The best WooCommerce plugins that will improve your store

The best WooCommerce plugins that will improve your store

The incredibly fast-expanding age of internet commerce points out the importance of e-commerce sites. Because electronic commerce globally got approval in the last decade, it is natural that it will get more and more popular in this decade. However, out of nowhere, the world faced a pandemic where lockdown became the new “normal” and, suddenly, businesses and customers increasingly went “online”. Indeed, we are free to say that no person doesn’t buy online at this moment. 

It is just easier to sell anything if you have a user-friendly e-commerce site that reaches customers worldwide, and of course, that has a bunch of useful plugins. The significant advantages of being an e-commerce site owner are faster buying processes that reduce costs and advertising and marketing in general. Also, being there for the customers with fast responses and several payment modes helps your store be at the top of each customer’s list.

However, we will present you with various plugins. The plugins are extensions that allow you to add innovative e-commerce features without any additional coding. For example, one simple plugin lets you manage your customer data from a centralized location. Every plugin has various features and implementations. Of course, it depends on your needs what plugin you will choose, but a range of different prices leave room for everyone to find something suitable. 

The ultimate goal is to help you improve an online store and launch your business to the stars. Of course, WooCommerce allows you to sell whatever you want. Those can be digital goods, subscriptions, various products, and appointments. Regardless of your goal reading this article, this is not another list of the best but completely unusable plugins. Hold on tight, and we are about to research game-changing that will put your WooCommerce site on the map.

1. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping PRO

The best WooCommerce plugins

The shipping part of any WooCommerce store can be overwhelming with all details included, especially when it comes to every store’s specific shipping needs. And that’s when the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping PRO, a plugin that will improve the quality of your store’s complete shipping, comes into play. 

Since every store is unique and has its own items and shipping needs, this plugin is fully customizable, allowing you to adapt it to your customers. This means you can easily calculate shipping rates based on weight, total price, items count, country, state, postcode, etc. In addition, you can create other shipping rates using standard WooCommerce shipping settings. Based on the contents of the cart, you can hide specific shipping methods and change shipping method labels that are displayed to the customers. Furthermore, with this plugin, you are free to include or exclude taxes and add handling fees to each order.

Setting up logged-in user rules sets the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping PRO plugin apart from other plugins. This strong, easy-to-use feature encourages more customers to sign up to the WooCommerce site for the benefits of these rules.

2. WooCommerce Order Export PRO 

The best WooCommerce plugins

Exporting orders are often tedious administrative work, yet it is very important. It comes before shipping, and to complete the selling process, you need to be on top of tasks for your clients. This process is full of details like editing date ranges or orders currency. In cases where admins often feel overwhelmed with all the details required, this plugin steps in and makes it easier. It helps you improve the order export and maintain a reliable reputation among the customers.

The WooCommerce Order Export PRO plugin helps you find the orders you want with the help of its sophisticated filter. Once you have the orders you want, you can reduce the “volume” of the export by selecting which fields you want to include in the export. After that, with the help of the drag & drop interface, you have the ability to reorder the fields as you want.

Besides the filter that we have already mentioned, this plugin owns an advanced “filter” – the export new orders only feature. As its name suggests, this feature lets the plugin remember which orders have been exported and helps you get only the new ones. In addition to all these features, the scheduled exports feature lets you automate the export process. With this feature, you can schedule as many exports as you want. So, the orders will be exported at the specified date and delivered in CSV format via FTP or directly to the inbox.

3. Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

The best WooCommerce plugins

When you think about the WooCommerce checkout process, you probably think how long it takes to click ‘next, next ‘, and it can often feel boring. We believe you have always wanted to skip the cart and go directly to the checkout. However, your customers wanted to do it many times, and with the help of this plugin, they will be able to do it.

The Direct Checkout for WooCommerce plugin is a plugin that helps you reduce the checkout process’s duration and save priceless time with your customers by letting them skip the preview cart page and checkout button. The plugin introduces the remarkable Buy Buttons that can be placed anywhere on your site. It means not just a product page but for all products or individual products, your blog posts, widgets – wherever you decide. So, when a customer clicks the button, the product is automatically added to the cart, and the customer is sent directly to the checkout.

Final Thoughts

Whatever it looks like, managing an electronic commerce site is very challenging, and it takes daily improvement to follow your competition. The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping PRO plugin and the WooCommerce Order Export PRO plugin are the best plugins you can get on the market to push the borders of your business. There is no doubt these plugins will help you and put your WooCommerce site on the map.

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