How to Counter These Seven Laptop Problems

How to Counter These Seven Laptop Problems

As a laptop owner, you should be aware of potential problems that you will encounter while using the device.

Even those users who are aware of potential threats and have a proper maintenance routine cannot avoid certain issues due to the nature of laptops. They are no different from other devices in the sense that there will be issues with the hardware. It is just that taking care of the computer delays the troubles.

Having said that, knowing what to expect and how to deal with the problems comes in handy as you will know how to react. Not to mention that you can manage some of the issues yourself rather than having to rely on a computer service store.

Camera Troubles

Overall, the issues with a laptop’s camera are not that common, but you can still expect to see them now and then. According to, one of the first solutions to try is to check whether the camera has the necessary permissions. Next, find out if there are app collisions. Sometimes, you may be running multiple applications that need to access the webcam, and the applications are interfering with one another.

You also have the option of restarting the device. More often than not, a quick restart is enough to solve certain computer issues, and the camera troubles are not an exception.

In case you are unable to solve the problem yourself, you will likely need to get in touch with a computer service store. Given that the laptop’s camera is part of the integral hardware, it is better to leave the work to professionals instead of trying to take on the task yourself because you risk damaging the hardware. 

Internal Fans Making Noise

Loud noises are annoying and disruptive, but hearing them from a computer also indicates that there might be potential problems with the device, particularly the dust inside.

It is common for the dust to accumulate inside a laptop without an owner’s intervention before it gets too late. As soon as you notice that the laptop is struggling to run even low-end applications and overheats too much, clean the dust inside.

In case cleaning the dust does not help, you may want to check the ventilation in your room. The lack of air circulation could be another potential problem, and if you cannot cool your room, consider getting a cooling pad for your laptop.

Unresponsive Keyboard

How to Counter These Seven Laptop Problems

You might be playing a video game and starting to realize the keyboard is not as responsive as it should. Or perhaps you need to click harder than usual to get the keyboard to register the command?

If so, you likely have keyboard problems and need to check it properly. The likeliest cause could be small particles, such as food crumbs stuck. Cleaning the keyboard should fix the issue. And if it does not, you will need to look for other solutions, such as replacing individual keys.

Screen Flickers

A flicker now and then is not too worrying, but if you notice that the screen is flickering too much, you will need to take action before the issue gets out of hand even more.

Sometimes, the problem ensues after you switch to a new operating system version, and it becomes incompatible with the graphics processing unit. Updating the GPU’s drivers or switching back to an old OS version until there is a hotfix from the developers could be a solution.

Slow Loading Time

Overall clunky performance and slow loading speed can be happening due to multiple reasons. For example, there might not be enough free space on the computer’s drive. Or maybe you have too many icons on the desktop, or the startup item list is cluttered with redundant applications slowing down the speed after you boot the computer?

On the surface, these things might not seem like a big deal, especially individually. However, when you take them all together, they add up and are a real issue.

Poor Battery

Poor battery lifespan is another example of a problem that could occur due to different factors. For some, it will be poor laptop management, such as putting it in sleep mode instead of shutting the device down or overcharging the laptop.

For others, it might be too many background applications, and visual effects enabled. And unless you get to fixing the issue, the battery will only drain faster, leaving you needing to charge it more often.

No Internet Connection

How to Counter These Seven Laptop Problems

Desktop computer owners have it easier than laptop owners in the sense that the latter use an ethernet cable. This cable is also usable for laptops, so consider that instead of relying on Wi-Fi.

Other than an ethernet cable, check for third-party peripheral interference that might be jamming the signal. Also, disconnect and reconnect to the network. 

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