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Top Most 70+ Simple Mehndi Designs For All Occasions

simple mehndi design

Are you fed up with the same old patterns of mehndi? Are you looking to add some spice to your party? Are you looking for simple mehndi designs?

Mehendi has always been a major element of Indian celebrations. It was traditionally used to alleviate the heat of summer days as well as to keep away evil spirits. Today, a variety of designs of Mehendi can be seen on the feet and hands because of their opulence. From weddings to Diwali to Eid all of these events seem incomplete without mehndi-painted fingers. Most of the time, a simple mehndi style that is compatible with the event is the ideal option.

Do you want to know more about the most recent Mehandi designs that are simple and stunning? You’re in the right location. There is no need to look for the simplest mehndi book. You can find every inspiration that you require from our selection of 70 simple and straightforward mehndi designs suitable for every occasion. Make sure you are ready for festivals by wearing these beautiful Mehandi designs.

Top Most 70+ Simple Mehndi Designs For All Occasions

1. The Traditional Design

It’s impossible to go wrong with this basic mehndi design that includes all the fundamental motifs that have been used traditionally to make a basic mehndi design. Begin with the dot. Then add some semicircles. Fill in the gaps with details such as vines, tears, or leaves. Include dots and paisleys, and you’re good to go. The mehndi simple design is about letting your creativity flow.



2. Easy Mehndi Design

It is a simple and simple Arabic Mehendi design. Even beginners can draw it effortlessly. Its simplicity of application doesn’t compromise its aesthetics. This simple mehndi pattern is pleasing to the eye and features a leaf and floral design.


3. The Twirling Action

The simple mehndi 2022 design is stunning, and eye-catching, and is perfect for brides who want a Mehandi style that is slightly different. The simple mehndi pattern and the motifs that surround it are intricate, yet easy to draw. It is a beautiful design that will enhance your look.


4. Paisley Love

Paisleys are one of the most popular designs that can be utilized in a Mehendi design. They are simple to draw and stunning. This particular design employs not only paisleys but a variety of designs such as leaves, teardrops semi-circles, dots along with nets that fill the gaps on fingers and palms.


5. Jewellery Mehndi Design

Hathphool’s appeal isn’t restricted to jewelry choices. The mehndi-inspired jewelry designs are among the latest Mehandi designs. The most sought-after of them all is the hathphool pattern. It begins with a flower at the center, with a chain-like pattern that goes through the fingers and cuffs. This simple mehndi design looks very graceful.


6. The Minimalistic Mehendi Design 2022

If the mehndi style with a full hand isn’t your cup of tea, don’t fret. We have something that will suit your preferences too. One of them is the flowery Mehandi designs of 2022 that will appeal to your minimalist heart. Try this easy and straightforward mehndi style and you’ll never be disappointed!


7. Mandala And Net

Another stunning combination in most recent Mehandi designs is the mandala as well as the net. Mandala designs begin with a circular shape in the center and then unfold into various symbols patterns, shapes, and designs depending on the design. The design is of meaning within Hinduism, Buddhism, as and Jainism and is thought to symbolize the Universe. Add the net and you’re well on your way to becoming.


8. Geometry Of The Mandala

Another illustration of the mandala pattern. It’s an easy mehndi pattern that can be drawn by anyone with any trouble. The center circle creates a stunning flower. The fingers are embellished with geometric designs that appeal to the eye. Try this simple mehndi pattern and you’ll never regret it.


9. Easy Mehndi Design For Foot

The mandala design is drawn on feet too. This particular mehndi pattern for the foot incorporates not only the mandala pattern but also large teardrop designs which are then embellished with tiny specifics. The small floral designs on the toes are gorgeous.


10. Flowers On The Backhand

The simple mehndi design here is a variation of the Hathphool fashion of mehndi jewelry designs. In this design, instead of chains, vines and leaves can be drawn, creating a simple mehndi design mixed with floral mehndi as well as jewelry mehndi design.


