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Top 12 Secret Messaging Apps For Cheaters

Secret Messaging Apps For Cheaters

As technology advances, a loved one can hide their relationship with the help of a smartphone. Modern Android apps can hide texts and calls from spouses. How hard can it be to find them if you don’t know about these secret messaging apps for cheaters on Android?

To read messages or view calls from unknown contacts, you’ll need to launch an innocent-looking app icon and enter a password (if your partner is smart).

These apps come in both paid and free versions.

Now, let us take a look at the secret messaging apps for cheaters for android users.

Hidden Cheating Apps for Android Users To Look For On His Phone

Are you growing paranoid and suspicious that your partner is cheating? Some apps on his phone may be pointers to infidelity. We’ve compiled a list of the top hidden cheating apps for android users.

#1. Viber

Viber is a messaging app that may seem harmless, but it is the perfect app for things. It allows users to create secret conversations that are automatically deleted after a certain period of time. With these Secret Messaging Apps For Cheaters for Android, anyone can send messages, photos, and videos without leaving a trace.

If you pick up their phone and are looking for conversations, you will not see their conversations with another woman/man. You will need a PIN to view hidden conversations. This is a hidden chat feature.

This is a favorite app for scammers as it is known to be a common app in international calls. They can easily justify the download at work, but really take advantage of the features of hidden chats and disappearing messages.

#. Snapchat

Snapchat was originally invented to send naughty photos and make them disappear immediately. It was an alternative to sexting because the messages could not be saved. But now it allows you to send messages.

This hidden cheating app for Android is often used for self-destructive messages. These messages can also be videos, which is why they can be widely used for infidelity.

#3. Private Message Box

One of the secret messaging apps for cheaters on Android is Private Mailbox. It is necessary to hide the messages and evidence. A private mailbox allows a spouse to secretly communicate with the page.

The app has a feature that allows you to hide the app icon from your phone’s app list. So if you get your hands on your partner’s phone, this app might be missed at first glance.

In addition, it is pin-compatible and 100% secure. A private mailbox keeps all your conversations, photos, and videos private. It offers in-app purchases to purchase virtual numbers, keeping texts out of your mobile phone bill.

Evidence of a mobile phone bill cannot be tracked with this app.

#4. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison’s motto is “Life is Short, Have an Affair” that the service is for adults. This is an extremely secret messaging app for cheaters for Android users. The app prides itself on restrained and open relationships.

They have a feature for traveling men and women. So if your partner leaves town, he can call to catch the wait. Ashley Madison is the best dating site/app for cheating on spouses. This app is infallible proof if found on your partner’s smartphone.

#5. Vaulty Stocks

The Vault Stocks app is another Secret Messaging Apps For Cheaters for Android. Android users use this app for private text messaging. Vaulty Stocks allows users to upload private photos and videos and hide content in a secret vault. It is password protected and requires a PIN to unlock.

If someone tries to open the app, the app will take a photo of them as evidence. Therefore, if you are trying to find hidden scams on your partner’s phone, beware of this security feature.

#6. Date Mate

Date Mate is a dating app for people looking for a relationship. This hidden scam app for Android and iPhone uses a location-based search engine for real-time private messaging. From there, users can meet someone close to them.

Finally, this anonymous dating app does not require users to sign up for a social media account or pay a fee.

#7. Tinder

Everyone knows Tinder is a social app. Extremely user-friendly, it allows the user to browse photos uploaded by people geographically close to each other.

Hence, if you see this hidden scam app for android on their phone, it might be bad. They simply swipe right to find someone to contact. If that person also slides to the right, they’ve found a hit. It can handle all communications instead of changing phone numbers.

You might never find some of these scams if they are properly covered up.

#8. Kakotalk

KakaoTalk is also known as KaTalk. It is a free communication tool for smartphone users that also doubles as a hidden cheat app for Android.

It offers free voice and video calls, instant messaging, and other features like location sharing, gaming, and scheduling. You can search for people using their names, phone numbers, or email accounts. This makes it a great cheat app.

Again, it has a contact management feature that interfaces with your contact list and automatically adds friends to your chat sessions once they’re online. You can import and export friend lists and view each friend’s mini-profile. You can also save your favorite friends.

#9. Silence

Silence is an SMS / MMS application that allows you to protect your privacy while communicating with your friends. Using Silence, you can send SMS and messages and share media files or attachments in complete privacy.

Messages are encrypted locally and messages intended for other Silence users are encrypted live.

It is the perfect hidden cheat app for Android.

#10. Line

The line is a solid alternative to WhatsApp. It offers free VoIP calls, video calls, and instant messaging.

Users register with their mobile phone numbers with the option of paid calls to mobile devices and landline users, in addition to free user-to-user calls and texts

Users can share media files with other Line accounts, including voice recordings, video files, and pictures.

This is a perfect secret messaging app for cheaters that Android uses to call people who are not on the Line app. These calls are not free. Instead of paying for expensive mobile minutes, you can use your line credits to call over VoIP. This service is called Line Out with affordable rates.

#11. Wire

It is the best-hidden cheat app for android users who use the Business Chat umbrella to cheat. It is very secure for chatting and sharing documents. Even cheating can be discreet using this app.

Wire offers the most complete collaboration suite with messaging, voice, video, conference calls, file sharing, and external collaboration, all protected by the most secure end-to-end encryption

#12. Signal

The signal is another perfect cheat app for clearing communications. This is another hidden cheat app that looks innocent but has some features that make it ideal for cheating.

This app deletes all messages and media sent or received from a specific designated user after a specified period of time. This with snoopy partners can take advantage of its disappearance message feature. They basically set a time interval to communicate with their lovers, when that time elapses the message disappears.

It is renowned for its incredible security, which makes it a credible excuse to say that it is a multi-user download for business communications.

What are the signs your Partner is Cheating?

If you find any of these aforementioned apps on their phones, use these attributes to check if they are actually cheating. Studies have shown that a cheat app does one or more of the following.

  • Making excuses to avoid you.
  • Cares more about their appearance.
  • Isn’t confiding in you like they used to.
  • Lack of physical intimacy.
  • Constantly gets defensive about little things.
  • They accuse you of cheating.


While the presence of these secret messaging apps for cheaters does not guarantee your partner’s infidelity, they are sure indicators that your attention is required.

And no, it is not possible to spy on your partner’s phone without installing software. Spy apps always require software to be installed on the target phone. Except for a few apps which will be used to hack your spouse’s phone. However, we are not advocating it. This will create tension, mistrust, and mistrust at home.

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