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Any author or blogger or any professional documents are usually created and edited in Microsoft Word. The powerful document that creates the software is easy to use. In this article, we will tell you how to delete a page in MS Word.

Grammar in English is just as important as breast milk for the baby as we were given the instruction on how it works and how it helps them.

Is grammar really that important?

The simplest answer is yes. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing, you need to use proper English grammar check, spellings, and punctuations. Or your writing would seem very amateur and unprofessional.

Even if you’re a student writing an essay or thesis, you need to use a proper English grammar check.

Besides the fact that it seems unprofessional, improper grammar takes away a considerable part from the reading experience which in turn defeats the purpose of that piece of writing.

7 Best Free English Grammar Check Websites

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to download any software to check the grammar of a document. There are plenty of online tools available that provide free grammar check services.

Let’s take a look at some of the grammar checker tools available online.

The EduBirdie grammar and online spell check is a superb tool. By using this online checker, you can remove any errors from your essays and text. It is a comprehensive checker that picks up errors such as spelling mistakes, grammar, incorrect punctuation, and incorrect word usage. Moreover, it can help pick up on weak sentence structure, or overuse of certain words.

To use the checker, first, enter the address in your web browser. You should then see a large text box – paste your text into here and then press the “check text” button. The checker will then process your request. Within a short period of time, the results will be displayed. Everything is easy to identify – you can clearly see the mistakes as they are underlined. To look at suggestions, click on the underlined word – you can then choose to either accept the change or ignore it. This grammar checker really is a useful and easy-to-use tool!

Ginger Grammar Check Software Review

Best Free Grammar Check Websites - Ginger

Ginger is a free online tool that corrects grammatical and spelling errors. The tool is really well made, and it works well too.

There is a free Ginger software application available for windows that offer even more features than the online grammar check tool available on their website.

The windows ginger software application can also translate, text reading provides definitions and synonyms for words.

The online ginger tool also has other features like:

  • Checking for grammar
  • Spell check
  • Phrase of the day
  • Synonyms
  • Proofreading
  • Essay checker
  • Punctuation Checker

This app also has pro features that need a premium account which provides even more features like

  • Instant proofreading as you write
  • Sentence rephrasing
  • Translate text into 60 different languages
  • Personalized practice sessions based on your writing style

This app is not only available online but also in other formats: Windows, Mac, Chrome and Safari, iOS, and Android keyboard.

However, there are few disadvantages to this tool like you can format your document while you write in the windows tool. But when it comes to grammar checks, it works well.

Download ginger: Windows | Chrome & Safari extensions | iOS | Mac | Android

Grammarix Grammar Check Website Review

Best Free Grammar Check Websites - Grammarix

Grammarix is a simple online grammar checker tool. There are no extensions or software available to download. Go to the Grammarix website, type in the text, and check for errors. It is as simple as that.

Apart from grammatical errors, it can also detect misspelled or misused words, incorrect punctuation, sentence structures, check for overused words and provide synonyms for them.

However, it doesn’t work that well.

Scribens Powerful English Grammar Checker Tools Review

Best Free Grammar Check Websites - Scribens

Scribens is a free powerful grammar check tool that is available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, word, outlook, and several others.

The only problem is that almost all the extensions redirect to Scriben’s website to check for spelling and grammar errors.

Scribens doesn’t check spelling and grammar errors while you type and wherever you type. Even the google chrome extension works as a simple bookmark tool that takes you to Scribens website.

The tool works great, but the lack of integration with the browsers is a huge problem. However, since it is free, you can’t expect any more than that.

Grammarly Grammar Check Tools review


Grammarly is my favorite grammar check tool to use while writing. It comes in both free and premium versions.

If you’re a professional writer or a blogger, I suggest you buy the premium Grammarly app. It provides much more than just grammar and spelling checkers.

At Alltechbuzz, we use Grammarly to check grammar errors, punctuation errors, plagiarism checks for new writers, and team coordination while writing.

The Grammarly Keyboard app is available for Android and iOS. It corrects your texts and social media updates as you type. It is quite easy to use and free.

The Grammarly Premium provides even more features like advanced checks for context and structure of sentences, vocabulary suggestions, specific writing style checks, and plagiarism checkers.

The Grammarly google chrome extension checks for mistakes as you type, on any website. If there is a text input field, whatever you type in Grammarly corrects it as you type.

This is a little irrelevant: but the posts they share on their social media are relatable and funny. That is how I found this app by liking their page for grammar tips and jokes.

Even the free version of Grammarly is ten times better than any other grammar checking tools available online or on this list. Grammarly is the best grammar check app there is. I recommend Grammarly to everyone.

Download: Android | iOS | Google chrome | Free online grammar checker

Citation Machine Grammar Checker Review

Best Free Grammar Check Websites - Citation Machine

Citation Machine is a popular essay and university paper writing tool that helps with citations, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and plagiarism checks.

This is a perfect tool if you’re writing your thesis, dissertation, or school essays. However, it is not a free tool.

Although it offers few free checks (about 20 grammar errors) and offers a 3-day free trial, it is not a free tool to use. The tool is for writing research papers, thesis, or dissertations.

It is not very suitable for everyday users who write blog posts or just need a grammar check tool for social media posts or chats. Grammar Checking Tools Review

Best Free Grammar Check Websites - LanguageTools

LanguageTool is an excellent grammar checking tool that is available for free and also a premium version available to buy.

You can check spelling errors online as well as real-time proof-reading of everything you type in your browser is also available. LanguageTool extensions are available to download for both Google Chrome and Firefox.

All in all, this is a free tool that checks 20000 characters per check. Unlike Grammarly, it has many limits on what it offers in the free version.

The features the tool offers in the extension are not as worthy to buy as the Grammarly app. There are no cloud document tools available in this tool. Not even in the premium version. Spell and Grammar Check Review

Best Free Grammar Check Websites -

Reverso is a free grammar checker, translator, dictionary, and conjugation checker. However, there is a limit on how many characters you can check at a time.

You can only check 600 characters in one go. Reverso is more of a translator than a grammar-checking tool. Even the google chrome extension they offer and the premium android app they offer only provides services for translation and not for grammar or spellings.

This is not very ideal for writers or bloggers for English grammar check and other sentence formation errors. I don’t recommend this tool either for grammar checks.

After checking all the tools and websites for English grammar check and spell checks, I still recommend you get the Grammarly app either the free version or the premium subscription. There is no better tool than Grammarly for writers, bloggers, students, or regular users.

I hope this article helped you find the best and free grammar check tool to proofread your works online.

Australian grammar checker

When you are done with your academic task, you must be thinking: “Okay, now I need to check my essay for grammar errors.” That is a wise decision! Professors can be extremely picky when it comes to grammar stuff.
And nothing is more frustrating than getting a lower mark just because your paper contains mistakes. However, we are glad to inform you that you don’t have to worry about that anymore – we have a free online tool to help you strengthen all the weak parts of your content.
Using our tool, you will find, analyze, and eliminate problematic points of your piece with a couple of clicks. The advanced algorithms and rich dictionaries allow this app to find even the most unobvious issues. What is more, you will get a whole list of suggestions and explanations! This means that you will have a chance to understand your mistakes better, learn from them, and boost your writing skills!

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