How to create a new Gmail account

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There are many reasons why you should learn how to create a new Gmail account. Here’s comprehensive information on how to create a new Gmail account.

For most people, Gmail is email. It is available for less than $1.99 per month, not only in terms of its features and usability but also offers customers a very generous 15GB of free storage. It definitely helps to look more professional than your average Yahoo or Hotmail account.

If you have filled that space or just want a fresh start, creating a new Gmail account is very easy. Maybe you started a new business and need a new professional voice address, or your name has changed and you need your email address to reflect that? Newcomers to Android will find that they need a Gmail address to sign in and get started.

Whatever the reason, here’s how to create a new Gmail account.

 1. Head to Google’s signup page

How to create a Gmail account - start

This is at, and it’s also very easy to find via search, as you’d expect for a Google product.

2. Enter your name, desired address, and password

How to create a Gmail account - enter name, email and password

Google needs some basic information to open your Gmail account: your first name, last name, the username of your choice, and your password (just type twice to make sure it’s spell-free).

While there is no rule that you must use your real name the way Facebook wants you to, remember how your email recipients view you.

3. Find a unique email address (optional)

How to create a Gmail account - make sure your email address is unique

People have been grabbing Gmail addresses since 2004, so if your name isn’t really unusual, you may not be able to get the Dream address on your first try.

Think creatively. Avoid anything that could be useful to cybercriminals looking to steal your details for phishing attempts, but try to include beginners, your profession, or numbers that you can remember.

Tap the box when you change the username. Create enough time and eventually, the warning will not appear that you already have an email address. I mean it’s available and yours.

You will need to verify your identity by providing your phone number to Google for a two-factor authentication code.

4. Fill in personal information


How to create a gmail account - personal info section

You! Now you need to fill in some more details before you start using your bright new Gmail account.

Note that both boxes are optional this time. You do not need to fill in your phone number or recovery email address if you do not like it, but it is a proper precaution to avoid future lockouts.

You may be assisted to use your phone number with your account – click Skip.

5. Complete the Privacy and Terms section

How to create a Gmail account - privacy and terms

It’s easy to flip and tick the two mandatory boxes you agree to process your information in line with Google’s privacy policy – but there are actually a few additional customizations available.

How to create a Gmail account - privacy and terms options

Extend the “More Options” dropdown above the checkboxes and you can disable ad personalization and prevent linking your app, web, and YouTube history to your new account if you wish.

Your page will look varies depending on the rules in your country.

6. Your Google account is ready

How to create a Gmail account - google account window

You have created a Google Account with your free Gmail address.

7. Open

You could also click the Gmail icon in the top right corner.

How to create a Gmail account - Gmail screen


We have explained about the Gmail account for you here. Gmail is like security to us because we need to sign up with Gmail what we want to do online. Let me know in the comment box if you have any doubts regarding this topic.

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