Top 40+ Quotes About Painful Love

quotes about painful love

Quotes About Painful Love: Love is a fact of life that may cause you pain that lasts a lifetime or a bad memory bring you to tears, and cause you to hate all things… This hurt that we experience in love can’t be forgotten easily… If things occur suddenly and you’re excited to be loved by someone else, it turns into an unpleasant experience in love and then we break which makes us feel disappointed and leaves us with a hurt that can’t be erased until the end of our lives. Check out this list of quotes about painful love

Quotes about painful love

❣”I love you and it’s killing me.”

❣”If you cry that often, it is clear that breathing can be difficult.”

❣”Losing and loving; distinct just by one letter, and the countless degrees of painful love.”

❣”It’s lonely when someone you cherish is suddenly an outsider.”

❣”I am exhausted by trying to be more powerful than I am.”

❣”Not being able to find them is the most depressing feeling that you could ever have.”

❣”One day, you’ll realize that I’ve always been there to help you.”

❣”I’m in a position in which “neither I am able to cry nor smile “..!

❣”The hardest thing you can do is to watch the person you love, another.”

❣”I don’t feel guilty to the extent that I don’t love you anymore. I’m ashamed of myself for loving you.”

❣”You’ll be aware of my significance when I’m gone.”

❣”I’m sorry that I ruined your time by expressing my feelings.”

❣”If you’re really intimate with someone, you will hear their voice as you read their messages.”

❣”One day, I’m hoping you will look back on the experiences we went through and will regret every single thing you did to make it come to an end.”

❣”Growing pains. Change can be uncomfortable. However, nothing is as bad as staying in a place you don’t belong.”

❣”The most painful feeling comes when you’re not ready to let someone go but you’re sure you need to.”

❣”It’s hard to let someone go who you do not want to let goof, but it’s much more painful to insist on staying with someone when you are sure they’re going to go.”

❣”You take me for granted like nothing is happening, but when I attempt to disengage you, it’s impossible. I’m not able to remove you from my thoughts.”

❣”Love never dies since true love never ceases to wait.”

❣”Thank you for not paying attention to me as I’m learning to live on my own.”

Emotional Painful Love Quotes:

quotes about painful love

❣”I would like to have the ability to ignore you just as I ignore you.”

❣”Don’t hold onto people because you’ve had a past with them.”

❣”One of the toughest tasks in life is to remove the person from your life.”

❣”You’ll find me in someone else… But I swear that you won’t locate me.”

❣”I’m slowly fading away and you’re not even aware of it.”

❣”Sometimes, you are unable to let go of what makes you feel sad because there was only one thing in your life that makes you feel happy.”

❣”People don’t cry because they’re weak. They’ve been strong for a long time.”

❣”The only thing I’m looking forward to doing today is letting my tears flow and releasing all the stress since it’s destroying me inside.”

❣”Being ignored by someone whose focus is so important to your life is one of the most depressing feelings.”

❣”Sometimes, it’s better not to speak up than to reveal you’re true feelings and cause more harm.”

Quotes and sayings about Love that hurt

❣”The most beautiful can be “But, I love you” and the most painful one”But, I Love You” is “I love you, but”.

❣”Love is the most painful pain that God can give you. God to be a retribution for you!”

❣”You make me cry, but I still am in love with you.”

❣”The only reason an ending is difficult is when you are sure you’ll never meet ever again.”

❣”I can still recall everything, and it makes me sick each time I try.”

❣”Sometimes, they didn’t want to cause harm to you. They didn’t even care any time.”

❣”There is a lot of pain that time can’t erase.”

❣”No one cares if you’re beautiful, wealthy, or dead.”

❣”The thing with pain is that it’s not just a feeling. It needs to be felt.”

❣”There are two kinds of pain. One causes pain and one which alters you.”

Quotes about Love and Painful in Life

❣”I would love to be more adept at telling people how I feel.”

❣”I’ll be enough for you, but I’ve got it.”

❣”The way you cry is the way your heart is communicating. When your lips aren’t able to describe the pain you’re feeling.”

❣”One day, I’m hoping you can look back on what we did and will regret everything you’ve done in order to bring it to an come to an end.”

❣”Yes, I’ve changed my way of feeling. Does that affect people?”

❣”Sincerely, I didn’t know I’d like you so much.”

❣”The appearance of pain doesn’t happen in our lives for no reason. It’s an indication that something we’re experiencing must be altered.”

❣”The most gorgeous thing you can possess, but it is also the most difficult to attain and the most difficult loss to experience.”

❣”The only thing telling me I’m alive.”

❣”I am not able to be a lover to anyone else like I love you…It’s simply impossible.”

Heart-Broken Painful Love Quotes

quotes about painful love

❣”Don’t show too much love to anyone as it can cause irreparable discomfort when they stay away from you…”

❣”Love isn’t a bad thing, but loving someone else’s wrong.”

❣”It is the most painful feeling when the person who made you feel special yesterday can make you feel so unimportant today.”

❣”I had no idea that I could experience such suffering and still become so infatuated with the individual that caused it.”

❣”Crying isn’t an indication of weakness. It’s a sign that someone has put too much effort into being powerful all the time.”

❣”Love doesn’t hurt. expectation does.”

❣”It is possible to leave a lasting memory that nobody can take However, it can also cause painful wounds that no one will ever be able to heal.”

❣”Find the strength and let go of the things you cannot change.”

❣”I trusted you, but today, your words are meaningless to me since your actions speak the truth.”

❣”The bond is as fragile as glass. Sometimes it’s better for you to let them break rather than to harm yourself by putting them back in their original state.”

Heartbreaking Love Quotes about Relationships

❣”Why am I afraid of losing you? you’re not mine at all?”

❣”I don’t get it. You’ve said that I’m important to you, but you make me feel like I’m not worthy of your attention.”

❣”There’s no need to cry since I did not lose you. You lost me.”

❣”Are you ignoring my message? Don’t be worried… You’re not likely to receive it until later.

❣”The most difficult thing I’ll do is leave with you and still be in love with you.”

❣”You’ll never be able to forget, regardless of the length of time, it’s taken.”

❣”Sometimes, it’s better to not say anything than, to be honest about your feelings and cause more harm.”

❣”Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Tired.”

❣”I’m not sure which is hurting me more: talking to you or not speaking to you.”

❣”A lot of people believe that love is packed with happiness, a smile, and romance. However, the truth is that love is a mixture of pain, hurt, and crying.”

Heart Touching, Painful Love Quotes

❣”A year ago you were her”. Things change.”

❣”I’m curious if you’ve ever discussed missing me with anyone.”

❣”We’re not as close anymore however I’ll be there should you require me.”

❣”We are not friends, we are not enemies Just strangers with a few memories.”

❣”I’m not a toy, so please do not play with my feelings…”

❣”You’ll search for my identity in another person…I assure you that you won’t find me.”

❣”I was the person who loved you even though you gave me a million reasons to not.”

❣”One day, your name just didn’t make me smile anymore.”

❣”I’d like you to know how much it ruined me after you quit.”

❣”For you, I was just a chapter. For me, you were the book.”

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