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Insure your bank account by taking out ambulance only cover

Insure your bank account by taking out ambulance only cover

Life in the New Year hasn’t exactly gotten off to the flying start that you were looking for. All seemed rosy and well after a fantastic stopover in the city to watch the fireworks as 2023 arrived.

Then it all went wrong. You have read about it happening to others, but never imagined it could happen to you. Back at cricket training, you were concentrating so hard during catching practice that you didn’t see your teammate hurtling after the same ball. The result for him was severe bruising while he broke his leg in the collision. 

Recalling it back now with your leg up in plaster, you thank yourself for having the wherewithal to have taken out ambulance only cover with a community-based insurance company for the following 4 reasons.

  1. The provision of an ambulance is not covered by every day Medicare. If you had not taken out the insurance you would have been faced with a bill of potentially thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of your accident.
  2. By choosing to take out the insurance with a company with a wealth of experience in serving the community since 1952, the benefit is only paid out when a vehicle is provided by State Government Service or an organization recognized by the insurers. As it also included the cost of an emergency or ambulance service contracted to States Ambulance service you basically knew that you were in good hands.
  3. You initially took out the policy after playing in a match where an opponent required an ambulance and remembered the costs that he incurred, requiring a charity page on social media to help him pay. Your cover began as soon as you made the payment, which can be for 6 or 12 months at a time, which could be added to your hospital cover should you desire it. All food for thought while you sit at home considering how to decorate a room with simple things.
  4. And then you remember going to the footy and seeing someone who had taken out ambulance only cover only to come unstuck as he was trying to convince his bosses at work that he had been badly injured to get time off with pay, only to then find out that his call out had to be medically justified, and a hospital stay was required and it does not pay out for transport to hospital when alternatives like a taxi are available or for the use of outpatients when not deemed necessary by a medical practitioner. The insurance looks after those that require it meaning that the not-for-profit ethos of the insurance company is secured, with no money being wasted that can be spent on genuine cases. The money you save can be spent on watching real professionals playing sports.

Taking out an ambulance only cover by an insurance company with its heart in the community ensures that it is only your body rather than your bank account that is damaged if you have an accident.

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