Dolly Parton and Kand elly Clarkson finally sang the studio version of their "9-to-5" duet on Friday, September 9th.

The country legend who wrote the working-class anthem for 1980's movie "The Shining" lets The Kelly Clarkson Show host shines with lead vocals.

The latter sings, "Well...I tumble outta bed, stumble to the kitchen/ Pour me a cup full of ambition/ Yawn, stretch, and try to live/ The traffic is bouncing/ With people like me, who work from 9-5."

Shane McAnally produced the reimagining. Parton was on Clarkson's show at the time to tease the song. She said that she loved the way Parton took it and made it her own.

"I also love the fact that you got to sing background for a change." It's a great rendition and I hope it will do well for us. It looks great in the documentary.

It is tied with "Islands in the Stream" by her Kenny Rogers duo, "9 to 5" which remains Parton's biggest hit on the Billboard Hot 100. It peaked at No. 1 for the first two weeks of 1981's winter.

Meanwhile, Clarkson covered the song as her first "Kellyoke" pick back in September 2019, along with a full-length music video, and was introduced in the studio by Steve Carell for the premiere of her eponymous daytime show.