How To Increase Instagram Followers Genuinely

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We’re always on the verge of expanding our Instagram followers, whether it’s for business purposes or publicity, and  How to Increase Instagram followers genuinely want to stay or not, though many of these free tools are not for you and slowly they start to follow you. General Chat Chat Lounge In this article, we’re going to give you some simple easy steps that require a little hard work but the results are real and you can legally forward your Instagram followers.

To get more followers on your Instagram account you will have to use some rich hashtags that are searched around the world that we will share with you later, but if you want to target common products then you have some. You can use hashtag-specific products. That is relevant to your product and audience

The fastest mode of getting more followers without much work is by using few free tools like 4gram, ighoot, hublagram, etc but they do not send real followers, There are no real followers of our followers, but the people who follow your account, get some points and get their feedback in return, I don’t see the general trend of people once. Second, this is a natural way to get followers to follow hashtags or follow people’s Instagram accounts and leave comments letting other users know that you are interested in their profile and maybe following it forever.

How To Increase Instagram Followers Genuinely

Now let’s get to the part where we explain How To Increase Instagram Followers Genuinely in our headline is actually a trick that we consider and we see the real followers.

Find famous people who have more than 100k followers on their accounts. Make a list of up to 5-10 people related to your niche such as if you are a technology blogger then start following TechCrunch, AppleFresh, MKBHD, PC gaming.

Now keep an eye on them, wait and see when they upload a new post on their account, we suggest you turn on the notification on your Instagram application so that you don’t miss this opportunity which we will tell you in the next step

Once you get the notification that one of the people has posted something new on their account then open it and quickly start following the last 50-100 likes on that post. Make sure you do this within 5-10 minutes as this is the time the followers will generally be active.

Now wait for some time and see that the people you have followed you back as well. Even if you see there are fewer followers then do not lose hope and wait for few more hours, maybe you can wait for a day.

Once you have noticed that the people whom you have followed you back then you can keep them and start unfollowing the others who have not followed you back.

This exercise is on an experimental basis but it worked for us but it often doesn’t work. So be patient and keep following and also start to follow followers, gain their trust and you will be on the safe side.

Instagram Tool

You can use this awesome tool Crowdfire to keep track of your followers as they follow you or follow you. This has helped a lot of followers but sadly my Instagram account was blocked due to overuse, so make sure you use your Instagram carefully. This tool helps you choose rich hashtags that bring more followers and likes to your posts. Also found that you have the option to post your articles automatically when you want to schedule them.

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Top Instagram Hashtags

Here are the top hashtags that are searched widely and using it appropriately will get you more likes and followers on your Instagram posts:

¥  #love

¥  #instagood

¥ #me

¥ #tbt

¥ #cute

¥ #follow

¥ #followme

¥ #photooftheday

¥ #happy

¥ #tagforlikes

¥ #beautiful

¥ #self

¥ #girl

¥ #instasize

¥ #bored

¥ #instacool

¥ #funny

¥ #mcm

¥ #instago

¥ #instasize

¥ #vscocam

¥ #girls

¥ #all_shots

¥ #party

¥ #music

¥ #eyes

¥ #nature

¥ #beauty

¥ #night

¥ #fitness

¥ #beach

¥ #picoftheday

¥ #like4like

¥ #smile

¥  #friends

¥ #fun

¥ #like

¥ #fashion

¥ #summer

¥ #instadaily

¥ #igers

¥ #instalike

¥ #food

¥ #swag

¥ #amazing

¥ #tflers

¥ #follow4follow

¥ #bestoftheday

¥ #likeforlike

¥ #instamood

¥ #style

¥ #wcw

¥ #family

¥ #141

¥ #f4f

¥ #nofilter

¥ #lol

¥ #life

¥ #pretty

¥ #repost

¥ #hair

¥ #my

¥ #sun

¥ #webstagram

¥ #iphoneonly

¥ #art

¥ #tweegram

¥  #cool

¥  #followback

¥ #instafollow

Final words

Please be advised not to use more hashtags otherwise may spam your post and you will not get more likes or followers, use hashtag-related tags and try to keep it to a minimum. If your post does not look perfect.

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