How to Download private Instagram Images and videos

How to Download private Instagram Images and videos-websplashers

Now we look at society, how people are becoming addicted to social media having a variety of social media apps and downs to use as you like. Even though there are many social media platforms, most people are daily active on Instagram than other platforms, to share their images, videos. Some people are interested in viewing their favorite one’s images, posts, stories on Instagram. But, some users are keeping their Instagram account private. Do you want to watch or download images and videos from private Instagram profiles? But, if you want to see their posts, images, stories, you have to put a follow request to them and they have to accept it.

Whence to explain two ideas, just follow these steps


private Instagram viewer( Instagram viewer)

If someone blocks you, or you don’t have permission to view your favorite one’s stories or posts on Instagram.  Then you can view their posts, stories through a private Instagram viewer.

For this, you don’t have to download any software to view and download images and videos from a private Instagram account. Just you have to visit a private Instagram viewer on your mobile or PC  and follow the below few steps.

  •  Open
  •  Then you’re able to see its search bar and enter your required user ID.
  • Confirm the user profile and choose whatever you want to view or download images or videos from that account and enjoy it!. Or else you can go through the below method.

Method 2:

How to view private Instagram profiles using Instalooker

Instalooker is the easy and best way to view private Instagram without following them. There are lots of people who are using this tool to hack their loved ones’ accounts to download images or videos.

How to view private Instagram profiles using Instalooker

  • Just you have to  visit /
  • Then you have to enter the correct user name of your favorite person’s private user ID in the URL.
  • Then, confirm, you are entered ID is correct or not, if not, enter a valid-user ID then confirm it by viewing their profile.
  • Download whatever you want from their account and enjoy the Installoker service.

Final words!

If anyone Will black you,  or else if they keep their Instagram account Private, you can use these two ways to view their posts and stories. Besides, you can download your regard images or videos from that Instagram account. I hope, you love this guide.  is there a better way for you to view private Instagram profiles than the above methods? let me know in the comment section. Then keep watching Websplashers

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