Teen Slang and Texting Acronyms Parents Should Know

Teen Slang and Texting Acronyms Parents Should Know

Slangs and texting acronyms are short versions of phrases or words used to save time while texting. Most parents already know what LOL and OMG mean, but hundreds and thousands of slang words exist. Do you know what does ISTG means in the text? These days, almost 94% of teens own a smartphone so monitor slang used. 

If you use Parental Controls to monitor your kid and you check on their phone messages, then you understand it’s called ‘teen slang’ for a reason. To know what the slang and acronyms actually mean, you have to google it up or ask your kids, as the same slang words can have different meanings. 

Knowing what your kids are talking about is necessary if you are monitoring their internet activities. Read the article to get acknowledged with teen slang and texting acronyms parents should know.

Why should Parents know about slang and acronyms?

Children are innocent, and they can do not-so-innocent things on the internet. They can use slang and short phrases to conceal secrets from their parents. For example, text slang like IPN (I’m Posting naked) and DOC (Drug of choice) are used as secret codes by teens, which helps them avoid getting into trouble.

Nudity isn’t limited to only text; teens use apps like Snapchat and Kik to send free messages and pictures. It makes it easier for them to communicate with strangers on the internet. Online strangers can ask for nudity pictures from your teenage kid. And once something is online, it’s there forever…

Teen Slang and Texting Acronyms for basic conversation

Teens use these terms frequently for everyday texting. These are the basic acronyms for parents to know:

  1. 143 – I love you
  2. 2DAY – Today
  3. 4EAE – Forever and ever
  4. 1432 – I love you too
  5. AF – As F**k
  6. ADN – Any day now
  7. Awks – Short form for Awkward
  8. Bruh – ‘Bro’; referred to somebody
  9. BTW – By the way
  10. BRB – Be right back
  11. CMB – Call me back
  12. CTN – Can’t talk now
  13. CRAFT – Can’t remember a fu**ing thing
  14. CUNS – See you in School
  15. C-P – Sleepy
  16. DM – Direct message
  17. F2F – Face to face
  18. FOMO – Fear of Missing out
  19. FOAF – Friend of a friend
  20. GAL – Get a life
  21. GTG – Got to go
  22. GG – Good game
  23. HMU – Hit me Up
  24. HW – Homework
  25. H8 – Hate
  26. HAK – Hugs and kisses
  27. IDC – I don’t care
  28. IKR – I know, right?
  29. IDK – I don’t know
  30. JK – Just Kidding
  31. JIC – Just in case
  32. KK – Okay
  33. L&R – Love and Respect
  34. NAGI – Not a good idea
  35. NM – Never Mind
  36. NBD – No Big deal
  37. NGH – Not going to happen
  38. NMP – Not my problem
  39. NOOB – Newbie
  40. NTIM – Not that it matters
  41. OIC – Oh, I see
  42. OT – Off-topic
  43. PLZ – Please
  44. PPL – People
  45. RL – Real life
  46. RN – Right now
  47. RT – Retweet
  48. RUOK – Are you okay?
  49. REHI – Hello again
  50. ROFL – Rolling over the floor laughing
  51. SMH – Shaking my head
  52. SRSLY – Seriously
  53. TBH – To be Honest
  54. THX – Thanks 
  55. TMRW – Tomorrow
  56. TTYL – Talk to you later
  57. TY – Thank you
  58. TIME – Tear in my Eyes
  59. WDYM – What do you Mean?
  60. WYD – What are you doing?
  61. WTG – Way to go
  62. WTH – What the hell?
  63. Xoxo – Hugs and Kisses

Teen Slang and Texting Acronyms Parents should Know

Most parents’ fear can be about their child engaging in sex, relationship, and 18+ topics. Here are some related text slang and acronyms:

  1. 53x – Sex
  2. PIR – Parent in room
  3. TDTM – Talk Dirty to me
  4. FWB – Friends with benefits
  5. ASL – Age/Sex/Location
  6. 99 – Parents gone
  7. LH6 – Let’s Have Sex
  8. RU/18 – Are you over 18?
  9. WTTP – Want to Trade pictures?
  10. GYPO – Get your Pants off
  11. NSA – No String Attached
  12. IPN – I’m Posting Naked
  13. DTH – Down to Hang
  14. CU46 – See you for Sex
  15. 8 – Oral Sex
  16. GNOC – Get Naked on Camera
  17. NIFCO – Naked in front of a computer
  18. FBOI – F**k boy; a guy who only wants sex
  19. KOTL – Kiss on the lips
  20. 420 – Marijuana
  21. TDTM – Talk dirty to me
  22. LMIRL- Let’s Meet in Real life
  23. DOC – Drug of choice
  24. IWSN – I want sex now
  25. SMASH – To have casual sex
  26. MYT – Meet you there
  27. MOS – Mom over the shoulder
  28. WTPA – Where is the Party at?
  29. GNOC – Get Naked on Camera

Are slang words and acronyms bad for kids?

Everything has its benefits and drawbacks. It depends on who and how it is being used. Using acronyms is fun and safe for normal conversations. But these words can be used for sexting and cyberbullying.

Monitoring and educating kids by parents play an essential role. 


Raising kids is not an easy job. With the presence of the internet, you have to be more careful of your kid’s online screen time and activities. Setting limits on your kids’ mobile usage helps them keep a good relationship with their mobile. Inform your child about cyberbullying, sexting, and other negative parts of the online world.

Above are the 91 teen slang and texting acronyms parents should know to find what their kids are talking about. If you have others slang words that every parent should educate themselves on, then write them in the comment section.

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