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70+ satire words for husbands, straight to the heart!

satirical words for husbands, straight to the heart!

Marriage is not always as smooth and straightforward as the toll road. There are times when it goes uphill, bends, turns, it’s like living on a sheet. However, as many households as possible are maintained no matter how difficult it is.

Maybe you remember socializing times, she (her husband), who was still a girlfriend, always pays attention to you. When you need him, he’s like a superhero who came out of nowhere and suddenly made you feel good.

They are socializing days. What is your current relationship with your husband? Is your husband still as romantic and caring as before? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Many also experience this because a man is too busy or not sensitive to his wife.

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Satire Words for Cheating Husbands

1.  I feel so grateful that God has given me a clue about your ugliness behind my back.

2. Karma is never the wrong address. I hope someday you will get the same thing as me.

3. Disappointed, angry, annoyed, cursed, all of which comes when you know your rottenness. But not long ago I was grateful for having been made aware by God of all these deceptions.

4. Don’t forget the laws of nature still apply. So just wait your turn to get sick like I’m feeling right now.

5. Indeed, there is no man in this world who can be trusted 100 percent of his words.

6. Don’t play with women’s feelings because your mother is also a woman.

7. Congratulations, you’ve found someone you’ve always wanted. And remember, the prayer of someone who is persecuted will always be heard by Allah the Lord of the universe.

8. Every relationship is bound to be tarnished when one of them has an affair with the other. If your husband is cheating at this time, here are the right words of satire for him.

9. The success of a man can never be separated from the wife behind him. On the other hand, a man’s downturn can come from the prayers of a persecuted wife.

10. Humans, have been given something good and want something better. So in the end that kindness turned into a devastating catastrophe.

11. Thinking back on you makes me relieved that I finally don’t have to deal with a guy like you anymore.

12. Love is totally not what it needs. Love is about having and holding on not having and being left behind.

13. Maybe right now you can hurt me by turning to another woman, but the laws of nature still apply. You will also experience the same pain in the future.

14. Cheating only happens to someone who is not committed to his own promises and words.

Satire words for an ignorant and inattentive husband

15. If you really love, why are you indifferent and don’t pay attention to your partner?

16. A good woman will demand to ask her partner’s attention. But that does not mean begging for attention, because everything must have a limit.

17. The slightest concern is one form of attention that a husband must give to his wife. but is that the reality?

18. When dating, always pay attention, a little flicker is immediately sprayed, if you get a little wound, you are immediately asked “are you okay?” It’s different when you’re married, your attention is only once a week.

19. To get rid of the bad mood you are feeling right now, here is a list of satirical words for your husband. You can also give the following words to your husband directly so that he is more sensitive to you.

20. The woman prefers small gifts that are given constantly rather than large gifts that are only given occasionally.

21. Everyone can endure the pain of heartache, but everyone has their own limits of patience. And when that patience runs out, then there is nothing to hold on to anymore.

22. Women are gentle creatures, but that does not mean they are treated indifferently and unnoticed.

23. You always blame me in our every fight. But without you realizing your attitude is so selfish and always has to come first.

24. Life must always listen to the other person, don’t just raise your ego and don’t want to give in. If you still want to be selfish, it’s better to live in the forest.

25. Your selfish, but why do I blame you? It’s a real injustice.

26. Life will always be beautiful when run together, understand each other and understand each other. Don’t just be selfish and don’t want to give in.

27. It’s better to be indifferent at the beginning but the ending is caring and full of romance. Instead of being considerate and always romantic, the ending is indifferent and doesn’t care.

Satire words for a stingy husband

satirical words for husband

28. Don’t be stingy with your wife, her wife will be cranky then she will know the taste.

29. Being stingy to the wife is just the thought of a husband who is less sensitive and caring.

30. When I first asked for this, it was given. Now, asking to buy just one lipstick, the stingy beg for forgiveness. Even though it is also for the husband to make his wife more beautiful.

