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Are you looking for a way to download a specific video that has caught your eye lately? Videobuddy is the ultimate solution for you. The good news is that this app can help you save more videos or movies to your device. All you have to do is search for the video you want and you can download it and then watch it on your phone or PC.


VideoBuddy App Review

This app usually has some amazing features which may fascinate you. The video detection feature of this app makes it ideal for downloading almost any online video that you find online. Here are some of the features that set this app apart: VideoBuddy for PC.

  • Download detection

With the VideoBuddy app, you can automatically find downloadable videos when you browse other websites. All you need to know is the name of the video you want and you will be able to have it on your device within seconds.

  • Blocks annoying ads

Some advertisements may appear on your screen when you watch different videos or movies. This can be very annoying and can waste more time. One of the advantages of this app is that it can block advertisements and pop-ups that may interrupt you. Moreover, it is able to block the banners that might appear on your screen. In this way, you will save more on your mobile data and enjoy a wonderful browsing experience.

  • It enables you to watch a wide variety of videos

Our needs are very different. With this app, you will be able to watch any video you like. Here you will be able to access various video sites where you can download movies, TV shows, music videos, and many more in VideoBuddy for PC.

  • Better watching experience

VideoBuddy comes with an optimized player which allows you to have a great viewing experience. This player will allow you to play all your favorite songs and videos.

  • It enables you to control downloading speeds

Do you want to speed up the download process? This app lets you do it seamlessly. Plus, you can slow down these speeds as you like. In this way, you will enjoy more convenience while using this application.

  • This app allows you to share videos online

The other amazing feature of this app is that it allows you to share videos online. Here you will be able to access various social networking sites without necessarily leaving the app. Hence, you will be able to share all the videos that you have stored offline.

How to download VideoBuddy for PC (Step-by-step)

Now that we have analyzed the features of this amazing app, it is time for you to download it to your computer. Before you download this app on your computer, you must first download and install an Android emulator on your computer.

Then you can download the application to your computer and use it. Here we will be using the player from the Nox app. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Download and install the Nox app player emulator on your computer.

2.Open the emulator on your computer.


3. On the home screen of the Nox App Player, you will see the Google Play Store.

4. Login with your Google details and then search for the VideoBuddy app.

5. Click download and then install this app on the Nox app player.


6. Launch the app and start using it.


With the VideoBuddy app, you will never be bored in your life. You can search and download the latest videos you like. Besides downloading, you can share with the people you love. It is an amazing app because it does not allow ads to show on the screen while using it. Also, the availability of most of the videos turns out to be a great app. Install it on your computer and you will enjoy the results.

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