11. Easy Mehndi Design

Is there mehndi designs simpler to make than the one shown here? Do you think an easy design such as this could be so beautiful? It’s a straightforward mehndi pattern that consists of simple geometric patterns in the middle of the palm. It also has dark fingertips, accompanied by a few lines horizontally.


12. Aztec Full Mehandi

The Aztec pattern has been a major part of fashion. From dresses to bags and everything else has this pattern. So, why do you think your mehndi style should be out of fashion? The Aztec-inspired design is among the most popular mehndi designs. It creates the illusion of being difficult. In reality, it’s very simple to draw while being fashionable.


13. Flowers On Fingers

This is an entirely unique and distinctive mehndi design for 2022. Don’t be awestruck by the delicate and intricate designs that are carved in the palm of your hand. This year’s theme is having fun and coming up with the perfect Mehendi style that expresses your individuality. The mehndi is the most basic and only covers the fingers.


14. Simple Mehandi Design

The Mehendi design 2022 draws inspiration from Alta which is used to decorate feet and palms using simple circular designs. The traditional Alta design is decorated with leafy motifs that will add to its minimalist elegance.


15. Leafy Vines For Foot

Are you bored with flowers? Take a leaf. Create a vine-like leaf over the bottom of your feet and then create a mirrored Mehandi design. You can also add a few dots in random spots or even in a flower-shaped form.


16. Minimal And Easy Designs Of Mehndi

The latest Mehandi designs feature many simple and minimalist mehndi designs that are original and display a large amount of imagination. The simple mehndi pattern consists of floral patterns drawn in the lower portion of the palm while leaving the remainder of the fingers and palms completely empty.


17. Flower Power

Remember when you would draw flower designs with a ton of petals in drawing classes as in your youth? That’s one of the designs for Mehandi 2022 which will transport you back to the past for a trip that is worthy of nostalgia. The simple mehndi design is based on the same principles similar to the flower with a large number of petals. Create a simple flower design in the center of your palm. Keep creating more designs that resemble the petals.


18. Wheat On Your Hands

Have you been to a field? If not, this simple mehndi design will give you an idea of how wheat plants appear. This is a straightforward mehndi style designed for the modern-day working woman who would like to experience the traditional look but doesn’t have the desire to wait for long periods of time to study elaborate designs.


19. Paisley To The Rescue

Do you want a mehndi design that’s hassle-free and takes a short time to draw? If so, paisleys are your best allies. Draw a paisley in the middle of your palm or foot. Then, fill it in with the specifics of your preference. Then you’re completed.


20. Floral Hand Mehndi

The motif of the leaf and flower will never get old. The simple mehndi style incorporates a floral pattern with leaf designs on the palms as well as an identical leaf pattern on the fingers to give elegance and beauty.


21. Flowers Everywhere

It’s a simple mehndi design. One of the newest mehndi designs for the current year. This design can be drawn by anyone. All you need to do is draw tiny flowers and then nothing else. The floral arrangement in traditional Arabic design is distinctive and innovative.


22. Leafy Mehandi Designs 2022

Another design is will inspire people who are tired of typical floral and paisley designs and are looking for something new. This mehndi-like design is composed of only leaves and creates an exquisite interplay of empty and shaded spaces.


23. Latest Mehandi Designs With Flowers

The most recent Mehandi designs are extremely creative. They employ traditional designs like geometric designs and flowers, yet they manage to appear quite different from the way they have been drawn in the past. This stunning and simple mehndi design is a unique design that features a single flower set in a ring of smaller flowers.


24. Paisley With Vines

The designs for Mehandi 2022 focus on paisleys. The particular mehndi pattern for the foot features an easy paisley pattern in the middle and is then enclosed by a pattern of curving lines. The leafy vines are used to fill in the gaps between the toes.


25. Pretty Peacock

This is a stunning mehndi style that has many different patterns and designs, including paisley and peacocks as well as teardrop-shaped leaves and flowers and curving lines. It is a simple mehndi style. Draw the larger figure and make it smaller with intricate designs or simple ones based on your capabilities and preference.


