According to Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing, Europe and the U.S. are a high likelihood of recession

as central banks need to aggressively tighten monetary policy to combat inflation.

The U.S. The Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Swiss National Bank, and the Bank of England have shifted to controlling inflation

Consumer price inflation in the eurozone hit a recent record high of 8.1% in May 

Title 2The ECB confirmed its intention to raise interest rates at its July meeting.

Central bank leaders and economists around the world have agreed that tightening the aggression needed to control inflation

will push economies into recession, but growth has already slowed due to a combination of global factors.

Russia's proximity to war in Ukraine and Russia's dependence on energy imports are particularly

 vulnerable to continental conflicts and the potential shutdown of Russian gas flows.

Deutsche Bank CEO inflation is the biggest poison for the World Economy