details for proper correspondence.

To Conclude

Any agreement that involves legal binding makes it hard to get out of it. If your resort or developer is offering you a buyback, then it is a great opportunity, and you are fortunate not to go through the rough patches. However, if you are seeking to exit the timeshare in other methods, ensure that they are genuine and safe.

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