Replacing the Tires on Your Ford Ranger

Replacing the Tires on Your Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger has been a workhorse for over four decades and has quickly become the most popular model. The Ford Ranger has evolved into the most advanced 4WD available in 2020. As a result, it has become Australia’s best-selling vehicle, with phenomenal long-term growth. This has sparked a lot of interest in the latest secondary sale mods to help take it to the next level in both rough terrain and rough terrain.

The ranger wheels were introduced in the 1980s and quickly became the most progressive pickup. Its widebody configuration includes a powered raised suspension, a Ford Raptor grill setting, and wheel curve flashes for more forceful tire and wheel adjustments. The Ford Ranger brings rugged terrain appeal to the road by multiplying the treads and widths of the larger tires and Ford Ranger magnetic wheels.

Ford Ranger Professionals

We’ve seen our fair share of Ford Rangers and with each shape, we reach another degree of customization. We know it’s your Ford Ranger and we offer power for all 4WD. We do this by asking the right questions that suit your driving style and propensities.

Working with the best specialists in the industry, we have tirelessly focused on excellent parts and excellent workmanship. Our suspension experts have more than 30 years of consolidated knowledge. We stock and introduce all riding brands including Bilstein, Tough Dog, Dobinson, EFS lift units, and that’s just the beginning! Treated to cope with any rough terrain conditions, all of our lifting equipment is backed by many years of innovative work.

We also highlight probably the greater reach of the Ford Ranger 4 × 4 trims of push bars, electronic dodges, grilles, cap scoop fenders, and thus more.

Silver Ford Ranger Fuel Vapor Black Machined Face Armed Ready Dark Dual Tint Package

Portage Rangers deserve Ford Ranger magnetic wheels that are yakka intense, solid, and hard. Magnetic wheels must work in harsh conditions while also adding hideous flair on the interstate due to their rugged terrain to highway capabilities. The load rating is an important consideration in terms of safety and compliance with Australian standards. This ensures that these magnetic wheels were designed to withstand heavy loads, especially when dealing with an unbalanced and unsightly street landscape. Along with these intense magnetic wheels, you’ll need tires to match the sturdy track and chunky profiles.

Choosing the right Ford Ranger wheel and tire size!

The correct size of Replacing the Tires on Your Ford Ranger is determined by a number of factors, including the vehicle’s primary purpose, whether it stands up, whether it has flares, and the complete set of items. We have Ford Ranger wheels in sizes 16 ′′, 17 ′′, 18 ′′, 19 ′′, 20 ′′, and 22 ′′.

Browse the largest selection of 3,000 tires from top brands like BF Goodrich, Nitto, Achilles, Bridgestone, Kumho, Pirelli, and more. All of our Ford Ranger tires are sourced locally * from stock and shipped in Australia. We also guarantee that each of our tires is accompanied by a tire fitting date. Try not to buy old stocks, as this ensures quality across our premium tire range and financial plan.

You will see that really know your 4WD and will help you achieve that look you are looking for. In case you are unsure of the correct fit, please call our friendly staff on 1800 099 634 today.

 has a wide range of Ranger XLT tires accessible at cutthroat prices. In case you are looking for a ton of tires for your Ranger XLT, don’t waste a moment to give us a call to speak to our trained professionals.

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