How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

how to cancel planet fitness membership

That would be the statement of your intention. A simple, but clear explanation of why you choose to terminate your contract with planet membership. This is something you need to think about before you submit because it will have an impact on your cancellation process.

For in such cases, if you are terminated due to an injury or health position that prevents you from using planet fitness services. You should consider implementing documentation along with your statement of purpose. If you prove that a health problem is one of the reasons for your termination, you are more likely to avoid paying any fees.

Planet cancellation tips to consider

planet cancellation membership is not difficult to learn, once you should have learned the methods you can choose from, we give some important things to keep in your mind before beginning the cancellation process.

You want to think about it:

  • Canceling before the 10th of the month, for a 1-month contract.
  • Canceling before the 25th of any month, for a yearly contract.
  • Removing your contract before your scheduled billing period.

It is important to remember these things as planet fitness follows strict policies. If you feel like they are trying to cancel outside of their policies, you can’t do so.

Know Your Contract

Before you can cancel, you should sit down and go over your contracts so that you know what you originally signed up for. There are several ‘no contract’ or ‘no sign-up fee’ promotions offered by planet fitness, which can confuse you as to why and how to cancel your membership.

Make assured to:

  • Read your whole contract. You want to look for things like the specific terms of your contract, including the length, and the end date of your initial contract.
  • One-year contracts are very common at Planet Fitness, so check to see if you signed that type of deal.
  • Remind yourself of your billing cycle. Remember, for monthly contracts, you need to cancel before the 10th of the month. For yearly contracts, before the 25th of any month.
  • Notice if there is any specific mention of what fees are involved with the cancellation of your membership.

Waiving Cancellation Fees

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There is a good chance that you will pay a cancellation fee for Planet Fitness. This may come as a surprise, but in general, when you withdraw from any contract, there are consequences.

There are two situations in which you may be able to get your cancellation fees waived by Planet Fitness:

  • Injury or medical inability to exercise or use gym facilities.
  • Moving out of the area, the region of Planet Fitness you are a member of.

If you fall into one of these categories, you must pay more than your term for your fees to be waived.

How to cancel planet membership

There are two ways to cancel your Planet Fitness membership: in person, at your Planet Fitness branch, or by mail.

1. Cancelling Your Membership in Person

a. Before you head to your Planet Fitness branch, make sure that you are equipped with vital information you will probably be asked for.

  • i. Membership identification number.
  • ii. Date of birth and social security number.
  • iii. Driver’s license.
  • iv. Address with which you registered your contract.

b. Write your Statement of Intent.

  • i. One page was written later including relevant membership information and the reason for canceling.
  • ii. If you have valid fee waiver documentation, reference that in your letter.

c. Call and request a cancellation meeting at your Planet Fitness branch.

d. Attend the meeting, provide your Statement of Intent, and express your desire for cancellation.

e. Retrieve proof of your cancellation.

  • i. Ask for written documentation that you’ve canceled your membership.
  • ii. Request the signature of the employee who facilitated the cancellation.
  • f. Make sure future billing is canceled from your credit card.
  • i. If you need to pay another installment, ensure that it will be the last.
  • ii. Ask for contact information to use in the case of issues with further billing.

g. Watch for any extra payments being charged to your credit card after cancellation.

i. If you see chargescall customer service for help or visit in person. Call Centre: 0861 496 463

2. Cancelling Your Membership by Mail

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a. Write your Statement of Intent.

  • Make sure to include any documentation which might lead to a fee waiver.

b. Go to the Post Office and send it as a Certified Letter.

  • Require physical or electronic signature at delivery. That way you will know that your cancellation has been received by Planet Fitness.

c. Request confirmation of cancellation in your Statement of Intent. Ask Planet Fitness to call you upon cancellation and send you written proof of cancellation.

d. Keep an eye on your bank account after sending the cancellation to make sure that you are not being charged further.

i. If you see charges, call or go to your Planet Fitness in person.


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