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Poly Bubble Mailers Vs. Padded Mailers | What to Choose

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Shipping products safely is a big objective of every firm; otherwise, they can lose potential customers. Many shipping packages are manufactured, including poly bubble mailers and padded mailers. But the question is which one to select? In this post, various features will be discussed about these mailer bags to understand the difference and get to learn which works more securely and meets the enterprise goals. 

First Difference in Terms of Recycled Content

In comparison to padded mailers, poly mailers are made up of less recycled content. Therefore, padded mailer bags are the winner when it comes to recycled content. This is one of the reasons that some retailers choose padded mailers over poly mailers. 

Second Difference in Terms of End of Life Options

Another difference that makes both bags perfect is the recyclable option. Today’s customers are moving towards sustainability. It’s because they want to save the environment. Here, these two bags come in handy, and both are winners. 

Third Difference in Terms of Reusability

As we know, both the bags are reused. However, bubble mailers are majorly made for reuse purposes. That’s why retailers are looking for custom bubble mailers. It’s not that padded mailers cannot be reused, but in past experience, it’s said that padded mailers contain some synthetic material that couldn’t be reused. 

Forth Difference in Terms of Eco Impact Across Rest of Life Cycle 

Here, we are paying attention to the eco-impact of the bags. Poly mailers have a low impact on the mother planet in comparison to padded mailers. The impact is due to the production of the bags that emit carbon dioxide, which harms the ozone layer. Carbon dioxide is so dangerous for animals and humans that it can end with asthma issues. Here, again poly mailers become an ideal choice. 

Fifth Difference in Terms of Aesthetic 

Customers get attracted to appealing things, which is a plus factor for businesses. Every business wants to stand out from their competitors, so they use eye-catching packages to attract customers. A personalized option is helping the businesses to stand distinctive. So, one can opt for tailored packaging services. But which one to go for? Poly mailers have more options when it comes to individualized services and can be designed in various ways. 

Sixth Difference in Terms of  Weather Proof

Secure packaging is the vital need of retailers as well as consumers. Retailers aim to deliver the items safely to the customers’ doorsteps. Even the customer has the same goal as they don’t want their spending to go in vain. Choosing bubble mailers over other ones is a favorable choice as they withstand any weather condition.

Seventh in Terms of Rigidity

When it’s about the rigid features, padded mailers are better. It’s not that poly mailers cannot keep the items safe for the longer term. However, padded mailer bags are sturdier as they are made up of good-quality plastic. 

Final Words 

Now the readers have a clear picture that works more incredibly. So, poly mailers have more weightage, and that’s why they are more in demand

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