Coach Tite summons you for the last two friendlies for the Brazilian team before the World Cup, Eder Militao (defender from Real Madrid) is suing his ex-girlfriend Karoline Lima Google and Facebook are also available.

He also attempted to prevent his ex-partner's comments about him online. This information comes from "UOL."

Militao claims that Militao has incited followers to encourage persecution and damage her image on social media.

On July 6, at 38 weeks gestation, the player separated from the influencer. His alleged abandonment of his family has led to him being criticized.

Injunction requests at the level of urgent guardianship were filed by the defender. He asks his ex-girlfriend to stop publishing any derogatory material about him on social media.

The request was denied twice as Karoline's defense didn't attach any posts to the laws. Facebook was mentioned because it owns Instagram, the social media network where the comments were posted

Militao requested that the case be handled in the Secretariat of Justice. Eliana Adorno De Toledo, the judge, in this case, has set a conciliation hearing for next year.

Karoline, in her final stretch of pregnancy, used social media to vent about her difficulties and her relationship with the defender.

In June, as she was suffering from pain, Karoline revealed to her followers that Militao could be found in the "best Miami clubs".