26. Finger Mehendi Design

This is among the latest mehndi designs intended to be adorned only with fingers. The intricate geometric pattern is simple to draw. The simple Mehandi design will bring beauty to your hands while adding simple lines.


27. Geometric Cuff Design

The Mehendi design 2022 decorates not just the fingers, but as well as the wrist cuffs. It could look similar to the mehndi jewelry design, however, it’s completely different. It is akin to trying to mimic the elaborately sequined or embroidered cuffs of your designer clothes.


28. Mirror Mehandi Designs 2022

If you find that a Mehendi design that is drawn by one person is an image that mirrors the one drawn on the opposite foot, this design is known as a mirror-like design. Here is an excellent illustration of a Mehendi design. This Mehandi style is simple and consists of paisleys, as well as peacocks. This design lets you play with your imagination. Begin with a set of paisleys, then fill the gaps with designs of your choice, from straight lines to Squiggly designs.


29. The Handful

Bridal Mehendi patterns are usually those that cover the entire palms and extend to the elbows. They can be intricate and complicated, however, these Mehendi design is simple to draw and fills all space. It’s a simple mehndi design that is a blend of floral and paisley motifs.


30. Easy Mehndi Design For Kids

If your children see you wearing stunning Mehendi designs, it’s normal for them to desire one too. Don’t let them down and draw a simple vine based on their favorite cartoon or animal. Find inspiration in this dolphin drawing for children and start drawing.

Mehandi Design With Flowers And Paisleys

31. Paisley Mehendi Design 2022

2022 is about mixing everything with a twist. As you can see, this basic mehndi pattern includes floral as well as paisley designs. The fingers are also embellished with a net pattern that adds to the elegance of the whole look.



32. Easy Mehndi Design With Floral Motif

The design for Mehendi 2022 is a new approach to floral mehndi designs. The simple mehndi design is not a typical pattern of a single plant that is found in a variety of Arabic designs. Instead, it has two vine-like designs that are full of leaf and floral patterns. The intricateness of the design as well as the empty space makes the perfect aesthetic style.


33. Feather Tattoo Mehndi Design

The latest mehndi designs comprise a lot of tattoo mehndi designs. They’re chic and trendy. The particular design is bird feathers that are drawn as if it’s connected to chains. The simplicity of the design is the main reason why it is so appealing and what makes it distinctive. The stars cluster adds some symmetry to the mehndi’s basic design.


34. Flowers And Beads

Another style of floral mehndi. The beaded chain is a part of the appeal of this simple mehndi design. This is a simple mehndi style that is ideal to wear for engagement because it gives space to your large stone to show through.


35. Easy Mehndi Design With Floral Motif

This is a design that isn’t seen every day. It’s a refreshing departure from the traditional single vine drawn in various Arabic mehndi designs in the style of Arabic. The simple mehndi designs employ leaf and floral designs however the placement of the motifs has altered the overall look.


36. Paisley And Peacock Mehendi Design

Are you unable to decide which mehndi look is the best one for you? Do not worry! Make some peacocks and paisleys. Sprinkle some flowers on the outside. Are you unsure of what to complete the paisley outline with? Use straight lines. There is no way to be wrong with this combination.

net-of-roses-mehndi-design37. Net Of Roses

Switch to the basic cross-strip net. Say”hello” to a rose net. The most recent mehndi designs focus on incorporating roses. So why not add them to the internet too? The mehndi simple design radiates elegance and grace and is ideal for any event you’d like to dress for.

38. Simple Mehndi Design For Foot

A few lines and dots together with a leafy vine could form an elegant and beautiful mehndi design. The mehndi design that is simple to make is so simple and clear that we were captivated. We’re certain it will delight you as well.

Easy Mehndi Design For Brides

39. Easy Mehndi Design For Brides

Yes. bridal mehndi designs are simple to draw too. Although this design extends from the fingers up to your elbow, it consists of tiny and simple-to-draw elements. The area that is normally filled with intricate designs of the bridal and groom is used in the form of a hashtag to celebrate the wedding. The mehndi-inspired design is definitely in tune with the times of today and modern cultural trends.

