Longaberger Basket Company Going Out Of Business

Longaberger Basket Company Going Out Of Business

After providing popularity to its collectible baskets for almost a decade. The Longaberger Company has announced that it is withdrawing from the business. In a message sent to sellers published by Columbus Dispatch, Ohio-based basket manufacturer officials provided brief details on the closure.

“Longaberger, at this point, is very sorry to tell you that it has ceased operations,” the company said in a statement. “It hurts me a lot to have to send this information, but I want to help you get the information you need now from the website so you can be ready when you contact your customers.”

The note advised sales consultants to “please take action as soon as possible” when contacting credit card companies and advised them not to attempt to place further orders.

A ’90s Icon

The fall of Longaberger seemed unlikely when the company touched its peak in the 1990s. With sales of $ 1 billion and 8,000 employees. According to Columbus Dispatch, Longaberger baskets are one of the hottest home decor and collectible items on the market.

The company’s office in Dresden, Ohio, is one of its signature baskets, seeing more than 60 bus visitors a day. Who came and paid homage to the basket maker?

History of the Longaberger Company By 1919 J.W. Longaberger began working with the Dresden Basket Factory. Even after changing jobs several times, Longaberger always kept his love for handmade baskets.

In the 1970s his son, Dave moved fast when he asked his father to make some baskets for sale locally. They quickly and finally sold out, in 1976, to Dave Longaberger J.W. ‘S handloom baskets opened, eventually becoming direct selling company Longaberger.

Sadly, in 1999, at the peak of the company’s popularity, Dave Longaberger died of kidney cancer at the age of 64. This combined with the changing design tastes of the people, made the company look doomed. The beloved basket building was sold and financial and family problems plagued the heirs of the company.

When did Longaberger close?

On May 4, 2018, the Longaberger Company ceased operations completely.

What Are They Worth Today?

How about those Longaberger Basket Company Going Out Of Business you may have sitting in your house — are they worth any money? Experts say you shouldn’t get your hopes too high.

“The Longaberger basket reseller market is currently at garage-selling level,” brand expert Helein Fendelman. Who wrote for Country Living magazine, recently told Columbus Dispatch. “If a basket sells for $ 100, $ 150, what does the tag sell for? $ 20, $ 25, or $ 10 or less can be taken by someone unknown or ignored. ”

Longaberger basket image

A search on eBay turns up a Longaberger tissue box for $33:

Longaberger Basket image

And a classic basket with a wooden top for $20:

Longaberger Basket images


We’ll have to wait and see if the Longaberger Basket Company Going Out Of Business death increases the value of the baskets. At this point, keep those baskets around the house and remember the good old days when we were with some friends, enjoying some drinks and placing a new order.

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