How to Set up Interactive Displays: What You Need to Know

How to Set up Interactive Displays: What You Need to Know

In the super-competitive world that we live in, a staggering 45% of new businesses fail within 5 short years! To avoid the same fate, it’s imperative that you find innovative ways to engage, excite, and satisfy your target customers.

Enter the role of interactive displays.

These attractive and interactive electronic signs allow people to order products (self-kiosk style), find their way around your store, learn something about the items they want to buy, and more! Here’s everything you need to know about setting them up.

Decide Its Purpose and Position

To begin, put some thought into why you want an interactive store display in the first place. Ask yourself:

What function will it serve for your business? For instance, do you want a touch-screen panel for customers to order products from? How about interactive retail displays advertising offers and promos?

From here, you’ll have a better idea of where it should be positioned inside (or outside) your store. Take McDonald’s, for example. Their interactive displays function as self-service kiosks, so you find them just inside the entranceways and in the waiting area.

Consider the Practicalities

The location of your interactive shop display will have various practical implications.

Consider the ones you see on bus stops, or outside metro stations, promoting the latest movies being shown in theatres. Exposed to the elements, they have to be fully waterproof. Exposed to the general public, they must be robust and fixed in place to prevent them from being stolen!

Do you want your digital displays to be mobile? Well, you’ll have to find a suitable method of transportation and consider potential internet connectivity issues.

Choose Your Software

Interactive displays run off software or apps that populate them with whatever content you require. Your next task in the setup process, then, is to decide the best content creation software or app for the task!

This is a crucial step. Not only will it impact the aesthetics and functionality of your display, but it’ll also determine which hardware and operating system you’ll need. You have two options: digital signage content management software and customized app development.

The first is ideal if you wish to update the content constantly- with the time, weather, countdown timers, and so on. The latter’s preferable for fixed content, when you want customized branding, and/or if you’ll be accepting EFTPOS payments through the display.

Time to Setup Your Interactive Displays

Setting up interactive displays in your business is a powerful way to improve the shopping experience for your customers. However, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to setting them up!

Know the struggle?

Well, we hope the insights in this article will make a difference. Keep them in mind, put them into action, and it shouldn’t be long before your digital business display’s up and running. If you’d like to read more articles on this topic and others like it, browse the “Business” section of the website now!

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