31. Maybe you feel that I am asking for something that is not important and should not be bought. But this is all for you, I ask you to be the best wife for you.

32. Her stingy husband begging for mercy? Here are the satire words that fit him:

33. Do not be stingy, money will not be taken to death.

34. Many people are too smart to judge others but too stupid to judge themselves.

35. Even though he has a lot of money, he is still stingy to buy his wife’s needs.

36. We really have to think about the future of our children and grandchildren. But don’t forget our times which also have a lot of needs to live.

37. Every day the work is smooth, a lot of money tips from the boss, the cost of living is small, the house has been bought, only one child, but why is he so stingy asking for forgiveness from his own wife?

Satire words for a liar husband

38. Lying to other people is forbidden, let alone lying to his own wife?

39. A woman is too gentle to be an arena for a man’s lies.

40. Your excuses are stale about the lies you keep doing.

41. Maybe you think lying is the best course of action for us. But I think lying is a good reason for our current relationship problems.

42. How can I trust you if you lie like this?

43.  Promises to always be honest with me are not as beautiful as I imagine to you.

44. These are satirical words for a husband who is a liar.

45. Your words are like perfume. The refill smells good but the original is fake.

46. Lying for a good reason is a deliberately made-up excuse.

47. How can a wife believe that her husband is lying? For whatever reason, lying should not be done by a husband to his wife.

48. Even though at the beginning he said that husband and wife must be transparent and open to each other. But somehow lately it’s all just bullshit.

49. The husband must be sensitive to his wife, even when the wife asks something the husband must answer honestly. That’s a good household.

50. Once lied, other lies will continue.

51. Not telling and lying are two different things. But both are the same for husband and wife because both must be open to each other for any business.

Satire words for husbands who remember their ex

52. Don’t remember your ex. Remember your wife’s children who have accompanied you all this time.

53. I will always keep your promises and I hope you will never break them.

54. The former is not a hero who must always be remembered by name and face.

55. Marriage is the union of two people who have one goal. So don’t let you have other goals than with me.

56. Just remember your ex, you won’t have to eat for a week.

57. Is that an ex or a hero? Just remember.

58. Don’t remember your ex, what you currently have can be lost without a trace, you know.

59. Remember your promises to me and don’t remember someone who has passed from your life.

60. Maybe you once had someone special in your life, but now you have someone else. so never turn back to your past.

61. Remember your ex will only ruin your relationship with the person you are currently with.

62. If you really love me unconditionally, I just ask you to never go back to your past.

Satire words for an irresponsible husband

satirical words for husband

63. All I want from you is a sense of responsibility for everything you’ve lived with me so far.

64. Words alone cannot represent your responsibility to do something.

65. Without a really big intention, the responsibility that should be carried out will never be accomplished.

66. Chickens are responsible for their eggs and chicks, don’t you?

67. When you have started it, then you have to finish it no matter how hard the obstacles and obstacles are.

68. Establishing a household ark of course must take care of their respective responsibilities, including husbands. So for you a wife who has a husband who is less responsible for example in terms of supporting a family, raising children, or others, the following satirical words can be your inspiration.

69. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done it as much as possible but the results aren’t what you want. The important thing is that you have the intention and want to do it. Enough, that’s all.

70. When building a household, responsibility is attached to it. So never try to turn away from the responsibilities that have been established.

71. It’s not a matter of what you do, but the most important thing is to be responsible for everything that you have done so far.

72. The husband must be responsible for his household, wife, and children.

73. Just do what you need to do. Then God will bless you with abundance from sources never imagined before.


As a wife, it is natural that sometimes you are annoyed by this limiting husband, carelessness, selfishness, the desire to win alone, and so on. You can express it with Satire Words For Husband.

But maintaining family harmony should be the most important thing. As long as you can express your concern about your husband’s attitude, I’m sure your husband will be able to understand and slowly change his attitude to better understand yourself. Can be useful.

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