A Guide to Online Auctions

A Guide to Online Auctions

Online Auctions formats can vary considerably, which is why it is so important to be ready for anything that can occur before the bidding starts. To be successful, these five tips will allow you to obtain the items that you want.

  1. Preview In Person

There are many actions that can only be attended online, and all of these items are actually real! There is something called the Skinner differentiator, something that simply means you can preview any item being sold in person. Judging the scale, quality, and condition of any item prior to purchase can be difficult if you cannot hold the item prior to making the purchase. You can go to the auction page, look at the dates it will be available, and make an appointment to handle the items in question.

  1. Always Ask Questions

Staff members will be able to assist any individual prior to an online auction regarding items that are going to be sold. Are you not able to attend physically? If you contact us directly, by sending an email, you can get additional information such as photographs, condition information, plus an overview of the auction process. Experts will be able to assist you.

  1. Choose Your Bidding Style

There is often an adrenaline rush that accompanies competitive bidding, forcing people to bid using a particular style and then wait for the results that occur. At the opening bid, you want to be in full control, and always know the maximum bid that you want to go to to stay within your budget. In either situation, these predetermined increments by which the Online Auctions will increase must be your primary focus. Do you want to bid from wherever you happen to live? Access our app from the Google Play or Apple Store if you want to have full access to all of the latest information on auctions that are occurring now.

  1. Utilize Our Watchlist

Are you not ready to move forward with bidding yet? If that is the case, you may want to at least know when the auction will end. You can see what the current bid is, and also watch it until it closes. If you are watching a list of lots that are available, you can track all of them that you are trying to obtain. This is going to be your shortcut to bidding and winning on auctions that you attend!

  1. Pay Attention During The Final Minutes

Once you are headed toward the final closing minutes of the auction on the surplus network, it becomes very exciting. You will know when the first lot is going to close, often notified as to when it is coming to an end. There is a term that many people that do auctions will be familiar with which is sniping which prevents final bids from coming in the final seconds of the auction itself. Skinner does prevent sniping of any sort, and they also have an extended feature that is automatic. In most cases, within 10 minutes of closing the bid, you will be able to place yours. Always pay attention to watched lots, as well as your email, to get the items that you want.

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