Elon Musk says there are three major obstacles to overcome before completing his Twitter acquisition.

Regardless of the controversial stance of Tesla and SpaceX CEOs on content control and freedom of speech

Musk wants to buy Twitter for $ 44 billion, a mega-buy that has a huge impact on the social media world.

The fate of the deal has become more uncertain in recent weeks after Musk threatened to walk away, 

citing concerns over the number of fake accounts on the platform.

The billionaire will face a $ 1 billion breakup fee and may also face lawsuits if he pulls out of the deal.

Speaking at an event hosted by Bloomberg on Tuesday, Musk said there were many "unresolved issues" before moving on to takeover.

Musk needs to fix 3 issues before buying his Twitter 1. Fake accounts

2. Debt Financing 3. Shareholder approval