Top 9 Typing Games For Free To Play The Game Of Your Choice

Typing Games For Free

In the digital age is pretty essential that children know how to write. However, learning this essential ability doesn’t have to be a burden. There are plenty of ways to keep track of your time for typing on the internet. Here are the Top 9 Typing Games For Free that can make your child’s fingers move, regardless of age or ability level.

1. Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat assists children in learning which letters appear on the keyboard. In the beginning, children are able to familiarize themselves using their “home row” keys (A, S, D, F, G, H, J L). With the help of a few animals, children move on to the next and third levels where they are taught the keys that are above and below those in the “home row.

 In the final stage, Claudette the Cat shows you how to combine the letter X as well as Z. create capital letters using a “shift” key, and then compose an apostrophe or slash and periods. This game can also help children learn proper positioning of fingers on the keyboard, a valuable ability to acquire before they begin to develop difficult-to-break bad habits.

2. Keyboard Climber 2

Oh No! There’s a raccoon stuck in the middle of a cave! The game is played by players who can aid the monkey to climb through rock platforms. they can perform by being able to recognize all the alphabet appearing at the top of the screen. After each letter is typed correctly, they receive the banana bunch. If they miss a letter the coconut will fall on the monkey’s head, and the level has to be restarted. This game is ideal for kids who are still learning the alphabet since there is no timer, which allows players to play at their own speed.

3. The Typing of the Ghosts

If you have a child who’s pretty proficient in typing, but would like to improve his speed This game is for him. The goal of The Typing of the Ghosts is to write the words that are shown on the screen quickly enough to ensure that ghosts that lurk in the background do not attack you. There are five lives to play with in all, however, each ghost has the capability of stealing one when you’re not quick enough. The game may be a little scary for children. Try it yourself.

4. KeyMan

Do you remember Pac-Man? This game of typing borrows from its idea. You must move Key-Man around the maze and eat the dots before colorful ghosts snatch him. However, instead of using the arrow keys to navigate Key-Man, it is possible to use various letters that are displayed above, below, and along the sides of Key-Man. The problem is that the letters-navigation keys are changed each when you move. This retro-gone-educational game is so fun that kids won’t even realize they’re improving their typing while playing it.

5. Type-a-Balloon

The goal is to play the game easily The goal is to blow up the balloons prior to them escaping into the air. To accomplish this, your child must write the word that appears inside the balloon. You’re allowed five lives, but you’ll lose one per balloon that is thrown away. A wrongly typed letter can result in a loss of marks from your scores. This game is great for anyone of any age (yes even parents) seeking to improve their keyboard proficiency.

6. Keyboard Ninja

Is your child begging to use your iPad? Inform her that you can let her use the computer to play Fruit Ninja on the computer instead. It’s Typing Ninja! In this game, you cut the fruit by writing the letter that you notice on it. Cut your way through every letter, but take care not to slice any explosives you encounter otherwise you’ll lose one of three lives. There are a variety of options and difficulty levels.

7. Flappy Typing

The Flappy Typing is ideal for kids who are already proficient with a keyboard but want to improve their overall proficiency and speed of typing. The game lets players pick between six fun flying characters that help keep them up in the air by typing letters. The game has four levels of difficulty to pick from, and children are provided figures at the end of the game, like their WPM, accuracy, and speed. It’s a fun game whether it’s against other players or themselves!

8. Keyboard Candy

Keyboard Candy Keyboard Candy, players must quickly type in the letters they find on candy floating in the air to place them in the candy dish. This game lets kids work on a range of skills, by choosing various areas of focus on the keyboard. These include different rows, numbers symbols, and alphabet groups. In addition to providing them with their normal typing statistics at the end of the game, it also alerts them of any keys they’re struggling with, which allows them further focus their efforts in the areas they’re required.

9. Typing Race

Drawing inspiration from the popular concept of video game racing, Typing Race helps your child to increase their speed of typing and accuracy while they attempt to drive their race car into victory. The more quickly and accurately they type the more quickly their race car will go, while mistakes result in them slowing down. 

Typing Race is great to help children develop their typing skills regardless of their capabilities. In the beginning, players are challenged to only type one letter. The challenge increases gradually to more complex character combinations as they progress to higher levels.

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