Top 5 Mac Tips for Your MacBook Pro

Top 5 Mac Tips for Your MacBook Pro

At this point in time, we’re many years into Apple’s global domination of the tech world. More Mac computers are sold than any other type of computing device and there’s no sign of things slowing down anytime soon.

There’s a good chance that you’re even reading this article on a Mac computer at this very moment. If this is the case, you’ve likely already gotten accustomed to the Apple layout and way of doing things. However, that doesn’t mean that a few Mac tips couldn’t open your eyes to some things your device can do that you weren’t even aware of. 

What kind of tips and tricks are we talking about? Read on and we’ll walk you through a number of abilities, tricks, and tools that your Mac has that you might’ve been unaware of. 

  1. Split View for an Easier Workspace

While your Mac computer might have a big screen, it doesn’t mean it always is going to be easy to arrange your ideal workspace. Sometimes you’ll want to have multiple windows open up and all of that resizing can take up a lot of time.

The Mac designers at Apple have considered this and created a shortcut to make it much easier to do just this. It’s also easy to do. You can hover over the green button on the corner of any tab, and a small menu should populate.

In this menu, you can choose to automatically tile the window to the left or right. 

When clicked, the window should quickly populate perfectly half of your screen. You can do the same on another window and choose the opposite tile to craft a perfect split-screen workspace.

  1. Batch Rename Files

Renaming one file might not be too big of a deal. However, renaming multiple files at one time can become quite a task. This might be the situation you find yourself in if you’re having to name your latest batch of photos or work through a lot of different pieces of media at work.

Luckily, if your Mac is running a relatively new operating system, you can batch rename files quickly with one simple click of your mouse – talk about saving time. 

All you’ll have to do is select all of the clips you want to rename and rick click. An option labeled rename should appear. When selected, you should be able to pick the reoccurring part of the file names that you want to change to something that is more relevant to the file itself.

Then, the operating system will do it all at once for you, saving you potentially hours of clicking through and manually renaming files. 

  1. Use Emojis as Desktop Images

Need an easier way to differentiate the many folders on your desktop? An easy and very of-the-moment way to do so would be to use emojis to replace the traditional folder image. It will take a few minutes of work to do this, but the results can be well worth the small amount of effort. 

You’ll need to download the images you want from the internet. If you open these images in Preview, you should be able to use the mark-up option to remove the background of the image and make it transparent. 

Copy your image and open the info page for the folder in question and paste the image where the blue folder icon is. You should see your emoji image populate and that image should replace the blue folder image on your desktop as well. 

You can always hide icons on desktop mac layouts if there’s something you’d rather not have visible at all. 

  1. Control Someone Else’s Computer

One of the most underrated elements of the Mac setup is that you have the ability to control other people’s computers or have them control yours. This can be useful in a wide variety of settings and circumstances. 

Need to get some work done late at night on your office computer but plan on being at home? You can actually remote into your work computer from your home computer and move files around if need be. 

If you’re having tech issues, a friend or co-worker could remote access your computer and help you to resolve the issue. If you need to help your own relative troubleshoot problems on their computer, you can do this as well. It’s an invaluable resource. 

How do you launch this? You can go through iMessage, looking for the contact you want to do this with and finding the option next to the Facetime option. You can also search the Screen Sharing function directly within Spotlight and access the feature that way – you’ll just need to input the Apple ID you want to work with. 

  1. Finer Volume Adjustments

You likely use the volume key on your keyboard to adjust your volume all the time. What if you’re looking to get a level that feels somewhat in between the available options? 

If you hold down both  and when operating those volume buttons, it will break down the potential volume choices to a much smaller increment. 

This can help you to have better control over what’s coming out of your speakers. 

The Best Mac Tips for Macbook Pros

If you’re running a Macbook and want to get the most out of your device, you’ll certainly want to get familiar with the above Top 5 Mac Tips for Your MacBook Pro. These Macbook pro tips can totally change the way you interact with your device. They can improve your overall experience quite a lot.

Need more tech tips and tricks? Keep scrolling our blog for more. 

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