Safe Agilist Certification Interview Questions

Safe Agilist Certification Interview Questions

Okay, now that you are a certified Agilist and have successfully completed your Safe agile training. We wonder what companies you would want to join. Well, be it, anyone, you will have to go through a screening process called the dreaded interview. It can be exhausting too, at times. Thus, to ease out your worries and give you a little example of how the interview questions can be. We are here with another article. In this one, we will dig a little deeper into the kinds of questions expected during the SAFe Agile interview. 

Before we hop on to the questions that are expected during the interview let’s see the roles and responsibilities of a SAFe Agilist. What are you expected to do for the company- 

Roles and Responsibilities of a SAFe Agilist

Now, there are a lot of roles and positions available in any company for the SAFe Agilist. You will be qualified for any of it based on the SAFe agile training and the previous degrees and diplomas that you have here is a brief about the positions available in the company- 

There are the following roles/positions available at different levels. Followed by their responsibilities and contribution to the company- 

At portfolio level 

  • Enterprise Architect 
  • Epic owner
  • Lean portfolio management. 

The Enterprise Architect is responsible for defining and driving the architectural initiatives for the portfolio. Whereas the Epic owner is responsible for defining the epic, formulating its benefits, and later felicitating its implementation. 

At Large Solution Level

  • Solution Manager- this person is responsible for prioritizing the capabilities of the project and ensuring that the team understands them well. 
  • Solution Architect- Their key role is to make a solution that is fit for the purpose. They share their design and visions on the architecture across the various agile release trains. 
  • Solution Train Engineer guides all the work done during all the agile release trains in delivering the apt and correct solution. 

At Program level 

  • System architect/ engineer- He is the one who shares the architectural POVs on the Agile release train.  
  • Product Manager – he is the one who decides the features and defines the product. He is also responsible for explaining the features to everyone on the team.
  • Release train engineer- He is responsible for keeping the agile release train working and functioning at its best. He ensures that the entire team follows the process defined for the Agile release train.
  • Business owners are the key stakeholders of the company and are most affected by the business outcome. They are responsible for the business outcome.

At Team Level

  • Agile team- they are the one that works on the product keeping in mind all the Scrum and agile methodologies. 
  • Product owner- he gets to decide on all the features and quality of the product. He decides which features are to be adhered to in a specific sprint. He is also responsible for bringing in the return on investment on the product. 
  • Scrum Master- he is the one who practically lays down the entire plan of Scrum for the project with its artifacts and more. He also ensures that the Scrum and Agile methodologies are used to the highest potential. 

These are some of the roles and positions that you can apply for through the SAFe Agile training. Now, let’s look at the questions that can be possibly asked in the interview for any of these positions. 

Possible interview questions

So, As a SAFe Agilist, you are expected to know the basics of the Agile and Scrum methodologies and you are expected to know how to apply them in the company’s Sprint model. Thus, the questions are mostly related to the basics of SAFe Agile training and its applications. Here are 20 possible questions that you can expect in your agile interview. 

  1. What is Agile? What agile frameworks have you used till now or what are the agile frameworks you know about?
  2. What’s the difference between Agile and SAFe? Are they different in the first place? Also, what are the four principle values of SAFe?
  3. What are the various dimensions of Built-in quality? 
  4. What are the 4 different levels in SAFe?
  5. What metrics are used in SAFe? Or what are the parameters in SAFe?
  6. What do you know about the latest version of SAFe? How’s it different from the previous one? What are the core competencies in the latest version? 
  7. What is the role of a release train engineer? (or any other roles mentioned above)
  8. What is a value stream?
  9. What does ‘story’ mean in SAFe?
  10. According to SAFe what is iteration review? 
  11. What do you understand by the IP iteration or innovation and planning iteration in SAFe? 
  12. How are enabler stories and user stories different from each other? 
  13. Are there any disadvantages of SAFe or Agile?
  14. What are the features and capabilities? 
  15. What is an ‘epic’ in the context of SAFe?
  16. What are the principles of SAFe? How many are there exactly?
  17. What is a tipping point?
  18. What do you mean by ‘release on demand’?
  19. How does decentralized decision-making fit into the SAFe model?
  20. What are shared services? 

In Conclusion

So, what are you waiting for? A new job opportunity is waiting for you? Don’t shy away from it. Be confident and ace all your interviews. We hope that the above-mentioned tips and tricks would have been of help.

Also if you have not yet enrolled for the safe agile training then, this is the right time to make a move. Simplilearn’s Safe Agile course is perfect for you to make a shift in your career. It provides you with hands-on practice in Agile and Scrum and builds you for the competitive environment of the interview. So, enroll today, we will be waiting for you on the other side of the click! 

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