Beautiful Mehndi Design With Paisleys

40. Beautiful Mehndi Design With Paisleys

Paisley’s love for her is eternal when it comes to simple and gorgeous mehndi designs. The thing we love about this simple mehndi pattern is the play of colors that provides a sense of depth to the design.

Jewellery Mehndi Design For Foot

41. Jewellery Mehndi Design For Foot

The mehndi jewelry design does not only apply to hands. It is also applied to feet. Similar to a paper pool, this one also begins with one toe that is shaped like an elongated chain. It is joined by an abstract design that extends up to the ankles.


Latest Mehandi Designs For Foot

42. Latest Mehandi Designs For Foot

Let your inner artist have a sound and let your creative side be able to find a space on your feet, as an art canvas. Take inspiration from this Mehendi-inspired design 2022 offers. It’s a tree, or a huge vine, based on your personal preferences. Although we believe this simple mehndi design certainly gives contemporary style vibes.

Paisley Peacock Mehandi Design

43. Paisley Peacock Mehandi Design

Make a stunning appearance with this elegant hand mehndi style. It features a combination of floral and peacock motifs This simple mehndi pattern is sure to be eye-catching. It’s a wonderful match to any Karva Chauth and Teej celebrations.


44. Beautiful Back Hand Mehndi

It is among the most gorgeous designs by Mehandi in 2022. It is comprised of the interplay between the space that is empty and the intricate details on one hand. This design is ideal to wear during Eid celebrations.

The Magic Of A Net

46. The Magic Of A Net

The gorgeous mehndi design for feet was a hit thanks to the complex Jaal design. Don’t be overwhelmed by its beauty as it’s really simple to create. Draw geometric flowers and then join them using delicate lines. We also like how this Jall protects the toes. The geometric designs are created in the center.


47. Simple Floral Mehndi Design

It’s another of the most recent mehndi designs featuring floral designs. A variety of big and small flowers are drawn starting from the middle finger until beneath the wrist cuffs. In order to fill in the gaps, the leafy vines are drawn slanted. This mehndi backhand design is elegant and simple in the same time.

Easy Mehndi Design With Net

48. Easy Mehndi Design With Net

Have you ever put on the lace of a glove? That’s exactly what it looks like this Mehendi design 2022 will appear. It’s a simple pattern of cables, adorned with dots strategically placed that add a sense of grace and beauty to the mehndi designs that are simple. Simplicity is the thing that makes this design attractive.


49. Beautiful Mehendi Design With Peacocks

Peacocks are stunning magnificent birds. This is the reason they have been incorporated into mehndi designs because anyone will recall. This simple mehndi pattern begins with a semicircle that runs to the palm’s side and is completed with the peacock design. Other designs are utilized to fill in some space, but not all of them let the peacock design dominate the scene.

Minimalistic Tattoo Mehndi Design

50. Paisley All The Way

Paisleys never get old. This elegant design will surely delight you just as it did ours. The simple mehndi design employs dots over the tiny Oblong motifs to add a sense of depth to the design.

Minimal Floral Mehndi Design

51. Minimal Floral Mehndi Design

This is another famous example of the newest mehndi designs. Who would have believed that simply drawn vines with tiny flowers could look this stunning? This is an elegant mehndi style that will help you stand out among the others.

_Lotus Mehndi Design

52. Lotus Mehndi Design

If you think that the rose was the only flower that made it into the Mehandi Designs 2022 range, then you’re mistaken. Another flower is gaining the same recognition. The lotus motif became extremely popular in 2022. From simple to complex it is a popular motif in nearly every Mehendi design. Simple mehndi designs, the geometric style featuring a lotus at the top is fashionable and chic.

Khafif Mehndi Design

53. Pretty Bel-Art

The diagonal design is a popular choice for girls who love Mehendi. This is a design you can attempt if you’re aspiring. The simple mehndi pattern can be worn with western attire.


