Top 5 Unexpected Online Services You Can Get Today

Top 5 Unexpected Online Services You Can Get Today

You knew that you could get everything from aspirins to zebra skins online, but every now and then, one stumbles across something new and surprising. From the hugely useful to the somewhat strange, enjoy discovering our top 5 unusual services you can access online. You might even decide to subscribe to some of them!

1. Get Online Therapy

The more stressed out you become, the less you think you actually have time for therapy to help you to deal with mental health risks. Online therapy services should help solve the problem. It’s not your typical visit to the psychologist, but way more comfortable and convenient. There’s even a chance it could be better, after all, you’ll be relaxed and in your own space. 

With mental health widely recognized as being the most neglected area of healthcare out there today, online therapy platforms offer a great solution for you to try if you’ve been neglecting yours. This idea gets a big thumbs up.  Now for something lighter!

2. Strange Mystery Box Subscription Services

There are some really strange subscription services out there. You can subscribe to a monthly delivery of avos, join the bacon of the month club, or receive “dive-bar” t-shirts from around the US every month. It seems that whatever your interests, there’s a subscription service, and there are some interests you probably didn’t even know existed! Growing a long beard? Subscribe to get beard-care samples. Into makeup? Just about every cosmetics store offers a mystery box subscription. On the whole, though, the avos are likely to be most predictably enjoyable. 

3. Ambient Noise Generators

Ambient noise generators may be more useful than they seem at first glance, so from the slightly strange, we’re back to the user. Have you ever noticed how well you sleep to the sound of rain on the roof? Perhaps the sound of a rushing waterfall will block out sounds that distract you from your work and help you to feel more relaxed. There are several ambient noise-generating services out there, and you might just find them more effective for setting the mood than you expected. 

4. Unusual Services on Fiverr

It’s time for a little lighter entertainment again, and this time, it’s provided by Fiverr, the website that promises you a wide range of services for just 5 dollars. As you can imagine, there’s not a lot that people will do for five dollars, but one reviewer went in search of the weird – and found it! Top pick? A woman who will dance to the song of your choice while wearing a full hotdog costume! There are even reviews to prove that some people thought it was worth 5 bucks just to watch the phenomenon. 

A Dating Service That’s Based on How People Smell

Step aside, Tinder! Instead of judging possible dates on how they look, you can base your decision on body odor! While it’s unlikely that you’ll be willing to pay for this particular service, it seems that there really are people who do just that, and the business’s owners say that choosing by smell means relying on the natural laws of attraction. Could they have a valid point? Matches are made based on the smell of a t-shirt that’s been worn for three days, so if you do try it, you should be able to get a good whiff of your possible date before deciding whether you want to take it further. 

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Our list has covered everything from the serious and innovative to the strange, and it just serves to prove that whatever you need, you can find online – along with a whole bunch of things you may never have thought of. Hoping to hire a remote assistant? Check! Want to send a message carved into an aubergine? Hire a goat? Can do! The world wide web is truly a remarkable place!

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