54. A Paisley Pattern

A beautiful Paisley Mehendi design all beginners need to master their abilities. One of the best mehndi designs, this is a great one to finish with tiny leaves. This design is able to blend traditional and contemporary aspects.

rose-motif-simple-mehndi-design55. Netted Simple Mehndi Design

Simply draw a simple floral design between your palm and the rest of your hand with a large line design. The addition of tiny dots can enhance the visual appeal. Also, on the fingers, the pattern is similar with more lines and simple flower patterns.

56. Easy And Simple Mehndi Design

This mehndi-inspired design is easy to create and also looks adorable at the same time. It’s not too traditional or too modern. Never underestimate this simple mehndi design.


57. A Coiled Bel Design

The simple, curly style looks very elegant and minimalist. This mehndi simple design includes three lovely curls that make hands look attractive. It’s an easy and quick design.


58. Flowers And Mesh

Flowers are the most basic designs that can be learned. The simple mehndi pattern featuring a unique floral design and mesh is so contemporary. Flowers can make your day happy and joyful.


59. The Gripped Mehndi Design

The patterns and strokes that repeat make this simple mehndi look elegant. The flowing circles make one’s hand look like a blossom. This empty space makes the hand easy and stylish.


60. Jaw-Dropping Pattern

The mehndi’s stunningly beautiful and simple design is loaded with custom elegance and a sense of humor. It may appear complicated, but at a closer look, it’s just simple circles and strokes.


61. Bold Mehndi Design

The strokes in this basic mehndi pattern are more thick than normal. These bold strokes add incredible beauty to the whole hand. This mehndi style is never out of style.


62. Minimal Simple Mehndi

A minimalist Mehendi design is accentuated by strong strokes. These heavy hanging beats will shock the heart. The simple mehndi design can be worn to mark traditional events.


63. Pretty With Symmetry

The fingers are all adorned with a simple Mehendi design. The back of the palm is visually appealing by using a floral geometric design. The wrist is also adorned with intriguing and attractive band work and half-mandala designs.


64. Mandala With A Lace Design On Fingers

The attractive mandala style, adorned using lacy fingertips is something to enjoy. For those who are just beginning in the field, it’s an easier task to apply Mehendi. However, you can begin your journey with a basic flower design, like this


65. Simply Netted Design

This is among the most stunning designs anyone can draw even if they are an absolute beginner. After observing the pattern, one will be able to see how easy it is to draw this mehndi pattern.


66. Mandala Mehndi Design

This stunning mandala is in the middle with a captivating design across the wrists. It has a checkered band on the wrist that is paired with the beautiful paisley design. You can wear it to pre-wedding events or to wedding receptions.


67. Different And Spacious

This is quite an original mehndi style featuring elements such as shaded florals along with lined patterns, as well as obvious bare space. It’s very easy and easy to do. This simple mehndi pattern is neither traditional nor too contemporary.


68. Intricate Design Spread All Over

A different and interesting mehndi style you could opt for is the one below. It seems like a complicated pattern, but it’s very easy to apply. It’s focused on spirals, repeated curvy strokes, as well as some simple floral designs. You can also make a simple mandala to enhance the traditional feel.


69. Mandala The Universe

Mandalas are a symbol of spirituality and a ceremonial symbol that represents the universe. It is believed to be auspicious for brides to include a mandala in the Mehendi design. For the bride who doesn’t wish for her hands fully covered in Mehendi and still has to adhere to the Mehendi ceremony in a traditional manner, the simple mehndi design is an excellent illustration.


70. Sheer Elegance

Circles that are concentrated and replete with dots look pleasing to the eyes. In addition, the same designs across the fingertips are done with care. But, the bracelet is a different highlight of this charming basic Mehendi design.


71. A Conventional Design

This design’s USP for this style is its simple design and the small empty spaces. Made up of the most classic Mehendi designs like paisleys mandalas, leaves, and pearl droplets, this straightforward mehndi pattern is absolutely stunning.



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